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The Desco 17200 Reusable Heel Grounder with Velco® allows you to adjust the material to expand to fit most shoe sizes comfortably and flex during walking.

Just the facts for 17200

Tear resistant thick rubber - increasing the life of the grounder

RG: 1 x 106 < 1 x108 ohms

Date coded to provide lot tracing

1 meg resistor protects the operator from accidental contact with equipment line voltage

Customer FAQ

Q: How long would I expect the heel grounder to last?

A: With proper care, it should last a year or more. The issue we find is that people wear them in the parking lot and the abrasive concrete surface will cause premature wear. If you take care of them, they will last a long time.

Q: The price for the heel grounder is very inexpensive, does that mean it is cheaply made?

A: No, not at all. The Desco 17200 is our biggest seller and we buy in bulk, so we’re able to pass the savings onto you.

Q: Would you recommend testing the heel grounder after putting it on?

A: Absolutely test to make certain it is working. You can test it with the Desco 19252 Combo Tester for Wrist Straps and Foot Wear or any other type of ESD footwear tester.

If you find it not working, then I would recommend adjusting the piece that is tucked into the shoe. This piece conducts any static on your body to the black conduct rubber part. Testing your monitoring equipment is an important part of any static control program.

Q: Does one size fit all or do I need special sizes?

A: One size fits all.

Q: Is this made to be worn by women and men?

A: Yes, this grounder is made for women and men. If females wear Pumps or High Heel shoes, you will need a toe grounder strap like the Desco 17222 Toe Grounder .

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Posted 8 months ago
Leah S.
excellent prices good quality
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Posted 3 years ago
Very affordable and durable heel grounder. It really is the standard.
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Posted 3 years ago