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The Desco 19218 Jewel® Workstation Mini Monitor eliminates the need for periodic wrist strap tests and logging. The instant an operator’s wrist strap or cord fails, the monitor will issue audible and visual alarms alerting the user of the problem. In the same manner, the unit also confirms that a path to ground of less than 500 megohms exists from the ESD worksurface.
Desco 19218 Features:

Independently monitors the operator and the worksurface
Park Snap feature allows operator to disconnect without sounding alarm
Single conductor impedance sensing continuous monitor
Wave distortion detection provides 100% continuous monitoring
Made in America

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Ron V.
I needed to set up new ESD safe test workstation. I have used the passive DESCO workstation monitors for years and have been satisfied with them. Decided to try the active Jewel device this time. I probably will not go back to the passive devices because the Jewel is more bang for a reasonable buck. I went to KIMCO for the one-stop-shopping and attractive pricing for all of my supporting ESD needs.
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Posted 3 years ago