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Rodney Gibson
works well as far as I can tell T takes the bad things out of the water and the water tastes good
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Posted 2 months ago
Kimtrong Nguyen
good job
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Posted 4 months ago
Great product, don't trust my water, the pipes are old, so feel more comfortable with the filter. Water taste much better and able to use it for cooking and drinks. Great product.
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Posted 10 months ago
I ordered the bundle package. I’ve had this faucet and tap filter for about 10 months. At first it seemed great but as time passed it started leaking then finally it broke and water started going everywhere. The material used in the filter is plastic and the pressure of the water broke it. I used it often as I’m an avid alkaline water drinker. I’m very disappointed in the quality of the material and the fact that I’m without a filter now that it broke easily.
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Posted 11 months ago
Hello Gisele,

We saw your message and we wanted to reach out.
Sorry to hear about the leaking issue with your pH PURIFY and we hope that the replacement part we sent helps.

Please send us back a message in if we can be of any further help as we would love to have you continue enjoying the filtered water.

Invigorated Living
Posted 9 months ago
Tedi May
I love your filter, tastes great, saves a bunch, much easier than toting water, no more time and plastic, easier, cheaper, great customer service...Bravo!!!
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Posted 11 months ago
Sarah Allen
Easy,effective and love it.
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Posted 11 months ago
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Posted 1 year ago
Pretty good for the most part. I've been ordering with the company for almost a year and the only issue I had was when I bought the replacement filter, it didn't last as long as the initial filter. Nothing changed in my water source that I have knowledge is, I just had to clean it more frequently. I also recommend providing additional Sanders with a higher grit to clean in between. The ones currently provided seem to break pretty fast within one scrubbing or cleaning. Overall great product! Water taste pretty awesome!
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Posted 1 year ago