pH PERFECT pH Test Drops 3-Pack Reviews

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Wynnette Nichols
I'm so glad to have a way to determine exactly when I need to change my filter. My water use is pretty stable, but with guests also using the water, the counter is not accurate enough for me.
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Posted 2 months ago
Todd Norris
It is really fun and educational testing various bottled waters; with some very interesting results.
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Posted 5 months ago
Adrian Reyes
These are great and accurate. Cant go wrong if you ate curious what your water's ph level is.
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Posted 10 months ago
A J Torlone
Only tests for pH but does it well. I'd recommend this product.
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Posted 10 months ago
Tony Lipari
Doesn’t seem to be as accurate of a test as litmus strips.
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Posted 10 months ago
Hello Tony,

We saw your message and we wanted to reach out.
We're sorry to hear of an issue with your pH PERFECT pH Drops Test Kit.

The pH PERFECT pH Drops contains Phenol Red which is an effective way to quickly and accurately test the pH level of water besides a digital pH test meter.
If you happen to be using litmus test strips, please know that these will give inaccurate, false readings as they are meant to test the pH in urine and saliva, not water.

Hope this helps!
Please send us a message in for further concerns or questions with the pH PERFECT pH Drops and we'll be glad to help.

Invigorated Living
Posted 9 months ago