Horizon Devices Progressive Tension Electric Guitar Strings - Various Gauges Heavy 6 Reviews

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I was finding that my 10-52 gauge strings on my Les Paul weren't really cutting it for the tunings I was playing in. I love Periphery, so I was mainly in Drop C and D standard with a low A. When I swapped the Heavy 6s on, I was astounded by the amount of clarity I was getting, despite my short scale length. The strings were reasonably bright when I first put them on, but now, a week after use, they have become more balanced. However, I am used to playing coated strings, so when I started to see the strings rusting a little, I panicked. As long as you're wiping the strings down and using string lubricant, you should be fine, though. Overall, I'm incredibly impressed so far, great strings, shipped within 2 business days, you can't go wrong with getting these strings here. Flynn Edwards
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Best strings I've used! And since I'm very heavy handed when picking they can take the beating I give them!
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This is my first venture away from the regular Ernie Ball slinky sets and the second I slapped these on and tuned up all I could notice was how well balanced they are as a set. The bottom end is just the right amount of chunk and through to the higher strings it eases up to be light and comfortable. Will continue to use these strings.
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Amazing range, very bright sounding! Best strings I’ve had. I won’t ever need a custom set again
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