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This pedal is a powerful way to write music. It's able to be used for traditional tremolo and delay pedal sounds, but really soars as a way to create rhythmic and melodic patterns from a simple source. Great on guitar, but Ive used it on synthesizers with serious results. the pitch-shifting sounds incredible on the arpeggiator, unlike other pedals that leave you with a bunch digital artifacts and breakup whenever the shifting occurs. smooth transitions between notes, especially with the LFO knob that lets you sculpt the envelope for how the notes transition. tons of writable slots to store ideas, reliable midi sync to match the rhythms to a click. I own Hologram's Infinite Jets pedal too, which, if you are looking to dive into even more complex delay processing (swells and glitches and filters for days) that box is also unbelievable, but its much more about adding character to your sound as opposed to creating rhythm and melody.
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