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I never thought I would ever want a tremolo pedal. I mean, how ordinary, right? WRONG. I was WRONG. This thing does way more than make tremolo sounds. Along the way of acquiring sound things I got hold of something called a Walco Sound Go Round, sold in department stores in the 1970s. It was viciously choppy tremolo that made everything sound more bizarre the faster the tremolo went. The problem was it was a plastic piece of *$@! that didn't work as often as it did work. I went snooping on the internet and found that it was supposed to be an el-cheapo version of a Vox Repeat Percussion, and in doing a search on THAT, I came across a review that said the Hummingbird was the closest thing to the Vox Repeat Percussion. So, I rented the Hummingbird. It exceeded all of my expectations. It can go from a lazy throb to a weird alien chop to a bumblebee drone a' la' "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night." And it allowed me to stash my Walco Sound-Go-Round in the retirement drawer. I use the Hummingbird for every kind of tremolo possible. I particularly like running fuzz and distortion through it. It has a boost, so it can make a dirty signal even filthier, and you can even use it as a clean boost (though why you would want to I don't know, there are enough of those in this world). What you need it for is the amazing range of different tremolo sounds it can give you, from subtle to acid-overdose. I bought it, and it has made itself a permanent place on the pedalboard. The construction quality is excellent and the sounds are expansive and vibrant. If you don't believe, me, rent it from the Sound Parcel, who provided it ultra-fast and in great shape. This thing is definitely staying with me for a while.
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