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Wowza ... what an awesome pedal ... shades of The Who, ELP and Todd Rundgren's Utopia! In the past to get the effects and sounds this pedal cranks out in gobs I had to turn to my ARP 2600, ARP Sequencer, Moog Minimoogs, four racks of my Roland System 100M, a Novation SuperNova, a Korg Triton Pro and two rare Line 6 Filter Pro racks, ... and a baby's arm holding an apple. The pedal is very intuitive with 11 variations of 11 synth types. Bells and organ were not bad although for organs ala guitar I would prefer the EHX B9 and C9 or my Roland midi rack triggering multiple real organ samples. I was awesomized by the authentic Moog tones that would have made Keith Emerson proud. I just finished going through all 121 sounds and my ears are still ringing and one window cracked and some plaster is falling down. Nearly blew out the PA I was auditioning this on. What is really cool is while playing a chord is to manipulate the tone/rate/depth control getting some real nice synth notes and sweeps - much like a "real" synthesizer. This really sounded like analog Heaven ... I Dream of Wires. If you are a Who fan you can approximate the Wont Get Fooled Again and Baba O'Riley sequences. If you are a Todd Rundgren Utopia fan then you will come very close to your dream of playing .... you guessed it .... City in my head....(Utopia Theme Part 1). Keith Emerson fan? I am and have been since I heard Lucky Man. I was able to quickly whip up that well known chord progression on Manticore (Tarkus). Happy camper? Yes Mam'm! Kef would be happy.
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