Cetus Extruder Heater Kit-V2 (1 Brass Nozzle and 2 Steel Nozzles) Reviews

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I received this product as a bonus when buying another one (Z-axis extended kit). I haven't used it at the moment, I keep it in reserve, but I can confirm the quality of the parts for this printer (Cetus 3D), and looking at the one installed (it is the same model) it works and behaves very well. So far I have only tried PLA, but I will try ABS soon. Thanks!
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Posted 3 days ago
J Ryan
Very good quality replacement for my old heater and nozzle. Much better and durable design of nozzles in this version
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Posted 2 weeks ago
T Rychter
I like that I have option of using wear resistant nozzles now but old ones were faster to swap for me atleast. Also no marks on 0.4 and 0.6 nozzles which is a bit inconvenient fast shipping even from China tho.
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Posted 4 weeks ago
G Neethling
Worked great, easy to set up and get things rolling again. thank you
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Posted 4 months ago
C Dorris
Great replacement of the expensive stock nozzle on my Cetus mk3 Uses more common tips of the up mini I already have
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Posted 5 months ago
P Beda
Works as intended. Easy to fit.
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Posted 6 months ago
C Hydronoa Yirmiyahu
I was working with Mrs. Cecilia and Mrs. Cloris You have an excellent support this is the reason I bought a second Cetus But I got the goods damaged I was sure it's with the open source I realized it's not but it's simply not working Now I am waiting for parts that were sent
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Posted 11 months ago
Excellent product excellent company and I have two Cetus printers, love them!!
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Posted 1 year ago