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The Original Glutathione Formula is a glutathione supplement that contains the essential glutathione building blocks, which are readily converted to Glutathione within the body five different ways. Collectively, OGF increases the abundance of antioxidants, such as glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase (sod), within the cells of our body and aims to reduce the presence of free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and restore overall vitality.

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I have been getting my glutathione levels up for 16 years thanks to Dr. Keller. OGF is one supplement I will never be without. Not only did it radically change my life but it gave me my father and husband back. All of the products he formulated are game changers and I recommend them all. Recently someone told me I looked like I was aging backwards. Dr. Keller always did say that chronological aging is not a choice but how you look and feel age wise is. I would say I have found my fountain of youth.
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My husband and I used MAX GXL when it was originally formulated and also became distributors and were active for several years. When OGF became available more recently we again started using the product and find its continued effectiveness, especially in the fact that my husband is now a nonagenarian and I am close to being the same!
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I’ve noticed my memory has improved.
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Overall, it's seems to do the job of raising Glutathione levels. If i compare it to another well knowed product (which i will not mention here ) . also what i like , is that it's in a pill form,which is easy to take compared to whey isolite... regards,
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I have been using the OGL formula since the year it was introduced by Dr Keller with Max Tremendous product and does more then is stated
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Our doctor suggested we take glutathione to help us keep healthy. Been taking it for several years now. We haven't been sick for years.
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Been taking it for 12 years! Never missed a day. If I was ever homeless, my sign would say, need money for OGF!
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