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Is trading ETFs here same as trading other assets, meaning I can go both short and long with leverage?
Asked by Malte Metzger (4 weeks ago)
To make a correct comparison, you need to understand that what you call other assets are probably CFDs. So, you need to compare trading ETFs vs. CFDs. There are a lot of articles about the similarities or differences between these two, and I encourage you to read more about them. It is always beneficial to know how the markets work, which will help you become a better trader in the long term. Regarding your question, YES, it is possible to trade ETFs both short and long, and YES, you can use leverage.
Answered by Jannik (2 days ago)
Can you confirm to me that Ainvesting has no bugs?
Asked by Hugo (4 weeks ago)
If you wish I can make a record of my trading and then send it to youI guess it would be super convincing. But speaking seriously, then there is no point for a broker to reject using famous software and release their own solution, if they would've been aware of bugs, lags, freezes and actual imperfetion of the engine. Appealing to this logic, and to ,y personal experience, I can assure you of the absence of any annoying bugs that impede normal interaction with the platform. Cheers!
Answered by Hinder Geijer (2 weeks ago)
What do you think about their trading platform, is it based on MetaTrader?
Asked by Carlo Berg (1 month ago)
Nah, man. I would say... yeah, perhaps there are particular features that look liek the ones in the metatrader, but in fact it's a different platform. Otherwise it would be simpler for the broker to issue an agreement with the metaquotes than just copying the UI of the MT software. I can say it this way: it was unusual for me to trade here for the first time, but I quickly assimilate in this trading environment.
Answered by Vladimir Dragan (4 weeks ago)
Advise some assets for a beginner. What are the best ones?
Asked by Reijo Suutari (2 months ago)
I think forex and shares would be great assets for beginners cuz the forex market is not volatile like other types of markets and you can trade with very small volumes and the stock market is pretty good cuz if you need to understand what volatility means and you will not able to use high leverage for you safety.
Answered by Telmo M (1 month ago)
Is it possible to open demo account on this unusual platform?
Asked by Krister (3 months ago)
Yeap, as I read from the website, it is possible to open a free demo account.
Answered by Seweryn Sobczak (2 months ago)
Would you recommend Ainvesting for trading CFDs on cryptocurrencies?
Asked by Youssef Groen (5 months ago)
definitely. the execution is top-notch and almost as good as you'd find on a cryptocurrency exchange. you don't wanna mix your head with too many options, if you just wanna stick to basics and the coins that are important you can absolutely do that on ainvesting
Answered by Ruiz O. (5 months ago)
Can they be relied upon as a trusted brokerage?
Asked by Matteo (6 months ago)
Sure, buddy! This is reliable company I've been trading with for a long time. I have checked everything on myself so you don't have to worry ;)
Answered by Mark Kenny (3 months ago)
How's the performance of the trading platform? Does it somehow concede to renowned software, or nah?
Asked by Agesilao (7 months ago)
I'm for "nah" than for "concede"... The platform is modern, has all required drawing and analytical tools and most importantly it performs well enough. So I have no quibbles toward it, it's good.
Answered by Eduard P (7 months ago)
How is the UX of Ainvesitng proprietary trading platform?
Asked by Jeremias M (8 months ago)
Truly speaking, buddy, I was expecting something bad, cuz it's a rare chance to meet a broker which would bother under the development of its custom platform. Ainvesting turned out to be exactly that company which did everything thoroughly. Buttons are placed habitually, chart is transparent for reading, placement of tools is usual as well. The platform itself is super fast, no slippages occurred so far. I presume it's a victory, huh?
Answered by Antal Antal (8 months ago)
UX is good, nothing to complain about. All the tools and indicators are there.
Answered by Paolo (6 months ago)
You know, it's like a breath of fresh air. I have been trading on MetaTrader4 platform for a long time and even tried trading on a demo account on MetaTrader5. And after I started using this broker's own platform, I realized that progress has not stopped and it is time to replace outdated MetaTrader with new and modern platforms. You will not need to get used to the interface of this platform for a long time. All functions are intuitive. And the controls are smooth.
Answered by J. Wulf (5 months ago)