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I received my order this week and there is one item missing. I ordered 5 dresses not 4 dresses. Where is the 5th item. As well, three out of the four are not what I ordered, and need to be returned. How do I return them and when do I get the refund.
Asked by Barbara Etcovitch (3 weeks ago)
February 9th 2021 I placed an order which I am waiting on the correct sweater I had ordered which I doubt I will see. I am also waiting for my coat and art sweater that was in with the same order. I do like the ports shoes and the pants. Thank you
Asked by Jean Zantop (1 month ago)
Having trouble in requesting coat already purchased and paid for but needed larger size.was told rather then return coat pay 21 pounds sterling for larger size by paying into pay pal accounts but the option doesn't appear for payment
Asked by Michelle Pinnock-Troupe (3 months ago)
where is my order #E1926654
Asked by norma miracle (8 months ago)
Hi its natalie rawlinson I need to send a parcel back with 3 dresses in can you please let me know how to send them back my order number E1913069 thanks.
Asked by Natalie Rawlinson (8 months ago)
Placed my order on July 12th, it’s now July 29th. How long do I have to wait for my items??
Asked by Lisa McDonald (9 months ago)
What is the return address? Dresses are too small. I would like a credit card refund. Thanks
Asked by Clara Harris (9 months ago)
I just contacted Amex to dispute the charge made via paypal to this Berrylook company. I should have done my research before making a purchase. I didn't realize the items were coming from China and was very disappointed to read the very bad reviews this company has received regarding quality and shipping. I would advise anyone who used their credit card to pay for their items, just contact said credit card company and open a dispute to stop payment.
Asked by Sharren (10 months ago)
I ordered a blouse from you all on june 2nd..and i am wonderin when i will receive it..
Asked by Debra Booker (11 months ago)
Please can anyone tell me how I send item back for a refund,
Asked by Angie (11 months ago)
Why does it take so long to take care of business My order is not here it's been over a month, is it' real please be professional and do the right thing, seems like a lot of bad review???, I almost order more and lots more because of it posted beautiful stuff I thought I'll give you some business, I guess I'll wait patiently waiting
Asked by Lilly (11 months ago)
What has happened to my order ref number 9XY92722 ? Paired for via pay pal 13/04/2020
Asked by NormaWoodhouse (11 months ago)
I been ordered 4 clothes last 13th April ? When they post in my house ??
Asked by Habiba Zahid (1 year ago)
How do I send an order back
Asked by Mary gover (1 year ago)
need to return shoes that are 3 size too small. Keep getting runaround. terrible company to deal with. Need return label and refund. there refund policy does not allow you to return It's a fake. Esther
Asked by Esther Richman (1 year ago)
I want to return the dresses. I ordered 2XL and they sent me small petite size. How do I get a refund or exchange please
Asked by Bree (1 year ago)
My invoice ID:is E1423891 how much longer to I have to rot for my purchase . It pad 15 days already I was told 8-15 days .. please respond ASAP
Asked by Marvlette gunter (1 year ago)
Where is my order
Answered by Thurmond Hinton (1 year ago)
I made a purchase on 10/17 /2019 how much long do I have to wait for my purchase
Asked by Marvlette gunter (1 year ago)
I placed an order & paid for it on 21/9/19. Today is 29/10/19 my order has still not arrived. Please urgently advise what’s happening. With thanks.
Asked by Helen Wood (1 year ago)
Order placed & paid for but not received!
Asked by Helen Wood (1 year ago)
I don’t trust you anymore because you are cheaters and you have a bad reputation
Asked by Lana (1 year ago)
Does anyone know the return address for items please? Wish I checked company before purchasing:-((
Asked by Jacky (1 year ago)
Agree there is no way to return merchandise. I have been trying for over a month. shoes dont fit they dont answer their phone and the return info isnt correct terrible company to deal with.
Answered by Esther (1 year ago)
Berrylook is full of s*** they take your money and they never deliver your product I am going to put them on blast on Facebook and everywhere there is some no-good motherfukers
Asked by Monica Lewis (1 year ago)
My order is in California how long will it take to reach me in orlando
Asked by Neelwatie khan (1 year ago)
All berrylok items are the same as floryday? But berrylook are a lot cheaper? Both have bad views . I have purchased 2 items about a year ago and really want to order some blouses but after reading reviews am really concerned? What advice, information can you give to this company, is it the same?
Asked by Melanie (1 year ago)