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I am still waiting for a pair of sandals that I ordered weeks ago, I cannot get any tracking information! Thank God I didn't order anymore than that. The reviews are horrible and I wish I would have read them. I do not expect a refund, lesson learned and I will take this one as a loss!!! If you want really good quality clothes that you WILL recieve and in good time. Shop at just sayin!
posted 2 days ago - Nicole
In addition, they will provide a refund eventhough my order is not ready.
posted 1 week ago - Anonymous
4) Contact customer support, request refund because the item is not fit for purpose.
posted 1 week ago - Anonymous
Really wish I would have been smart and read these reviews first!! Terrible terrible quality clothing. Now I’m worried I won’t be refunded my money...
posted 2 weeks ago - Anonymous
Absolutely disgraceful service, some of my purchases never arrived and then the ones that did were disgraceful quality. So very disappointing never again will I buy online. And to top it off I asked for the refund policy and was blocked from there email. Disgraceful
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
Did not receive two of the items that I ordered and I have been trying to get a refund for them for over six months. Scam do not order from them
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
Sent me 2 items I didn’t order and will not refund my money... total scam. Taking it up with bbb and my Amex and PayPal
posted 1 month ago - Alex
I have received numerous emails from them wanting me to accept $10 for the dress, when I want the full refund.
posted 2 months ago - Melisa
Misleading pictures of products, no way or returning/refunds despite assurances and continuous email conversations, pictures do not belong to them, probably made by slaves 😥
posted 2 months ago - Anonymous
My order has arrived. not as advertised. My email is now not recognised when trying to log in. The Support team will STILL not respond to emails and I am unable to utilise the advertised refund process as I can not access my account. I somehow still receive multiple promotional/marketing emails per day, to the email address their website no longer recognises.
posted 3 months ago - Amy