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Returns - Difficult

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" The quality is awful unless you like cheap plastic buttons and crap from China. They don’t take returns of “sale” items but everything has a price that is slashed with a lower price so therefore nothing is eligible. Unless you want to pay good money for an item worth about 50 cents shop elsewhere. "
posted 3 weeks ago - Leah Fairmont Venturello
" The website says free shipping and free returns, but then they say no returns on sale items in the fine print. "
posted 1 month ago - Andrea Giordano
" " The website stated free returns when I first ordered so I thought it would be a great online shop. "
posted 2 months ago - Samantha
" Orders ship from China even though they had a US address. Items do not look like the pictures and the quality is very poor. Returns aren’t allowed on sale items which means nothing is returnable since everything is on sale. Do not waste your time, money, frustration. "
posted 2 months ago - Anonymous
" Everywhere at the time of purchase showed "free returns", "30 day money back guarantee" "100% customer satisfaction" so I felt confortable that if the dresses didn't fit me I'd be able to return them for a refund. "
posted 2 months ago - Anonymous
" ZERO STARS!! This whole store is a scam, do NOT buy anything no matter how real it looks in the pic. Everything is on sale and their return policy indicates sale items are not eligible for returns. Basically, they take your money, send you a piece of something in the mail and then you can’t get a refund. Just. Don’t. Do it. 😖 "
posted 2 months ago - Anonymous
" They say if it was on sale at time of purchase, there are no returns!!! Really!!!??? We order something, it comes like a piece of crap, and we can't return it? So, they are scamming people!! Saying they can't return ahead of time, and just sew up something with blinders on, ship and get their money! Truly a scam! I am an avid purchaser online, I've only ever had to return one thing, a book! Part of this horrible ordeal, is that it was MY BAD for not reading reviews on BOHO this ONE time!!! I am SO mad at myself. "
posted 2 months ago - Grace
" Complete scam artists - they sent through the incorrect products and of such inferior quality I wouldn't even donate them to charity. They discount every item so that the returns policy is void. Marketing is on point, but these guys are essentially committing fraud across international boundaries so it's easy to get away with. AVOID THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY "
posted 2 months ago - Anonymous
" The jacket looks nothing like the pic - saying it looks cheap is being kind. Tried to return and being given the runaround with them refusing to provide a return address. No refunds as every single item is on Sale so the ‘free returns’ policy is a blatant lie. Total scam, don’t do it! "
posted 2 months ago - Anonymous
" HORRIBLE!!! BUYER BEWARE!! The entire site is on sale 24/7 so there are zero returns. Sizes are extremely small, and quality is very subpar. I am out 167.00. It took 3 weeks to get it, as it all comes from China. Very upset at myself for not researching. "
posted 3 months ago - Sonja DeMott
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