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CJS CD Keys are a world leader in game key distribution. CJS provide Digital Downloads for the latest games to thousands of customers worldwide each month. Have an issue? Please contact our support team contact@cjs-cdkeys.com to give us a chance to resolve your problem, before writing a negative review. Thank you!

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posted 6 days ago - André
Bad customer service, seemed to respond very quickly between 11pm and midnight but key doesn’t work after going through the fraud checks and support haven’t responded in the 7 hours they’ve been ‘looking at it’ they even got me to post to their fraud team that I wouldn’t request a refund. What a business
posted 2 weeks ago - Anonymous
They took my money, they game me a VPN activated key. It was impossible to redeem it, becuase MIcrosoft are blocking VPN servers. 3 months later and enless emails to support, and they still wont give me a refund.
posted 2 weeks ago - Steve C
Terrible service; did not receive key; received an error instead. The agents are reading my emails, and not helping. Requesting a refund immediately If this is resolved, I am willing to remove my review.
posted 3 weeks ago - Anonymous
had an issue with the keys they provided, given the run around for 2 months only for them to say they wont refund them because the keys are going to expire because they've given me the run around for two entire months, customer service is a joke and this is a mess, been using them for over a decade and they've gone down hill year on year. will be moving onto a better site like cdkeys.com instead. absolute joke.
posted 3 weeks ago - Anonymous
Pre-ordered a game. My order was cancelled after a month of waiting a few days before the game release. Refund was store credit, and not cash back to my card. Customer service initially came back to say this was an error and this shouldn't happen, and then when prompted they said it was cancelled due to the price changing. Do not bother to pre-order as this company will cancel your purchase.
posted 3 weeks ago - J.P.
com i did but i didnt have the exe file to install it so i asked them for it, a month has gone by and all ive gotten so far are automated tickets and 1 rep asking for a screenshot of the error message i was getting, i sent that but there has not been one single replied, so i gave up and asked for a refund, and guess what? the automated email again.
posted 3 weeks ago - Sebastian
Ordered,The Hunter,Call Of The Wild & was charged twice for it with no way of getting a refund for one of them.I do not recommend ordering from them. They're a rip-off!
posted 3 weeks ago - Anonymous
Also got a key that doesn't work - team said they would look into a refund, but haven't heard back.
posted 3 weeks ago - Anonymous
If I can only purchase games in the region my account is in, why would I ever need a VPN to change the region to activate it? No possibility of a refund as I have collected the key even though it says they are all guaranteed to work.
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous