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I have used cotswoldescrow.co.uk multiple times, and I'm grateful for the service they provide. Most recently I had to contact support to resolve an issue (the issue ended up making perfect sense after I figured it out), but Kim was very helpful in quickly sorting out my concerns. Always happy to use cotswoldescrow.co.uk
posted 4 months ago - Timothy L.
Reese was very helpful and got me to the answers I was seeking quickly. I'm a first time user of cotswoldescrow.co.uk so I need some extra advice on the service's security. Very happy with the outcome.
posted 4 months ago - Curt M.
Kim was very helpful throughout all the process, being it my first domain purchase this was extremely useful. I would definitely recommend cotswoldescrow.co.uk as a service!
posted 5 months ago - Hugo
Great customer service. Being able to chat in real time may have saved me from fraud and the ensuing hassle attached to it. Thanks for your great service!
posted 5 months ago - Charles
Kim was very responsive and answered all of my questions promptly and accurately. Thank you Kim! Great customer service.
posted 5 months ago - Dylan
Brilliant service. Have used cotswoldescrow.co.uk on many occassions and never had an issue. Their chat support are really fast and excellent to deal with. Perfect when selling domain names.
posted 5 months ago - Mary
Kim's service is great. Cotswoldescrow.co.uk itself took 10+ days after I transferred the money. Never going to use again. But, Kim helped as 10/10 quality.
posted 5 months ago - Sam
I'm very happy with cotswoldescrow.co.uk service. I was very worried not knowing if any of these online services is legit, but they made the transaction process easy for me and fast. Use the concierge service for sure. I highly recommend it for doing Domain Transfer or any type of buying/selling service. This company is well trusted.
posted 5 months ago - Grace I.
Excellent customer service on a transaction from Kim
posted 5 months ago - David Taylor
Fantastic Customer Service Very helpful, Thanks Kim!
posted 5 months ago - Luke