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What happens when a person wants to use Cotswold escrow services to buy or sell illegal products
Asked by Pedro (1 year ago)
The security team at Cotswold Escrow Company is always looking to find illegal items that can be sold using our escrow services. The security Department is looking for information about the seller and buyer and the product is that a seller wishes to sell it using our escrow services. Many times we have blocked the transactions and are obliged by law to send all the information and payment deposited by the buyer to the police department that handles of this cases.
Answered by John Ross - Cotswold Escrow (1 year ago)
Hi, how fraudulent is this website?? Is it linked to the Cotswold Auction Company at all? It seems to use their company number, social media links and share the same branding
Asked by Char (1 year ago)
Well Char, as you actually WORK at the Cotswold Auction Company, you'd know that it is IN NO WAY ACTUALLY AFFILIATED WITH THEM AND IS A CASE OF IDENTITY FRAUD. You would also recommend that the owners take it down asap because they've been noted and steps are being taken. Thanks. Char
Answered by Char (1 year ago)
Attention !!! Cotswold Escrow Company is a legal escrow company. The law obliges us to store personal data for a period of 6 months in an ICT system.
Answered by John Ross - COtswold Escrow Company (1 year ago)
Cotswold Escrow Company is part of the Cotswold Auction Company. Cotswold Auction Company by Cotswold Escrow Company offers clients and Escrow services starting from April 2019. John Ross-Cotswold Escrow Company. Our company is obliged to store personal data for a period of 6 months under applicable laws.
Answered by John Ross (1 year ago)
Hello, if the seller does not send the product, how long will https://cotswoldescrow.co.uk return your deposit?
Asked by Richard (1 year ago)
Hi Richard, cotswoldescrow.co.uk returned my deposit after they saw that the seller did not send the product, they contacted me and I just had to confirm the bitcoin address.
Answered by Victor (1 year ago)
Hello, I would like to know if it is a reliable Escrow company because I want to buy a car and use Escrow.
Asked by Mark (1 year ago)
hi, I used https://cotswoldescrow.co.uk to buy more products and I was pleased with them. I recommend you use them, they are professional and confident.
Answered by Rahul (1 year ago)
cotswoldescrow.co.uk offered me support and security. I definitely recommend working with them.
Answered by Antonio (1 year ago)
www.cotswoldescrow.co.uk gave me the support and security I needed. I highly recommend using www.cotswoldescrow.co.uk
Answered by John (1 year ago)
Great to deal with! Nice prompt, courteous support help. Best place to handle deals for a safe transaction for both buyer and seller. https://cotswoldescrow.co.uk +++++
Answered by Mark (1 year ago)
extremely kind, and professional customer service reps. He went above and beyond 100 stars. Everyone at the customer representative department of www.cotswoldescrow.co.uk are well trained, and highly trained and professional.
Answered by Pierce (1 year ago)