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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
The course is very expensive for what it offers. It is also very general, it is not specific about how to carry out the operations consisntently. .
Posted 2 years ago
I would rate the course as good but requiring improvement.

Main reasons for this are:

a) there is currently a complete disconnect between the content on the Members Telegram and the course - the course specifies we are looking at long term investing only and emphasizes the dangers of trying to time the market, and the telegram is looking at day trading on a minute-by-minute timeframe, using a platform which is not covered in the course at all. Aware there is a day trading course on the way but at the moment I think it is dangerous to be looking at daytrading (especially with leverage) on the telegram as people like myself will try to get involved without the proper knowledge. Subscribers feel like they are missing out then lose money when they research it on their own and get involved as there's no course content covering the specifics.

b) There are things which are never explained on the course which are then referred to in the telegram - eg what is the right angular EMA line which always appears on the screenshots? We only know the 8, 18 and 200 from the course, so this one looks strange and makes us feel like we aren't being given the full picture.

c) Some areas of the course are wholly outdated, eg the lesson on how altcoins no longer follow BTC.

d) the content is mainly good, ie I found it very helpful learning to do the charting and use the different exchanges (except for the only one you seem to actually use, Bitmex). However I am currently down money and not sure why - no amount of re-watching videos which don't explain why is going to fix that.

e) I feel the insta feed is a little misleading - for example I took a trade which went 40% up on 25x leverage after a big move, which was great and people were sending in screenshots of their ROEs, however as the indication had been given that we would go higher I (and I imagine many other members) didn't take profits - was then annihilated when the market crashed the following day and ended up on 100% loss. None of this was posted on insta!

f) I think it is a bit irresponsible to be posting on insta about how everyone who doesn't take risk is a pussy; I understand that without risk there is no reward however it's easy to say you're risking 1BTC and making 3BTC on a trade when you have literally tens of thousands a week coming in in subscription fees from people buying the course. Obviously you took risks to get to that position, which is great, however encouraging people to risk their entire accounts on one trade, quit their jobs to take up trading full time etc doesn't feel like the right way to go.

All that said, I am hoping the daytrading course is cheap enough to be worth getting - feel like there is a lot I don't know still about how price action works and identifying big moves in the short term and I would be willing to invest a bit more given I've already sunk a fair bit into learning Crypto stuff! I don't feel like a confident investor off the back of the course, which is what I was hoping for based on the insta and the marketing.

Thanks for the base knowledge though, looking forward to learning more!
Posted 2 years ago
When I first became aware of Cryptonary back in February I was all excited to take his course. I bought it which was a significant investment for me but I decided it could be a good investment if I wanted to learn more about crypto.

I will say what I like and respect about him is he is transparent with his accounts and he has a good long term outlook on investing. With that said after being a member for about 7 months now these are the things that I think makes me give him a poor rating:

1- The contents of the course are all general things that can be learned from free resources on the internet and educational twitter accounts.
2- He has the hodl mentality which made me and many other traders hold on to altcoins that went down on average like 80% retracements since January. It would have been a lot wiser to advice to start getting out of alts when BTC showed a clear bear market.
3- His Instagram account is basically just a collection of rave customer reviews (obviously), marketing for his course and him bragging about what an awesome trader he is.
4- Since a couple of months ago since Price Action has started to become the popular TA analysis in general he has started to change his analysis focus to fit in with all the cool popular Twitter accounts now.
5- He shares trading ideas on his Telegram Private channel which to me are very reckless and not what any serious trader would recommend. He says they are ideas he is testing out and to not copy him if you are not experienced, but obviously you know people will blindly do what he does anyways. I am refering to things like using 100x margin on Bitmex, jumping in on huge candles to try to catch bottoms and tops, revenge trading, etc. No serious trader would ever recommend doing or showing those things to your inexperienced followers.
6- He has completely stopped talking about the altcoins that he recommended. Since I had joined during 6 months he only came up with 2 new altcoin recommendations. Which he endlessly bragged about all the gains his members had made right after the call, and now they are all completely underwater from the levels he gave the calls in.
7- He basically gives a lot of his content and calls for free on his public instagram and twitter.

He is saying his new daytrading course will be available at a discount to current members, but I have no interest in giving him any more of my money. I still have his VIP Telegram channel on simply cause I paid for a lifetime membership, but I am even considering just unfollowing all together. I am in a new group with a lot better focus on educational content and quality trade setups. Not just jumping in like a gambler on any big move.
Posted 2 years ago
The course is very brieft. He used indicators that doesn’t share with the members, missing targets very often and I can’t trust him anymore due to losing money over believing his word
Posted 2 years ago
The “Cryptonary” is a straight scam!! He makes the telegram seem like something it’s not. The “calls” are just indecisive predictions, he picks two different options & which ever one that ends up being right he post to social media over & over... anyone saying otherwise is just trying to gain exposure by his retweets SAVE YOUR MONEY
Posted 2 years ago
I would normally disregard these messages but as you're a verified member I will take the time to rectify this malicious message as it appears very clearly you haven't understood how I work and why I do not provide direct "buy now and sell now" 'signals' in 1 direction, surprisingly it's for my own members benefit.

Firstly, the standard and generic term of a "scam" is:

"a dishonest scheme; a fraud." - Transparency and honesty is something I abide by without fail, a simple browse of my social media profiles & VIP Telegram will be enough to present this. I openly state what is provided.

Anybody who follows me and my loyal members base know I would never give direct buy or sell orders, because most importantly, that is outright illegal. Secondly, the Cryptocurrency market is the most volatile market in the world, where my predictions come through over 90% of the time and have never failed to break below this figure since Cryptonary was founded. Price will inevitably swing in the opposite direction during the short-term, which is expected in a market that jumps 10's of percent in a single day.

Cryptonary is founded upon long-term investment principles, hence why I do not feature daytrading content within the course. This is to protect members from trying to time a market so volatile and dangerous as many have no experience in such markets. You will notice many times when I give a long-term target, price will do quite the opposite over a period of a few days or even a week, the VIP Telegram provides the safety barriers as what you described as "indecisive" because many would go in the similar intentions as yourself, expecting price to directly head in that direction. Without fail, almost every single time after the market has finished being a victim of manipulation, my targets are met and members have made very good profits because they accepted the factors of this volatile market and used the levels in the VIP Telegram to avoid them.

Being a professional trader means adapting as fast as the market does, if not, before it can do its next move. Something I strive upon and focus on daily, therefore, if the market changes its directional bias, I do to, so nobody ends up losing money.

The problem with this industry is that it has become a playground for REAL scammers to lurk and sell dreams of "signal services" (baring in mind illegal), as an easy means for people to get rich by simply doing nothing except following the uneducated calls of others who have no given proof of experience or skill in this market.

My principles are a little more, classy, so to speak. I not only provide every single critical indicator and factor that will affect the market, but I also provide these with full 20minute or longer video breakdowns on the charts, voicenotes & screenshots to further compliment this.

I teach my students to work in line with my analysis & work so they learn the craft that will pay them for a lifetime in all other financial markets also. Unfortunately 99% of this industry relies on these 'experts' who prefer to tell you "buy here" or "sell now" only for you to have learnt absolutely nothing and lose all of your money in the process as you slowly realise none are as educated as you originally were led to believe. Once these companies dissapear you're back to stage 0, with no knowledge and a new found dependancy to find a better "signal provider".

I prefer to work professionally and do what I do best, educate, grow & adapt my members to learn a skill that will feed them for the rest of their lives.
Posted 2 years ago
can I get a refund?
Posted 2 years ago
Would like more intraday opportunities or explicit advice. I’ve been a member for quite a while now, but haven’t made any profits. So some explicit advice of what he would do in certain situations would be welcome.
Posted 2 years ago
Here's the story.
A while ago myself like many others paid around £600 for this all singing, all dancing, you-cant-bend-it course. You get the course and find out it's a few 3/5 minute sparse lessons. But that's alright, because you're constantly reminded that there is more coming and they're 'changing the game up' and a bunch of other motivational idioms.
Next you sit and watch some eastenders, 90210, playground fall out within the team. Again with more reminders not to worry now this golden ticket of a membership is going to be like nothing you've ever seen.
Finally we become phased out, we become 'legacy' members and all that was promised to us fades, and progressively we receive news that you're no longer entitled to this or that.
For additional learning you can jump over to social media and receive subliminal putdowns about how the team are absolute mavericks, we aren't nor will we ever be on these demigod's levels.
Save your money, you'll learn more from youtube. The team is a bunch of sheep in wolves clothing. They act different, they're on a 'higher level' they aren't. They live in this bubble of egoism and throw the finger up laughing at everyone who buys the course trying to better themselves.
Posted 1 year ago
The course is very brief, I don't think it is worth the money in the slightest bit, contrary to popular belief I think the Telegram is great. I really think Cryptonary should focus more on short-term trades instead of just saying over and over again that "this is the perfect time to buy." Looking at it from a long-term perspective (5 years) I would agree that buying BTC at 8K or 10k doesn't make much of a difference, but for anyone (most of us) who are trying to profit on a weekly or monthly basis by swing trading, we're in for a rough f***ing time.

I took your "second call" and I'm down 3k... It seems to me like if you knew BTC was going to fall lower and all of the altcoins follow the movements of BTC, why wouldn't you just wait for BTC to fall to lower levels before making the "second call"? Seems really weird to me but I took it and I am still holding on to it because I trust you know the market better than I ever could.

A LOT of people are putting their hopes and future into your hands and I think you should guide us on how to make shorter-term trades to make enough profits to keep the lights on. Not just sell us the future of cryptocurrency and continue to say "it's always the best time to buy."

This is the main reason why so many of us bought your course, a lot of us saved for weeks if not months to be able to make the investment only to be disappointed by what we found inside.

I don't want you to take this review as a personal attack towards you, just improve what you're doing and let us in on shorter-term trades. I'd rather take small risks on multiple short trades than be down 50%-80% for months on end hoping that the bull run will start. I need a combination of both, I think I speak for a large majority of your members when I say this.
Posted 2 years ago
Absolute shocking behaviour from basically what are subscription scammers and NOT traders. They sell courses and subscriptions. Everything else is a lie! You only see the wins on social media. I haven’t seen one member post any profits for months. A group of members are looking at reporting them to trading standards
Posted 1 year ago
scamnary, absolute fraud.
Posted 1 year ago
scammer he is. he will steal your money and all of his crypto calls sucks. DONT BUY!!
Posted 1 year ago
Absolutely terrible and basic course that was offered as a lifetime guarantee for £600. In less than 2 years they want to charge on monthly subscriptions.
Posted 1 year ago
Everything i needed to say has already been said in the most recent 1-star reviews.

Utter disgrace of a company
Posted 1 year ago
Lifetime access. Ha. not anymore, what a joke.
Posted 1 year ago
I joined up in July 2018 as there was a Cryptonary offer on and I knew I'd wanted to join. Although life was pretty busy at the time I thought I would sign up as it would always be there considering the amount that the course/Telegram had cost and the guys at Astro FX ran it.

At the time there was the online course and Telegram available to members. At one point there was also a monthly podcast that was available for a small monthly fee which I'd signed up to.

However, as of the start 2019 the whole team have been disorganised and in disarray. With online disagreements being aired publicly. The face of Cryptonary left the team as their visions did not align with the other two owners. I personally think it is to do with what is going on with Cryptonary at the moment,

Anyway, the Telegram content has been bit-part and they have recently released a Cryptonary V 2.0. This is now a pay monthly membership with a revamped/new website. The old online course is still available on a website that starts with old.cryptonary (what a way to feel valued after spending the best part of £500 hey). At one point there was a monthly podcast that was available for a small monthly fee which I also signed up to. These stopped during the turmoil but 1 or 2 payments were still taken.

I've been told that the Telegram updates are being discontinued as there's too many non-members in the Telegram and moving over to Discord.
This is fine.

What isn't fine is that Telegram updates are going and the original members (unless signed up after Jan 2019) are being left behind. We are not being migrated over to the new Discord for the market updates and content that we have become accustomed to (as that is now deemed pay monthly content). The Telegram is simply going, with the Discord being for new members only.

Whilst new members may very well be happy with the packages, the content and how it's all delivered (as it is going to be all they will know), the original 'early adopter' Cryptonary members can't help but feel hard done by.

Do I regret buying the course, yes. In honesty I could have had access to the course without signing up. I just liked knowing I could have the real-time updates and insights of a successful trader pinging up on my phone. But it appears that is soon to be all in the past
Posted 1 year ago
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. the course is the most basic thing that you can dedicate your time to it. least thing that you can find on youtube is better than what you get here.
Posted 1 year ago
STAY AWAY, course very basic and not worth the money. Was promised lifetime membership and updates with purchase, but then they switched to monthly subscription model and existing members had to pay more or accept they got scammed. Very questionable marketing tactics (only post wins, write and LIE that a potential customer has been "especially selected" to join) plus they delete bad comments and block people. Stay away, there are much better alternatives available and what they offer, you can find for free online with a bit of search. Nothing special at all
Posted 1 year ago
Not worth the money. Very basic information which you can easily find online. Everything I learned is on the internet within reach.
Podcasts are not included where the majority of the analysis and fundamental news are talked about. Few updates a week. Sometimes an article from 1-2 days old (nothing new).
Good course for beginners with absolutely zero knowledge. But nothing for someone who actually did some research.
Posted 2 years ago
I've been a member since the beginning of this year and I have mixed feelings about Cryptonary. He's an honest, genuine guy with a couple of years of experience in trading and investing and he's definitely good at what he's doing, no doubt about it. His course is okay for a beginner investor, (not trader, because it's more like an investing course) but to be honest with a bit of research you can get that knowledge for way cheaper, even for free if you find the good educational twitter accounts, because there are decent ones out there. The Telegram group let's say, the content quality is declining rapidly. Lately it's been a lot of BTC margin trades (mostly 25x plus leverage) without providing ANY content on risk management. Putting these kind of stuff out there is very very irresponsible and just straight gambling. Yes, lot of people got lucky and profited, that's what you've seen on Instagram but with high leverage trading lot of people got burned as well. I've asked him to provide some risk management lessons in the VIP Telegram so we can actually learn something and not just gamble, hopefully it'll come through. I'm curious about the daytrading course but I'm not convinced that it'll worth the money. I've done a lot of research lately and found some great twitter accounts as well as some decent and cheap groups too where there's actual conversation, short term trades, margin trades with risk management, longer term perspectives, market breakdowns, educational room etc. The podcasts are out (2 episodes as of now) and I listened both of them. Honestly, it's nothing really new, I'm not saying it's not true or I don't agree with it but if you're a member you've heard these many many many times through voice notes and mini essays in his VIP group. If you have spare 600 pounds don't spend it on this. Do some research first on your own, there's plenty PLENTY of free, quality stuff out there. He's always saying this and it's so true: it's all about discipline, your mind and the psychology of trading and investing. But he CAN'T teach you that, nobody can, you have to invest some time on it and go through that experience on your own. Good luck.
Posted 2 years ago
Cryptonary is rated 4.42 based on 428 reviews