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Can I insure a cat d?
Asked by Paul tulloch (4 years ago)
Hi there I have done my insurance based on my provisional license I have my driving test next week (Friday 19th July) how do I go about sorting this so that I am insured as a full license (If I pass)
Asked by Anita (5 years ago)
I cannot login to my GA app . I am getting a message no contract data found . I installed my black box yesterday my app worked until this afternoon .
Asked by Aaliyah (5 years ago)
Does anyone have a customer service contact number for this company. About to purchase their policy and need to clarify a few things but can’t seem to find a contact number.
Asked by Adam (5 years ago)
Does everyone know about "The Generals" Betermint clause. If you get in an accident with the General insurance they reserve the right to charge you what they call as bettermint.which means that if the motor in your vehicle is broken and they put a new one in they have the right to charge you the difference in the value of your motor vs a new one ontop of your deductible.
Asked by Trevor (5 years ago)
Why charge a loyal customer to speak to an agent . I have a few queries and they need answering . Its a disgrace i have to pay to sort out my insurance that im already paying for
Asked by Bobbie adams (5 years ago)
If I cancel my insurance after the 14 days but in the first month can I get a refund? I paid over £1100 for the year...
Asked by joseph (5 years ago)
Hi, I’ve got to take my car in the garage to have body work done under warranty .They will supply a courtesy car ,if I drive it on my insurance which is fully comprehensive it would only cover me for third party can I get it upgraded to cover me fully comprehensive
Asked by Kevin Rosser (5 years ago)
How do I change my E-mail address on line
Asked by Mrs Pamela Lang (5 years ago)
what is yourcontact no
Asked by ken haines (5 years ago)
Is the General Accident motor Insurance policy still valid if the driver has been fitted with the Pacemaker after heart attack and waiting for the reply from DVLA but not driving.
Asked by Ziauddin Shaikh (5 years ago)
Is there any way that we can contact an actual person in your legal claims motor insurance department. Our dispute with Gatwick official car parking, who damaged our car, has been going on for six months now?
Asked by Mary Skinner (5 years ago)
Ive tried too . Desperate to talk about my insurance but they say it will charge me administration fee. Disgusting
Answered by Bobbie adams (5 years ago)
Do general accident check your milage if you have a black box? Would I have to buy more?
Asked by Sarah (5 years ago)
Does anyone know a online number off general accidents customers service
Asked by David coxson (5 years ago)
What is general accident phone number if I need to contact them if I have not got my laptop near me and I am miles away from it george
Answered by George (5 years ago)
Im angry at you have to pay to speak to them
Answered by Bobbie adams (5 years ago)
If I get a loan car provided at no cost by a garage servicing my usual car( nothing to do with repair work authorised by GA) am I insured third party to drive the loan car? I have seen cover notes that say the owner is NOT insured if the loan car is connected with the motor trade; which it would be of course. I am thinking of taking out a comp policy with GA and need to know the answer. If it isn't covered do you allow one day cover to be bought for the loan car and how much does that cost?
Asked by Edward Robertson (6 years ago)
Do you do Multicar Policies. Thanks Rod
Asked by Roderic Pollard (6 years ago)
They don’t- I asked the self same question a week or so ago
Answered by Andy MacGregor (5 years ago)
Why is my policy number not recognised on the phone when I wish to speak to an advisor
Asked by Norman Davidson (6 years ago)
I have my insurance with you will it come on the screan when it due
Asked by keith atkinson (6 years ago)
I have taken out a new policy haven't received the documents please send policy no 803953231 cant get in touch by phone wont respond to policy number
Asked by joseph o'rawe (6 years ago)
i am with tesco black box, should i buy your telemechinic insurance does that box work with u too or need new box fitted by u
Asked by adam (6 years ago)
I have had an insurance renewal quote that is considerably higher than last year. I have other quotes less than my renew quote. Is my renew quote negotiable?a
Asked by David (6 years ago)
can you give me phone number to speak to one of your putting in my policy number and it saying its not reconsieing it
Asked by ALEXANDER DURIE (6 years ago)
if i take out a motor policy can i add someone for 20 days?
Asked by z cromack (6 years ago)
Dear GA Team, New Quote 1324511537 - I would like to buy the annual policy with my current address. I bought new house and will get the keys in the month of May 2018. At that point of time what should I do with this annual policy. How can I change the address. Will the website works and allows me to change the address and effective date. (Example : Most of the times New build postcodes will not come up in the search, Is there a manual way to enter the address.) Do I need to submit the same policy again after done the changes please ? Kindly advice. In the month of May 2018, if there is an issue in website and does not allow me to update address, at that time who will help me. Kindly advise, Sravanthi
Asked by Sravanthi Chanduri (6 years ago)
My husband has had an accident tonight and we can't seem to speak to anyone at General accident
Asked by Ann craig (6 years ago)
Asked by (6 years ago)
hi I am possibly moving in Jan Feb but am worried I may be off line and may not be able to edit my account after moving for a while and as you can't ring it does seem a problem
Asked by i am with GA (6 years ago)
What is the strictness of this company regarding the black box?
Asked by Jonathan (6 years ago)
I have two Cars Insured with GA.i am looking to change my Alfa for a Nissan Juke the Premium that has been quoted on line is very much higher than i would have expected.I would like to speak to Person about the quote.I do not want to talk to a Computer Screen !!!!! Regards, C.G.R.Fry. Policy No.800497188.
Asked by Mr.C.G.R.Fry (6 years ago)
I have taken out a motor insurance this evening. I have to send proof of my no claims discount. I have taken a photograph of such from my renewal notice of my current insurers. I wish to email this from my husband's IPad what email address do I use please?
Asked by kay brown (6 years ago)
trying to add work on my poilcy
Asked by Peter Charnock (6 years ago)
why does no one answer a phone, been trying to contact them for the past hour
Asked by lorraine (6 years ago)
I would like to cancel my policy
Answered by john gowland (5 years ago)
Hi I want to email G/A a question on do they do short term cover which I'm sure they do, but every time I go to try and email them they always ask for a policy number,which I don't have yet as I want to ask the above question do they cover short term car insurance ? Phew
Asked by Tony (6 years ago)