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About Gen Mobile:

Gen Mobile is a U.S. pre-paid wireless service provider that runs on America's largest 5G GSM network. We are dedicated to keeping wireless service affordable without compromising on network, speed, and service quality.

Our plans are designed to fit all budgets and start at $10 per month. Plans $15 and up include free calling to 100+ countries so our customers can stay affordably connected to family and friends around the world.

Gen Mobile was founded by a team with 25 years of combined experience in the wireless industry. We leveraged our expertise to take advantage of the latest technological advances and bring amazingly low prices to our customers.

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When I received my phone it worked in that area. Once I was home it didn't worked I had tried for several months to contact gen mobile. Why no one responds. I paid insurance to replace phone. The service been off because couldn't send or receive messages.
Asked by Crystal Allen (1 month ago)
When will I get my phone
Asked by Vernessa Scott (6 months ago)
Is gen mobile scammers
Asked by Charles (7 months ago)
I brought my phone understanding it was free unlimited calls and text. How come all of a sudden now I can not make or receive calls now out of the blue? I have a small child with special needs and cannot be without a phone
Asked by Marquita (9 months ago)
We offer unlimited calling and texting on most plans. Call 611 from your Gen Mobile phone to check the status of your account.
Answered by Gen Mobile Cares (9 months ago)
When is my phone coming
Asked by Takaus Rochell Foreman (10 months ago)
If you applied for ACP service, you ca check the status and get tracking information at!/login To check the status on a prepaid phone, call or chat with our customer care team.
Answered by Gen Mobile Cares (10 months ago)
What kind of cellphone do genmoblie provide for new users?
Asked by Mandy (11 months ago)
Mandy, thanks for your interest in Gen Mobile. Eligible ACP customers receive an Android smartphone. The make and model of the phones we provide vary.
Answered by Gen Mobile (10 months ago)
Does this company steal your personal information?
Asked by Sonjar L Harvey (1 year ago)
Gen Mobile takes your privacy seriously and is dedicated to providing its customers with strong privacy protections. You can check out our privacy policy on our website.
Answered by Gen Mobile (1 year ago)
An agent did my application and never gave me his name or number and now my application was qualified but I don't have any idea what of what's next because he said a tablet and phone I need help to figure this out
Asked by Johnathan Smith (1 year ago)
Sorry for the confusion. Give our team a call or chat with us so we can check the status and go over next steps.
Answered by (1 year ago)
My name is Neal smith and I filled out the application for a phone but it said that I already have one. I never received a new phone. I've tried several times to get one from you and you keep telling me that I already have it but I don't.
Asked by Neal Smith (1 year ago)
I received my phone but I need a sim card for it. Can you please mail me a sim card so I can activate my new phone?
Asked by Pamela Phillips (1 year ago)
If you received a Gen Mobile phone it should include a SIM card in the phone. Please reach out to our customer care team if you didn't receive one and need to have us send a SIM. Options to call or chat with our team are available at
Answered by Gen Mobile (1 year ago)
My WiFi is not working
Asked by Linda bell (1 year ago)
Linda, sorry you are having trouble. For Wi-Fi or data issues reach out to our customer care team. They can check the status of your account, balance and help troubleshoot. For chat and phone options, visit
Answered by (1 year ago)
If I had a free phone years ago do I qualify for a gen mobile phone
Asked by GREGORY Paul (1 year ago)
FREE MOBILE SERVICE See if you qualify for Unlimited Talk, Text and 7GB Data through the Federal Affordable Connectivity Program and a free smartphone from Gen Mobile!
Asked by Richard (1 year ago)
Check the status of application with enrollment number
Asked by Bruce simmons (1 year ago)
Great Question, you can check your account status at!/login
Answered by Gen Mobile Team (1 year ago)
Has anyone received their free ACP phone yet
Asked by Bessie Harpster (1 year ago)
Hi Bessie, we appreciate you reaching out to us. We sent you a direct message to help answer your question. Please let us know if you need any further assistance. Thank you for choosing Gen Mobile.
Answered by (1 year ago)
I got my gen mobile phone today and it didn't come with a sim card
Asked by Karmin bynum (1 year ago)
What kind of phone do you send
Asked by Donald wilson (2 years ago)
Why dont you answer the phone?
Asked by Carol (2 years ago)
What kind of free phone do you guys offer is it Motorola Samsung lg Alcatel Coolpad ect just wondering was thinking about joining but need to know what kind of phone because one of the other companies is offering the Motorola Moto g pure and it's a really nice phone I have one now but broke the screen yesterday mine was a straight talk phone but I got it unlocked but need a new one so thinking of leaving true connect for you guys if you guys offer the moto g pure
Asked by Jeremy Gall (2 years ago)
1st Question is .. if anyone has already received the free phone with the acp program What kind of android phone was it?? 2nd Question.. Do you receive the unlimited data that has been advertised along with unlimited talk and text also?? 3rd Question.. Has anyone received their new device & have been using it for any length of time?? What do you think ? I ask because I've tried a couple other company's that now offer this program and I've yet to receive a device that works longer than a week. And when I first activated them the way it showed me , I've never been able to get it to work .
Asked by Kersta Shahan (2 years ago)
Hi Kersta, Thanks for your interest in our Affordable Connectivity Program. Here are the answers to your questions. 1) You will receive a 5.5" - 6.0" android phone. 2) Gen Mobile provides unlimited talk, text and 7GB of data. 3) We strive to offer the best customer care and high-quality phones (and not one that only works for a week). Sincerely, The Gen Mobile Customer Care Team
Answered by (2 years ago)
ive recieved two phones first one didnt come with a sim card and now i cant get the second one to work it wont recieve or make phone calls same as texts and ive been waiting two days now and they wont answer when you call or chat
Asked by leanne (2 years ago)
What are the free phones that you offer
Asked by Daryle Mark Plumley (2 years ago)
When you qualify for Gen Mobile's Affordable Connectivity Program, you will receive a free 5.5" android phone and a free wireless service plan.
Answered by Chris W. (2 years ago)
What kind of device do you receive with a gen mobile ACP program?
Asked by George W Poorker (2 years ago)
You receive a free 5.5" android phone and a free wireless service plan.
Answered by Tina C. (2 years ago)
Lost or stolen phone
Asked by Gerard (2 years ago)
1. If I don't have a US number, but only have a phone, will you be able to provide me a number along with Sim and I choose a plan? i.e. I am getting a new mobile service.
Asked by Renga (2 years ago)
Hi Renga, Yes, we will be able to provide you with a new phone number along with your SIM and your plan. Please make sure your device is unlocked and has voice over LTE capability. Here is the link to our Bring Your Own Phone page to purchase the our SIM and plan. Sincerely, Madeline Y.
Answered by Madeline Y. (2 years ago)
Just need a phone for texting making local phone calls and phone calls within the United States texting and having the apps that come on the new phone an android phone is all right and may be a use the iPhone
Asked by Just need a phone for texting making local phone calls and phone calls within the United States texting and having the apps that come on the new phone an android phone is all right and may be a use the iPhone (3 years ago)
We have a great selection of low-cost preowned phones. Here is a link to our products: If you just need a plan for local calls and texting in the U.S., we recommend our $10 plan with 300 nationwide minutes, unlimited texting and 1GB data. If you need more minutes, than we recommend our $15 plan with unlimited nationwide minutes, unlimited texting, and 1GB data. Hope this helps!
Answered by (3 years ago)
Hello - 1) As of today, Monday, March 29, 2021, are you still activating phones/devices and lines on the legacy Sprint CDMA network - if so, for how much longer? I live in an area where T-Mobile is not available. 2) Are you offering California Lifeline plans? If you have been approved by the C.P.U.C., what handset and model would I receive? Your filing with the C.PU.C. indicated a "basic" handset - so I'm assuming the free phone is not a "smart" phone.
Asked by Pretty Colors (3 years ago)
Hi! 1) Gen Mobile is still activating legacy 3G and 4G Sprint CDMA network phones thru end of 2021 unless we hear otherwise from Sprint. 2) We do not currently have details on our California Lifeline plans as it is pending approval by the C.P.U.C. Hope this answers all your questions. Cheers, Gen Mobile Care Team
Answered by (3 years ago)
Does your service work with smart phones
Asked by Lamar Carter (4 years ago)
Yes, Gen Mobile works with phones with CDMA capabilities or a phone that is compatible with the Sprint® Network*. There are also some non-Sprint® Network* (CDMA compatible) phones that are eligible. Our website has a list of these phones: Please note: Only phones manufactured for the USA or designed to be sold within the USA will work on the Gen Mobile network. Give us a call at (833) 528-1380 or chat with us and we would be happy to confirm if your smartphone is compatible with our network. Sincerely, Jessica T.
Answered by (4 years ago)
iPhone or android which is best for me
Answered by Robin Taylor (3 years ago)
Do you finance?
Asked by Patricia Hunter (4 years ago)
Hi Patricia! I'm very sorry but we do not finance at the moment. We have phones starting as low as $19 if you're interested in any of them, please let us know. Madeline Y.
Answered by Madeline Y. (4 years ago)
Why am I not able to send and receive text messages
Asked by Ciny (4 years ago)
Hi Ciny, We apologize for the trouble you are experiencing. Please call us at (833) 528-1380, email or chat with us and we can troubleshoot your text messaging issue. We will need your phone number to look into the issue. Jessica T.
Answered by Jessica T. (4 years ago)
I am moving to Valley Springs, CA I’ve been told service is terrible up there. Do you service that area?
Asked by Deana (4 years ago)
Hi Deana! Thank you for reaching out. It looks like Valley Springs, CA is within our network coverage but to be more accurate with the query, it would be best if you provide us with your zip code. Madeline Y.
Answered by Madeline (4 years ago)
Does messaging include MMS and group messaging
Asked by Lisa Best (4 years ago)
Hi Lisa! Yes, messaging includes MMS and group messaging but it would require for you to have data or to be connected to the Wi-Fi in order for you to be able to send/receive the messages. I hope this answers your question.
Answered by Madeline Y. (4 years ago)
Will sim card work in any phone
Asked by Thomas Herbst (5 years ago)
Hi Thomas, Thank you for contacting Gen Mobile! We run on the Nationwide Sprint® Network which is a CDMA network. SIM cards on this network are specific to the phone model. If you have a Sprint, Boost, Virgin Mobile or another Sprint carrier phone, these phones already include a SIM card that is compatible with our network. Just click here to purchase a plan: After checkout, you can call or chat with a Gen Mobile Care rep to activate your phone instantly. If you are bringing a phone from another provider, click here to purchase a SIM card: You must select your phone model so we can make sure we send you the correct SIM card. Once you receive the SIM card in the mail, you can call or chat with a Gen Mobile Care rep to activate your phone instantly. Hope this helps! Jessica T.
Answered by (5 years ago)
Asked by Tom Herbst (5 years ago)
Hi Thomas, MMS or multimedia messaging service is the technical term for any text messages which contain a variety of media, including video, pictures or audio. Thanks for reaching out! Jessica T.
Answered by (5 years ago)