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I need directions on how to use the product on Tile Reform
Asked by Olivia Jennings (5 months ago)
Where’s my September2, 2019 order, bet u got your money.
Asked by Joanne Speicher (1 year ago)
I received a bill from you on my Visa for $44.98. I don’t know what it is for. Could you please let me know ASAP.
Asked by Virginia Clark (1 year ago)
please just be honest with me, I was wanting to get the coloring board with pen for my grandkids for their birthday. I ordered it on 10/11/2019 and it cleared my acct as well as there was a foreign trans fee for 60 cents. Am I going to receive this for them in a timely manner or or not.
Asked by christina nalder (1 year ago)
I ordered a coloring light board on 10/11/19 and have not received it yet, same as what Joann had sent, The amount for it as well as foreign trans fee have cleared my acct. please send a response asap as this is for a present for my grand kids.
Asked by christina nalder (1 year ago)
I ordered the coloring board that lights up on Oct10,2019...have not received but check went thru
Asked by joann (1 year ago)
Hi, I ordered an acu pen, sept 21, order # 378825. Sent an email oct 21, to inform I had not received same. Now almost another week later, could I receive a response to allay any fears of stolen goods.
Asked by Phil Edgar. (1 year ago)
i ordered you collected 4198 and were paid so were are my 4 gifts rsvp before i take farther action give me an answer sounded so humble i trusted show me .
Asked by Jean C. Stecher (1 year ago)
I have bought a set of food preservation trays.I have found them incredibly difficult to open. Is there a technique available that will make them easies to open?
Asked by Richard Green (1 year ago)
I ordered the tile reform but I can’t read the instructions. Could you please let me know how to use the product?
Asked by Brigid (1 year ago)
I order Tooth paste 9/2319 You charged my account . I haven’t received my order 5399 9896 .. please reimburse my account .... 29.90
Asked by Deanna Heath (1 year ago)
I ordered a 2 pack of the keratin hair treatment (they resemble hypodermic needles). All of the instructions on the box are written in some form of Asian language. Can someone email me or give me an email address to whomever it concerns so that I can know how to use this product? Sincerely,
Asked by Sharon Bisesti (1 year ago)
how to setup Telescope.
Asked by KEVIN TORPEY (1 year ago)
I have an order. #LW660911204CN. Wondering when I will be receiving it. You changed my credit card has soon as I ordered. I am yet to have anymore information.
Asked by Janice Ryan (1 year ago)
I ordered 1 Tile Reform for 29.99 but never received them. You billed my credit card and tried to contact you and never received reply. I need phone number for contact in person.
Asked by Aida Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I'm not received yet My merchandise?
Asked by Aida Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Need phone #pls?
Answered by Aida (1 year ago)
I don’t have a question. But after reading all these reviews it looks like I may have lost 20 bucks. I’m not upset about the $20 because I should have read this set of reviews first. It’s sad that all these people lost out. The websites that advertises this company, and others like it, need to know how this company operates. After reading these reviews it now seems very shady. Contact the advising website where you saw the Humble House Hold advertised and ask to have them removed. We’ve all seen companies receive bad reviews for one thing or the other, but not to this staggering degree. There’s a whole other section of reviews praising this company for it’s “customer service and quick delivery”. After reading this section of reviews I have to question how real the reviews in the other section are. We must all do a better job at being careful, and do our research on companies that are new to us FIRST. Wish you all the best.
Asked by Curious Consumer giving no stars (1 year ago)
How can I buy your product in bulk with a very good discount for retailing?
Asked by Afolabi Elizabeth (1 year ago)
I have been trying to order a whitening pen, and when I get ready to place my order, it just takes me back to the beginning. What is going on?
Asked by Beverly (1 year ago)
I need a number to inquire about the Straightener an get a phone number I did call a number an Recording said to contact Humble Household support Need the phone number an to speak to A person about this Item to possibly get why isnt there a number to talk to A person ?? Im not gonna just order something I dont have much Info an spend 49.99 on it an just send money with out all Information! So pls SEND ME A NUMBER
Asked by Melody (1 year ago)
I need to speak to a live person about getting a straightener an the 70% off an Im need to talk with someone today pls
Asked by Melody (1 year ago)
When I going to receive my. Purchases the Tile Reform?
Answered by Aida (1 year ago)
I ordered 3 of the little angel vases last year for Christmas gifts, but never received them. You billed my credit card and I tried several times to contact you, but never received any reply. Yet you are advertising the same vases with the same delivery commitment for mailing and delivery. Could you be so kind as to send me the 3 angels I paid for last year and never received?
Asked by Estelle Oliver (1 year ago)
My order has not arrived to me.. ordered teeth whitening kit almost two weeks ago
Asked by Karon Pant (1 year ago)
I’ve ordered the reusable silicone lid covers but one ripped. I’ve also had problems with the plastic sliders on the silicone sandwich, storage bags. A number of the fasteners have broken. Do you have replacements?
Asked by Victoria Young (1 year ago)
I bought a nano scratches cloth for my car and there’s no instructions and at least three are leaking
Asked by Anne Whittington (1 year ago)
My name is Sonia i orderd for €60 on tablets and i never get them thank you for bot sending them is that your polici
Asked by Sonia (1 year ago)
I tried to place an order today and both of my credit cards were declined. I happen to know they are both good cards in excellent standing. Is this just a scam to get my credit card info in an identity theft scam. I really wish I hadn’t given this info to whomever you are. Very worried now.
Asked by Joyce A Legg (1 year ago)
I keep emailing you folks and I'm getting no reply, I put in an order but I think I've been hacked. If you could call me at 562 370 0073. I would appreciate a phone call. And I would like to receive by products. THX
Asked by Dean Bruce (1 year ago)
How can I open the ionic hair brush to put batteries?
Asked by Sujin Kim (1 year ago)
Do I use AAA batteries and how do I turn it on.
Asked by Carol (1 year ago)
Has anyone tried the teeth cleaner?
Asked by Gloria Robinson (1 year ago)
How many beads do I put in a jar?
Asked by Xathy (1 year ago)
How do I order more of the firterlise
Asked by Dennis (1 year ago)
What is this in this little bag?
Answered by Donna (1 year ago)
How many of these little rubber seeds do I put in water in one jar?Jessica Pringle
Asked by Jessica Pringle (1 year ago)
Why has my $120 package that is being shipped a SECOND time since I ordered it on December 2nd, not left the China shipping facility since January 26th?? After reading the reviews I’m scared if it ever does actually arrive, it’s going to be a garbage item.
Asked by Jamie Darrah (2 years ago)
Hi my name is Adelaida Pinero 7417 N 40th St C202 Tampa Florida 33604 i ordered the angels windchimes and recieved it damage one angel was not tied and its missing one angel
Asked by Adelaida Pinero (2 years ago)
Why have I not received my Jericho plant that ended up costing me a total of 21.27. Order #234626 placed in December? It is now Jan. 24th
Asked by Sylvia Lee (2 years ago)
Need phone number for customer service or how do I reach customer service. Ordered guardian angel earrings(5)took money $47.70 on 12-10-2018. Have not rec.d as of 1-15-2019
Asked by Robin Grapes (2 years ago)
I ordered 1 1080 HD wireless microscope and finally (after a month) received 2 microscopes that are 480 (low def) and wired through a USB cable. The order says that I ordered 2 microscopes, but I am sure I intended to order 1. The products are junk and are not as advertised. It took longer than a month to receive, so I suppose I can't get a refund. I will write a bad review on Facebook. You should be ashamed of yourselves for working for such a scandalous company. Do you want to go to your grave knowing that you made so many people unhappy?
Asked by Ray McCrea (2 years ago)
does anyone have the return address to send the merchandise?
Asked by mary rayer (2 years ago)
Why does no one respond to my e-mails about the earrings I ordered. Have sent three e-mails and still no answer. This company is nothing but a rip off. I will never order from this company again. So now I guess I am out 40 bucks.
Asked by Pamela Reagan (2 years ago)
I ordered two sets of guardian angels wind chimes and my account was charged on 12/01/18 and still haven’t received them. Now I can’t find a telephone number to discuss thus matter.
Asked by Shirley Bennett (2 years ago)
Need to know what I pu4chased
Asked by Jacquelyn Altman (2 years ago)
why your products have not instruction? what a joke
Asked by no need (2 years ago)
Hopefully this is in the review section and gets posted. I, like a lot of others have the same complaint. I ordered a xmas gift on 11/27/18. To date I have not received, yet my cc was charged. I left 2 messages and also wrote in website. No response. I do not want these now if they ever arrive, and am requesting a refund. Suppose to be delivered for xmas. I have now informed my cc company and am in dispute in paying the amount charged. I don't recommend ever ordering from this company again. Cant even give it one star!
Asked by vickie anderson (2 years ago)
Answered by MARY RAYER (2 years ago)
I ordered 2 of each 4 styles of lighthouse candle holders November 10, 2018. I received order confirmation withborder number and then a tracking number for shipment. None of the 8 products have arrived. I sent an email to HUMBLE HOUSEHOLD with screen shots of my understanding of my order status. I received a response asking for my order number. No further correspondence. I called Canada Post inquiring about tracking number. They have no record of my order with a tracking number. I have ordered from HUMBLE HOUSEHOLD in the past with no issues. I HAD faith in this company. Not so much now.
Asked by Laura Kuchma (2 years ago)
i ordered the earrings for Christmas gifts 11- 14. said a couple of weeks. now 12-28. still no earrings! I 'm upset!
Asked by deborah maronn (2 years ago)
Ordered earrings on 11/29 and have not received them ,but you took my monry. I want the earrings or refund my money
Asked by MS MARILYN DUDLEY (2 years ago)
I had order on November 19 never received any of my items from this company for Christmas gifts for family and friends this coming is scamming customers never got tracking no or even a respond for what was goibg on with my 2 ordors someone needs to explain what happen and send a explanation on what happen these were Christmas gifts on embracing
Asked by Karen (2 years ago)
Didn't. Receive my angel windchime??? Josephine Russo
Asked by Josephine Russo (2 years ago)
Didnt receive my windchime and I've emailed twice and no reply
Answered by Tanya Pernu (2 years ago)
I ordered Guardian Angel Wind Chimes on 12/03/2018, it said my order was processed, order #17846, did not get a tracking number, has not been delivered
Asked by Rosemary Sanders (2 years ago)
Ordered two Angel windshield on 12, 12,18 and have not received them yet and every time I check tracking it says pending, is there a way to cont a t this company to find out what is going o ?
Asked by Linda Brown (2 years ago)
I ordered two items and only one came. Order #160230: I got the lights, but not the stones. There has been no customer service response to my emailed inquiries. So far nonexistent customer service.
Asked by Lisa (2 years ago)
I ordered a blue tooth beanie hat for a Christmas present and have still not received this could you please look in to this for me thank you Mrs Rourke
Asked by Sheila Rourke (2 years ago)
I order 2 sets guardian angle earrings on 12/04 still no earrings these were Christmas presents filing complaint with my credit card company
Asked by Wanda A Ward (2 years ago)
Do u have a phone number ?
Asked by Denise Hornsby (2 years ago)
The phone number on my cc bill is the following: 250-681-0233. Cranbrook, Canada however I have called left two messages. No response
Answered by Vickie (2 years ago)
do you have a phone number I can talk too? I have a large order and can't go to my order. there is no phone number Hack support which the recording said to call you
Answered by wendy brooks (1 year ago)
Should have read the reviews here prior to ordering. Ordered angel earrings back in early November....still nothing. No tracking number. Like others on here I was unaware that items were coming from China or I NEVER would have ordered a damn thing from them. Disgusting customer service. Told over a week ago in 3 to 5 days I would have it...NOTHING. Told again this week 7 to 12 days. Like WTF. DO NOT order from this company. As it stands I am now out about 20 CAD. If Humble Household is seeing these posts, which I doubt, then refund each and every one of us and if we actually get the item tell us to keep it at no charge. Pathetic that places like this exist.
Asked by Barbara Ould (2 years ago)
I placed an order on November 27 for the microscope camera. It has been charged to my credit card but I have no product. There is no tracking information on the computer print out I have and no phone number any place. I did send them an email and got a response asking for my tracking number. I sent information back - no number in my information - and requested a phone number. So far, no response.
Asked by Wnd Tmb (2 years ago)
What is your correct email address. Have tried several times with no success
Asked by Christine Mayer (2 years ago)
Still waiting for my order #149661. This order was placed 12-1-2018. Can someone check on this?
Asked by Ann M. Kaiser (2 years ago)
I ordered 2 angle chimes 3 weeks ago. order number 153938 .Have not heard anything. Says it's at China post. Email you and get nothing. I contacted PayPal you are gonna be investigating. How can you do your customer this way .I see where a lot of people are also complaining also Give me my money back. I will never order from you again. Also on Facebook I'm warning people about ordering from you.
Asked by theresa k curry (2 years ago)
I placed an order at Christmas gifts when will it ship. My credit card was already charged. If it has shipped please provide tracking. I hope I didn't make a mistake by placing this order
Asked by Marilynn Turchetta (2 years ago)
Hi I ordered the Angel chimes about 3 weeks ago. Still showing China post cant find out anything order 153938 Very upset. It's for my Christmas party on the Dec 14th. Why is know one trying to fix it. Theresa
Asked by theresa k curry (2 years ago)
Please advise of expected delivery dated
Asked by Donna griffith (2 years ago)
I ordered a microscope camera on November 22 2018 I got an email today saying it was delivered yesterday on the 8th of December at 4.56 pm but when I went to look for it, it wasn’t there. Thank you. Sent an email and they said it was delivered. When I asked the address they deliver to, I receive no reply. This is beginning to sound like a scam
Asked by SP (2 years ago)
i received mine
Answered by Karen (2 years ago)
OK Karen, since you received yours and I just got mine, weeks after I was to get it and the software is on a mini CD. I can't even use it and everything is in Chinese. The links to the driver on the website are for a different camera, so are you able to use it? This company is a joke and I am calling my cc company. My regret is that my daughter was very excited when I opened the crushed beyond recognition box, and she is disappointed yet again.
Answered by Nikki Hill (2 years ago)
To Whom it may concern. I ordered a microscope camera on November 24th 2018 I got an email today saying it was delivered yesterday on the 6th of December at 2.56 pm but when I went to look for it, it wasn’t there. Thank you. Greg lower.
Asked by Greg lower (2 years ago)
I placed an order and didn’t get a confirmation yet!
Asked by Pamela wesley (2 years ago)
I placed an order a couple weeks ago and have not heard anything back.
Asked by Debbie Tessmer (2 years ago)
Asked by Maria Hernandez (2 years ago)
I have just ordered and it auto mailed the order to my sons address. they have just moved, how do I change the order to deliver to the same address as thepayment?
Asked by Jacqueline MacEachern (2 years ago)
Where are you located at ?
Asked by Karen (2 years ago)
Please give me a return addresd
Asked by Karen Bradley (2 years ago)
where is my order I have been waiting to give it as gift. they said it would be shipped but my m/c has been charged.
Asked by Fred Garvey (2 years ago)
Where is my order I ordered I month ago I ordered two guardian angel pins
Answered by Mrs Barbara minty (2 years ago)
I put an order in on 10/ 25/2018 and haven't received it yet Please contact me. I have an order #
Asked by Diane Gridley (2 years ago)
bought the digital microscope the link to the driver software is for a wifi camera controller. not for a USB microscope. the included disc with drivers is a mini disc so can not be inserted into any of my machines. they are al to new to have a tray disc drive. can you provide a link to the correct driver? or will i be giving your company a very bad review?
Asked by peter dilcher (2 years ago)
You can buy external disc drives for $15. You could also put the disc in another device and copy files to google drive to access on any device. I know a link would be super convenient but I agree
Answered by Will murphy (2 years ago)
what country are they in
Asked by DELWYN ANDREW (2 years ago)
They say they are in Canada but the merchandise is being shipped directly from China.
Answered by BP (2 years ago)
Where can I find an email address for this company?
Asked by Chris (2 years ago)
Can you put a candle in all of the angel terrainiums?
Answered by Lynn Anstee (2 years ago) is the address.
Answered by someone (2 years ago)
Would like to get a phone number to talk to customer service
Asked by Cindy Rolling (2 years ago)
Where are you located? Why don’t you accept PayPal?
Asked by Jen (2 years ago)