Intense oud Reviews

4.3 Rating 573 Reviews
Happiness Grade

Intense oud have a Customer Happiness Grade of B-. Customers love their prices, delivery and customer service but are unhappy with their refunds.


Price - Excellent

Industry Average
Best fragrance I ever had . Shopping was fast and price was right. You only need to spray a little and lasts all day.
- Rafa Trejo
Excellent product.Excellently fare price.
- Nabi Rasul
This smells so beautiful! I bought this as a gift for my daughter! Great price and an exceptional fragrance.
- Bendrell Amie

Delivery - Fast

Industry Average
It was good delivery. It was good delivery.
- Ismail Sadat
This was one of the best experiences buying fragrances I have ever had! They even gift wrapped each one!! 12/10 stars! SUPER FAST DELIVERY!! I will most definitely be ordering again!
- Johnny Hinkle
Fast delivery..excellent choice
- Patricia Harsen

Refunds - Difficult

Industry Average
After placing the order, I received an email saying it was shipped. I waited and checked on the delivery date but nothing showed. A week after i placed the order, i received an email saying that i was getting a refund without an explanation of why. I could’ve made the purchase somewhere else instead of waiting all this time.
- Nhung Mai
I asked for a refund, and received confirmation that UPS sent the package back.
- Anonymous
She was nice and said she would see if more are coming in (and gave me 10% refund which doesn't help my dilemma).
- Ben Taylor
Industry Average
Awesome service recommend them very much 😊
- Anonymous
I got the French Coffee in the metal brown bottle. I love how it smells. At first strong coffer sooo good and then a little sweetness come though. Scent doe snotlat lomg. Maybe 2hrs, but still wott it! I wouldorder it again, The customer service is EXCELLENT!
- Vicky Byers
Excellent customer service and fast shipping. Very satisfied with my order.
- Anonymous