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posted 3 months ago - atousa yazdanfar
They are crooks and sell subpar devices that break in less than a year. Then when they can’t ship to your state oh well, no warranty honored no refund or anything! They are a disgusting company I’m glad Colorado state is taking them to court.
posted 3 months ago - Anonymous
The pods leaked all over, the pod isn’t as big as some other pods(1/2 the size), the pen constantly gave me issues and dis not hold a charge long. I called Juul to get a refund and send the pen back and they basically said I’m stuck with it no refunds on opened products. Juul sucks!!!
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
I've gotten several Juul pods and they leaked all in my mouth and got on my lips. This burns very bad. The pods are very expressive and I feel that I'm just throwing away money. So far I've spent a small fortune on them and feel regular smoking is better. I can't get a refund for all the defective ones. This Juul stuff is bad news!
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
I placed an Express order that has one to two shipping days and yet the amount of time between my order and when I will actually allegedly get my product will be about 5 days additionally they refused to refund the express shipping fees I've been a loyal customer for a while maybe it's time to consider another product
posted 1 year ago - Brenda Frampton
IF I buy another one (between my husband and I we have both bought two) I’m saving the receipt to see if I can get a refund or exchange.
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
I bought a Juul yesterday and its completely broken I DID ALL TROUBLE SHOOTING IT WONT DO A DAMN THING,i noticed it had the 1 year warranty paper inside the box.I went on the website,it asked to verify my age...im 26.... i had to put my info in and upload pictures of my id and pictures of my self,which is already a hassle...BUT THEN.. it denied me....then i try AGAIN and it wont let you try cuz you have to verify your phone number and can only use the same phone number one time,so after using all my family's phone numbers im now up to 5 try's for them to see im 26 fucking years old....AND THEY CANT!!!! soooooo now im stuck with a plastic piece of shit that does nothing and 2 pods full of shitty liquid which are not even the good flavors they put in starter pack!!!!!!I even called after chatting with a rep and him telling me he cant help, then the lady on phone said ya we cant do anything,so i asked..."so i bought a $45 piece of plastic to look at then?" and her reply was "yea pretty much there is nothing i can do for you" all because there COMPUTER!!!!! cant verify im over 21 years old when IM 26!!!!!!!I work in customer service and im never mean over the phone but let me tell you i am soooo fucking pissed off this company is a fucking joke!!!! if Juul see's this you should be ashamed of yourselves!!! I WANT A FUCKING REFUND OR A NEW FUCKING Juul NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 1 year ago - ashley beaulieu
Tonight, I will stop at the smoke shop where I bought it for a full refund and find another alternative.
posted 1 year ago - Brandon
I was excited to try this product but after having an allergic reaction to the vape juice, I was refused a refund, and offered more vape pods? Why would I try again and end up in the ER? I have tried to resolve this issue many times, spoke with a person named "Rose" who seemed pleasant until I asked for a refund.
posted 2 years ago - Sharolyn
But what really bothered me though, was that after the two weeks of emailing Juul back and forth, it finally took me having to ask for refund to get any sort of conflict “resolved”.
posted 2 years ago - FuuckJuul