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Unit 3C, Queens Court, Queens Avenue, Hurdsfield Ind. Est, Macclesfield, Cheshire, Macclesfield United Kingdom

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Do yourself a favour simply AVOID
a honest advice.
Zero customer service and zero after sale care.
The rc toys they sell are very poor quality most breaking within 1st or 2nd use. The customer service is terrible they dont reply to emails. Trading standards needs to look into this place
I wish I had researched this company more before purchasing from them. I have seen so many bad reviews all revolving around a common theme on various review sites. POOR Customer Service. Add to this a complete disregard for Consumer Law. If your item works you are lucky BUT if you have a problem thats when the fun and games starts. Its hard to get them to agree to a return, then you have to wait for an inspection. Even when that shows a fault they identified, because they cannot find the problem and it goes away all is considered well. Under Consumer Law if a product fails you are entitled to a full refund including return carriage costs. However this company then tells you that there is no manufacturing fault EVEN though they have written such in their own report. Disgraceful attitude towards Customer Service
Terrible customer service when it comes to getting a refund on a return. It has taken me a month to get back £350, and that had to be done via paypal. There is no direct number to speak to customer support, only an email address who won't reply more than once a day. Would recommend steering clear!!
Horrible experience
, place is a shame, our rc bust straight away, the after service is unbelievable bad, they don’t give a stuff
Horrific company, how they keep going is beyond me.
The other review suites gets 90% of the bad reviews removed.
Come on here for the truth about nitrocrap
What a joke, don’t trust them.

Price promise ! What a blag. Liars.
Avoid. Their price beat guarantee is nothing but a joke, they will make every excuse under the sun to avoid honouring it, that’s before you even become a customer! From what I’ve read their after sales service continues the same way!!!!
What a joke, go to their web site to see a big section on their price beat “guarantee”, unfortunately it’s no such thing just a big con.

I’ve found the exact same spec RC car from Gift and Gadget Warehouse in Liverpool via their web shop on eBay, firstly they made up some nonsense about not comparing against “individules” selling on eBay even though I sent them pictures of the business details, then on finding the same stores own UK web site they again made up some Moreno nonsense about they company being one of their partners or suppliers so again would still no honour there blag of a guarantee.

A company that’s the this dishonest from the start before I’ve even ordered is to be avoided, I hate to think what their after sales support must be like... not hard I’ve seen the reviews!!!
Can’t stress highly enough!!!
We bought TWO!!!!
Both for our sons for Christmas ..... from ‘Santa’ £330 total!!!
One wouldn’t work and the other we run the fuel through but we’re afraid it’x Be the same!!!
We HAD to buy another car at £380 from a local REPUTABLE model shop!!!
Therefore our 2 boys had ONE car between them on Christmas morning!!! These are things you never forget as a child!!!!! Having to ‘share’ your Christmas present from Santa with your brother!!
The 2 cars from NITROTEC’
Sent back at £35
They said nothing wrong and theyd send them back out!!!!

If it didn’t work the first time ‘even though your specialised TECH department doesn’t know why’.

We need a full refund as these cars are obviously not fit for purpose!!!!
We will not accept anything other than a full refund!!!
This company are the worst I have ever used . They are rude and basically accuse you of lieing if you contact them with a problem . Please do not buy anything from this lot if something goes wrong you are in for a nightmare . Stay clear of them .
Inital delivery is fast but when it comes to spare parts and customer service they are terrible its like banging your head against a brick wall waiting on a reply or solution.

Once you've placed an order you are DONE FOR if there is any problem with it. The only people that it is possible to TALK to are the Sales Team who will take your money - once you've passed that point then you're into a nightmare Customer Disservice HellHole, where they (claim they) don't even have a phone in the Service Department so EVERYTHING has to be done - at their glacial and disrespectful pace - through an online "Service" system.

They PROMISED me (via their "Service Desk" - which I repeat is ALL done on some weird dodgy online portal, with "No Exceptions" as they will delight in telling you) that a part I wanted to buy was the correct part for my model. I checked several times to make sure, and they confirmed (taking 48 hours to reply each time, ) in an increasingly sneering fashion until I finally felt confident that it was OK to place the order.

Guess what - when it arrived it was the wrong part. They had just plain lied on the details of what the part was, so I asked for a return shipment label... No chance. I had to "post it back so our Engineers can inspect it..." at my own cost, even though they were clearly in breach of the contract and it was their job to pay for the return. It's not even a "grey area" contract-wise, as confirmed by Trading Standards (who are clearly already very familiar with them..)

Dozens of emails later (EVERY reply takes at least 48 hours - although I'm not surprised because their service is so APPALLING that they must be snowed under with complaints every day) I finally managed to get a refund of the original order, but I'm now waiting YET AGAIN for them to confirm they will be refunding the extra return postage which they are legally obliged to do. It's now been another three days delay, yet again, and I've heard nothing.

As others have said, I will now be following this up through trading standards as a matter of principle. But this has taken HOURS of my time, and a huge amount of aggravation and stress, and it's STILL not resolved.

The only positive, I suppose, is that the audit trail is in black and white in my inbox - they presumably think they're being clever by making their Victims (sorry, "Customers") do everything online, but they're going to find themselves 100% hoisted by their own petard when it comes to the contractual and legal niceties. Nice one chaps!

I am starting to wonder if they're run / owned by one of those weird very insular groups, who treat anyone who isn't of their ilk with suspicion and total disdain. I can genuinely think of no other reason why they'd behave in such an extraordinary fashion, with no scruples or morals, absolutely no idea of what even basic Customer Service looks like, and a total disregard for contract law in the UK.

I wouldn't believe this review, if I read it myself online. I'd think it was so outlandish that I'd assume it was a competitor just trying to slag them off... but if you want to check the Service thing, just try calling the only number on their website - +44 161 883 0054 - and ask to speak to someone in Customer Service.

Try asking for a Manager, or an owner, or just ANYONE who can help - and then you'll see exactly why you should NEVER put your money or order at risk with these ghastly people.

If I could mark them as "Minus 100 Stars" I would do so without hesitation
truly worst experience ever!
I should have visited these reviews before buying an RC car there. The car worked for 1 month then it just died. I've raised a support ticket and it is just awful. They answer a ticket in 1 day, and they keep just doing questions and every time it is one day again. After few days they asked me to post the battery and the charger for analysis. Two days after the items arrived there (according to the royal mail track number) I've asked them to confirm that they have it there, to my surprise their answer is if I had the track number???? What is the meaning of it, I didn't know as I had the royal mail confirmation (including the name of the person that has signed it there), and I just didn't like the question at all, however, never mind. Then I asked about how long does the analysis take and the answer was just incredible 14 work days!!!!!!! OMG it is the just horrible customer service I've ever seen in the UK. It is a shame a company just doesn't care about their customers. I'll never again buy anything from this guys. Hope this review helps someone else before they get in a trouble like me.
The worst company i have ever dealt with , paid 60.00 for a car, worked for 5 minutes then died, they advised me to send back which i did, they are refusing to refund me as they said i didnt charge battery for long enough, they now have my car and i have no refund, i have contacted trading standards etc but not much can be done, never ever use this tin pot set up , you have been warned

Stay away

A truly disgusting experience
We bought a car for my sons birthday,when we got the car the car went backwards due to parts being put on the wrong way,after days of emailing(they don't deal with matters over the phone) we were told to send the car back,we paid p&p to send it back only to get half of that back cos they could find cheaper p&p.the car came with a free tool kit (14.99) and fuel (9.99)we paid 169.99 for the car,I was refunded £140 .......because we kept the tool kit but couldn't send the fuel back as it had been open,there was no good will gesture and ended up being a little out of pocket with p& because the car wasn't put together right it's ended up costing me ....not them,poor poor poor,will never buy from these cowboys again!
Purchased RC Car. Motor failed on day 1 of being used. Nitrotek told me (quote) "We sell hobby grade products and part of the hobby is model maintenance and replacing worn, broken or upgrade-able parts." I insisted they repair or refund. They send a replacement motor, which did not work as needed to be wired differently. Also their instructions for replacing the motor were incorrect. Returned item for refund. From then on they took on a really caustic tone and became utterly acerbic and rude. This went on over a considerable amount of time, and in my view they were clearly breaching the UK Consumer Rights Act. They were saying I could not have a full refund because the car had been used and was no longer in a as-new condition. It had been used for 30 minutes before the motor blew. In the end accepted a slightly reduced refund just to close the matter and stop contact with them - which I believe was their tactic from the start. This has been the worst customer service in terms of rudeness etc I have experienced, and I would strongly recommend going elsewhere.
My first advice, and words would be, if you are an easy going person, who hates stress, and having to deal with rude, arrogant, and self righteous consumer law swerving companies, avoid these guys at your peril.
At 62 years old, and very experienced in the world of rc planes, I am a very easy going amicable guy, not quite what you would call nasty or cynical, but, from my own experience, and googling similar scenarios to my own, would be very very suspect that a lot of reviews for this company may be self written to keep the numbers up.
I bought a rc plane, the motor seized on 1st flight, and they said it was my fault, I should have informed them upon delivery day it was faulty.
Very hard to do when it is supplied in kit form.
I found the communication from them, and the tone of messages, more than rude, and not at all customer friendly. ~
Well Mr Nitrotek, This is England and yes i do, you sold me faulty goods, I have consumer rights and buyer protection through PayPal, so I will be having my £140 back whether you like it or not.
I can only say, in a hope I may help someone else who may possibly fall into the trap of a nice looking website ~ BUYER BEWARE ~ AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ~ GOOGLE REVIEWS OF THIS COMPANY BEFORE you give them your hard earned cash.
I really do hope this stops anyone falling into my scenario, but don't worry about me I WILL WIN. 100% XX
Update on Order Number 100050446 - 04/08/2017 - Last week following a dispute over a faulty truck, NitroTek's customer service manager promised a full refund: they even got me to send them back the truck under a promise of a refund. a week later...... still NO REFUND, no response to emails from me asking about their promised resolve AND today (04/08/17) was rudely hung up on by their customer service saying the manager is not available. I will post a weekly update on how this pans out...... now contacted Trading Standards to investigate their non conformance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 AND next week, going to commence legal proceedings at County Court. Next week, I will post names of the customer service management team who contacted me with their false promises, in case you are all contacted by these same individuals and to be aware who they are. I will also post evidence of the email from the manager and their refusal to acknowledge the resolution. Unlucky for them: I have the full support of a well known retailer of RC cars, and their expert opinion, when this turns up in court.
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