Noahs cave Q&A

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How quickly does Noahs cave resolve customer queries?

Greater than 38% of reviewers feedback is Noahs cave resolves customer queries in 2 - 3 hours.
Industry Average
" Really amazing service by Noah's Cave! Got my item quickly and safely without any kind of hassle! Their customer support is great too! 10/10 "
- Anonymous
" You guys.. when I tell you that this is probably one of if not THE most amazing service I’ve ever used I am NOT joking!! Here’s the deal: the customer service is really good - there was a small issue with the shipping time but once the seller realised I hadn’t gotten it yet, it came in incredibly fast - it’s packaged well for shipping. 10/10 would recommend this. "
- Anonymous
" The customer service of Noah is top tier. And additionally product quality is great. "
- Sam Smith