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Overcharged for my item. Requested partial refund. Was denied and told, sorry nothing we can do about it. Don't buy from these jerks. ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE HELP. ZERO. You'll be sorry.
posted 1 month ago - Kimmy's Paparazzi Accessories
Redline failed to promptly service this 6 December 2018 order and, I'm certain, only shipped when contacted by my credit card company for a refund of the egregious 6 Dec.
posted 10 months ago - Billy Held
I got a refund on 03/15/19 because i filed a complaint with the Alabama Atty General's Office about this very shady company.
posted 10 months ago - Kelly
I ordered on Dec. 8th and never recieved anything, and it's now March 10th. Won't reply to email, phone calls and will not refund money. This sorry excuse for a company took my money and ran!
posted 10 months ago - John
They will take your money immediately upon placing your order, but chances are you will never see your product or receive a refund from them.
posted 10 months ago - Janet Barron
still waiting Feb 25 for order placed Dec 8 - no replies, no refund, no product - filed complaints with BBB Northern AL, AL Attorney General, IL Attorney General (interstate commerce), PayPal and called the local WHNT19 News that has done 4 stories on this fraud since December.
posted 10 months ago - GARY OHLER Order #572117
He says to go ahead and place the order and he’ll refund the $5.
posted 11 months ago - Anonymous
I initiated a request with my credit card company to reverse the charges and refund my money.
posted 11 months ago - Anonymous
I replied to the email asking for my order to be canceled and a refund issued.
posted 1 year ago - Kim Yarborough
I placed my order in November before the Dec 5 deadline for Christmas, my credit card has been charged, it is now Jan 8, 2019 and nothing has arrived, I also got the email saying they were having difficulties, moving into a new facility etc, etc. I tried calling, not accepting phone calls, have emailed and etc, was also offered $50 off a future order if I have not gotten this order why would I place a future order, I have been patient, but am upset that there has been no reply since some time in Dec, I did see the apology video but this really does not make up for the lack of response, if there is no reply within the next 2 wks, I will contact my credit card company and attempt to get a refund
posted 1 year ago - Terry