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Redline failed to promptly service this 6 December 2018 order and, I'm certain, only shipped when contacted by my credit card company for a refund of the egregious 6 Dec.
posted 8 months ago - Billy Held
I got a refund on 03/15/19 because i filed a complaint with the Alabama Atty General's Office about this very shady company.
posted 8 months ago - Kelly
I ordered on Dec. 8th and never recieved anything, and it's now March 10th. Won't reply to email, phone calls and will not refund money. This sorry excuse for a company took my money and ran!
posted 8 months ago - John
They will take your money immediately upon placing your order, but chances are you will never see your product or receive a refund from them.
posted 8 months ago - Janet Barron
still waiting Feb 25 for order placed Dec 8 - no replies, no refund, no product - filed complaints with BBB Northern AL, AL Attorney General, IL Attorney General (interstate commerce), PayPal and called the local WHNT19 News that has done 4 stories on this fraud since December.
posted 8 months ago - GARY OHLER Order #572117
He says to go ahead and place the order and he’ll refund the $5.
posted 9 months ago - Anonymous
I initiated a request with my credit card company to reverse the charges and refund my money.
posted 9 months ago - Anonymous
I replied to the email asking for my order to be canceled and a refund issued.
posted 10 months ago - Kim Yarborough
I placed my order in November before the Dec 5 deadline for Christmas, my credit card has been charged, it is now Jan 8, 2019 and nothing has arrived, I also got the email saying they were having difficulties, moving into a new facility etc, etc. I tried calling, not accepting phone calls, have emailed and etc, was also offered $50 off a future order if I have not gotten this order why would I place a future order, I have been patient, but am upset that there has been no reply since some time in Dec, I did see the apology video but this really does not make up for the lack of response, if there is no reply within the next 2 wks, I will contact my credit card company and attempt to get a refund
posted 10 months ago - Terry
I tried to email them after Christmas for a refund and they still send out a generic email from before Christmas.
posted 10 months ago - Pat Blushiy