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I was extremely impressed with the number of classes, materials, and all the other features this program offers for the price.
- Kayla Henry
This program has everything you could ask for in a kid's online education program. They get a student ID, email address, they can take many classes they like, and also participate in various compeitions like a science fair or halloween costumes contest. All that for a price parents can actually afford.
- Patsy Webber
Industry Average
The reasons we chose Homeschool Pro: A lot of classes my kids like Pre recorded so we can have our own schedule Homeschool advisor helps us with all forms and requirements Fits our budget Friendly customer service and advisors Makes homeschool less stressful and less overwhelming !
- Jill
My main reasons that I enrolled in RLS: -All my kids are included in the membership -Accesss to hundreds of classes -Access to second lanuage classes, musical instrument classes, and much more -Student ID and student email acct for each student -I can use for either homeschool or to supplement their regular schoo -very flexible platform that revolved around mine and my kid's schedule -Magazine written by the kids (my son wrote an article and it got published! He was so happy) -Lots of contests the students can enter (costume contests,talent show, science fair) all online -Easy to register everything is done online -Great customer service.
- Olivia
Very helpful communication and customer service - we had no problem accessing the classes, and I was pleased to see my childre0n become enthusiastic to learn and expand their knowledge.
- Ella Johnson