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Happiness Grade

NewChic have a Customer Happiness Grade of D. Customers love their prices and delivery but are unhappy with their returns process and refunds.


Price - Excellent

Industry Average
The clothes were just about OK for the price but one was not. Unfortunately I had not read reviews and although I did eventually receive a return address it was obviously not going to be economic to return to China. So I reluctantly accepted their 30 percent refund. I will not be buying from them again.
- Anonymous
I received an email offering to give me a $20 coupon and one of my items at 1/2 price.
- Marina Tedesco

Delivery - Fast

Industry Average

Returns Process - Difficult

Industry Average
Also quality of items questionable hence the returns.
- Gillian Self
well I don't really need to write much you as most people have said it already what a bunch of Jokers criminals called and what you like all the stuff it comes faulty there's no packing label constant constant chat messages emails you open up a PayPal dispute so you have to send the items back to China £22 however if you read the shipping label it's got a returns address on it surprise surprise in the UK now I've sent the parcel today and I can guarantee you one of two outcomes one they'll never get it or say they'll never get it two the parcel will be damaged so I have £80 worth of shoes I've paid for and another £22 worth of return postage for faulty goods stay well clear this is probably run by a criminal gang.
- Martin
It is a scam, delivery did not occur. I have been given the run around for months, each time receiving different dishonest stories. It would be quicker to flush your money down the toilet than to deal with these crooks, with less angst. Forget delivery, customer service, returns and refunds - there isn't any.
- Yet another victim

Refunds - Difficult

Industry Average
I ordered shoes, 5 weeks later they were delivered allegedly to the wrong place ! No refund as goods on the way 😡Excuse me 😡 Second pair sent our never arrived. Asked for money back again told to”Have a nice day” Months have gone by. No shoes, no refund. It’s a scam do not use them.
- Chris Reed-adams
Such disappointment, the garment was thin, shapeless , a sack, no style and way to short , it was also the wrong size . Nothing like the item advertised. Luckily I did not put in the big order I wanted to. After no refund allowed by PayPal except if I sent the item back at the same price I paid . I threw it away .
- Jude Linsell
They take your money and refuse to refund unless you return the faulty goods.
- Paula Griffiths
Industry Average
Terrible service, items sent are the wrong size, its impossible to organize a return within the 30 day period as they do not respond to you until after this time has passed, so you can't return anything.
- Anonymous
I placed order on 6/1/20, got charged on 6/8/20, and the last delivery date should be 7/23/20. I have not received the order yet. I have contacted the customer services many times, and they could not help. I want to cancel my order and had been told the refund will take one month?
- Anonymous
And NewChic gave the refund and identified me as seller where i need to perform 5 transactions as new seller to get the money and still need get NewChic to confirm that i have delivered my service to them.
- Anonymous