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Refund process is not easy at all.
posted 2 years ago - Helen SEOH
Scam -- I ordered 4 items the got put in a combined shipment. Never received the package 3 out of the 4 were refunded. 4th one the agent is arguing was delivered and refused to refund. Yet this same Agent refunded other items in this shipment. And then flagged my account for return abuse. Stay away and use a reputable co like Amazon that honors the return and refund policy
posted 2 years ago - Robert Brannen
Wish will not give you a refund if you do not receive your goods.
posted 2 years ago - Anonymous
You put arrivals on your site ,that cannot be bought,you say everyone gets a refund,but I have not received a penny back from you. Obviously a scam,and a disgrace, people,please do not fall for this scam
posted 2 years ago - Mr David Mavin
Since joining a few purchases had to be refunded due to either damage or not functioning as ordered.
posted 2 years ago - Marjorie Griffith
Appealing customer service. I have been chasing for months a fraudulent transaction on my bank account from Wish. They have continually made excuses to me and given misinformation to my bank of their part in it all. Despite admitting that the transaction was unlawful and a refund going 'astray' they continue to shirk their responsibility and wash their hands of the situation.
posted 2 years ago - Anonymous
And then they keep giving me a refund back to Wish cash.
posted 2 years ago - Anonymous
Terrible company stuff will not show up. Tell will tell you delays are normal so that return or refund date expires. I was not refunded and never received my products. I am disabled and low on funds, company’s should not be allowed to rip off people during a pandemic
posted 2 years ago - Corey G
And, Read the refund time policy before you buy.
posted 2 years ago - Anonymous
Do not deal with Wish. It took me 3 months to get a refund after receiving faulty goods. I contacted them on numerous occasions just to receive requests to display the fault on video via youtube!!! What kind of returns policy is that? DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE SCAMMERS
posted 2 years ago - Anonymous