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My name is Sean and want to know if it will show last registered owners name or contact.
Asked by Sean (5 months ago)
Can any one help me how to get my money back wish has taken money from my account with out my authorisation and have been asking wish to return my money for the past 9months please help who could help me to get my money back l am a pensioner i can't afford to loose my money.
Asked by Yalem (7 months ago)
Hi, I ordered a Harmonica on 12th May at a cost of $12.12 and additonal $3 as delivery charge. Money deducted from my credit card account. This was to be delivered at my Singapore residence on 15th. Now it is 18th and no sign. Tried to track the package with the umber they gave, but it says the number is not able to be traced. I lost trust on Wish.
Asked by CK Murali (8 months ago)
This is shit company and all wish people are thief I place one order valued 25$ in May 3 2020 and I’m still waiting but no one is there to reply me they told me that delivery will be in August 28 but I don’t know where is that my order you Gaye’s are thief wish
Asked by Salman (9 months ago)
I have returned an item for which they issued me with a return label. Now two weeks later although I had proof of postage they say they cannot refund without a tracking number but the return label has a car code and this was issued by them. The payment is due tomorrow as used Klarna I don’t want to pay for an item I have returned but I can get no answers from anyone I am absolutely disgusted and will never use this company again
Asked by Maureen Green (1 year ago)
How can i get my money back or where can i open a case of fraudulent businesses against Wish? Since Jan 2020 still didnt received my order. No feedback no comunication.
Asked by Justus Horn (1 year ago)
ordered puzzle glue but have not received it at this point in time although you have taken the money out of my account on the 10/03/2021 could you please advice
Answered by john flint (9 months ago)
Boa tarde , eu comprei um fone no wish ja tem 4 meses e eles me apresentaram uma data , porém eles ja trocaram essa data 4 vezes e eu fui tentar questionar e não não tinha a pergunta que eu queria e muito menos a alternativa para fazer outra pergunta , a unica coisa que eu quero é uma resposta do aplicativo sobre o meu produto
Asked by Larissa Cristina Alves Lelis (1 year ago)
Why I didn't get my PACKAGE FROM THEM wish I ordered it June 1st and they said it would take 2or3 weeks and was supposed to only be two or three days and I haven't heard from anyone then i called and finally I got an answer and told me that my order was cancelled but i didn't do it when I ordered the lady i talked to said there's alot of what I ordered it was a body shaper and still have no refund and no body shaper
Asked by Theresa Price (1 year ago)
Hello I ordered a lot I sure as hell hope it's no scam!!! Can someone please contact me asapat adjuna98@gmail.com
Asked by Djuna Jones (1 year ago)
I ordered back in April 2020 and paid for my order. Have not heard a word since the order.Company is a scam for sure.
Asked by Thomas B Eagle (1 year ago)
Why does Wish.com process PayPal transaction through a different name? ... believe it is called Nero or something similar to this
Asked by anonymous (1 year ago)
Quero saber do meu pedido, já está adiando novamente, pra 4 meses!
Answered by Iago Menezes (1 year ago)
I ordered 2 goods on June 15, 2020, which showed the order delivery date, after 18 June and when I have seen its delivery date that if it takes two to three months delivery time on August to September which Item and I said that by canceling my order and refunding the money, They said order will not be canceled yet tell me what to do. I have to wait two to 3 months for two items. we do not know the first time I order. I did not know how much I would wait and I will never wish in life.
Asked by Hasrat Ali (1 year ago)
how long does is take to receive your order? it's been two months since my order was placed.
Asked by LaWanda Bowman (1 year ago)
I am very upset indeed wt yr service u take my money where is my order, otherwise I wl report u to the police
Answered by Caroline Keogh (1 year ago)
My account has been locked for over 3mt & I am not getting an answer why. Can someone please help me.
Asked by Eldon Sutherland (1 year ago)
I made a purchase on May 7th and never received my items can I get a refund
Asked by John Arnold (1 year ago)
I ordered a pair of long grey boots from Wish when they arrived it said 38 ....I could not even put my foot in them because I take a size 5 in shoes they would like children’s shoes ,,, I have very Slim feet The boots were a joke ..... Also ordered a pair of shorts for my husband XXL they are like kid shoot
Asked by Susan shack (1 year ago)
You say the communication channels are live chat, email and telephone. Live chat is not live and it's restrictive and useless the only telephone number I can find is a US number( not helpful if you are in Europe and I can't fin an email, unhelpful review.
Asked by Charles Gates (1 year ago)
Trying to find my item been over a month know I the I might have to file a lawsuit because this not right. Were is my items
Asked by Jerome Randall (1 year ago)
Where is my refund on both items. Only ordered one item which I never recieved and they supposedly sent me 2. Never got a thing. Ordered over a month ago.
Asked by Mary Lansing (1 year ago)
I placed an order for 3 items on 1 March but only the cheapest item arrived and it is useless without the rest. On checking my online account it says I have no orders! On-line chat is a joke! has anyone else had this problem? does anyone have the Customer Service email address? will not be using Wish again - that is for sure!!
Asked by Charles (1 year ago)
I order cookbook that. No need I like to have my money back .. t
Asked by Gary Kendrick (1 year ago)
How to get refund
Asked by John Barnes (1 year ago)
I placed an order on the 10 of apr this is the 2nd of may and it states it in my country since the 23rd of apr but im still waiting for it This was i very first and last time using this site
Asked by David Collier (1 year ago)
Is the business still running due to the covid-19 crisis? I order from January and still waiting on my order are u still sending them?
Asked by Nadecia Battick (1 year ago)
Why do you have so many negative feedbacks? I am glad I never purchase something from wish. I was thinking about it at some point, but wouldn't look into it.
Asked by Steve (1 year ago)
Do you have a telephone number to reach you
Asked by Barbara Sanborn (1 year ago)
Hi i'm still waiting for my order, why it's taking so long? to get my order, yet took my money !!
Asked by syl (1 year ago)
I have typed in an incomplete email address by mistake whilst ordering a product. How can I edit this please. The incorrect email is knightsrs@virginmdia.com..the e is missing.
Asked by John Knight (1 year ago)
I received 2 items today One was s stick on sign what I got was not what I ordered and not good English The other one I ordered was a top and i got what looks like is z whipping stick I.eant yo send both back and get a refund please Maureen Timms
Asked by Maureen Timms (2 years ago)
Is the ip11 pro max when real off wish
Answered by Terence Wingfield (1 year ago)
When ordering adult toys will i have to sign any papers when it is delivered?
Asked by Angel (2 years ago)
No. You don’t have to sign anything. It may take a long time to receive product though.
Answered by Dana Mclemore (2 years ago)
I do not have access to my account.. Please send a link to reset my password.
Asked by Luis Mannucci (2 years ago)
My name is Peggy Byrd 16625369320.phone. hi, I ordered a phone and a neck device and a table.all at the same time. I received the phone and neck wrap, but the tablet was never delivered to me. I was charged so where is my tabet. Please respond asap .
Asked by Peggy Byrd (2 years ago)
It sent you home
Answered by Mi (2 years ago)
Wish has different sellers. You may not get your items at the same time. On the wish app or the wish website click the menu, the three lines on the top of the page. Click on order history. Find the item then click order details. The tracking takes time to update. Scroll down to the bottom and click customer support. A chat screen will appear. They will ask if you have or have not received the item. If you click no they will refund you to the way you paid. PayPal, credit card... You have so many days to contact them. If you are over the day listed they will still refund but it's added to your wish account.
Answered by Jen (1 year ago)
I want to leave a review about how awful their time scale is on shipping. I ordered a product that they claimed would be here by Halloween then they change the shipping date to mid November. My product didn't get here before I needed it. I tried to leave a bad review in the app wouldn't let me leave a review on it.
Asked by Richelle Gans (2 years ago)
How do you recover items that was ordered and never received.
Asked by Wanda Jordan-Fitzhugh (2 years ago)
On the wish website or the app click on the menu. The three lines on the top of the page. Click order history. Find the item, click on details. The tracking number takes some time to update. Most of the items are coming from China. Scroll down to the bottom, under the tracking number, Click contact support. A chat will appear. Answer yes or no when they ask if you have received the item. The answer being no they may have up to date tracking information to give you. They may ask you to wait a few more days. If item is not received they will refund you to your method of payment. There are a certain amount of days you have to contact. If over the day listed they will still refund but it will be to your wish account. That's in the menu under wish cash.
Answered by Jen (1 year ago)
I paid 31 dollars for half what I ordered never received. Sucks that you lost this customer. People swear by your products I am disappointed. Tried to change order and cancel got the run around same with email not even phone number to actually talk to someone. Thanks for me wasting my Money
Asked by Valerie Martinez (2 years ago)
Why you advertised one price of the item and I am ordering them is different price and price is higher It's always I notice.
Asked by Swapna Nandy (2 years ago)
Price depends on the size,color,item.
Answered by Jen (1 year ago)
Where are my order my Order #: 5d80e6870fbc228bae2e3f8c
Asked by Md. Milon Hossen (2 years ago)
Only stupid people shop on wish. If it’s to good to be true you know. You deserve to be scam
Asked by Bla-bla-bla (2 years ago)
I love WISH. Absolutely love it. It’s so inexpensive , so I’m always ordering small stuff for myself to get in the mail to ameliorate the heaviness of bills ! I have not been happy with quality of clothing: I Just don’t order clothes from there. Purses are great and indoor lights are awesome. Sorry you don’t like it.
Answered by Dana Mclemore (2 years ago)
No, only stupid people leave their stupid comment review in the Q&A forum instead of the Reviews section. Please learn how to use the Q&A forum and Review Rating Section. Also, learn how to shop .
Answered by Bla-Bla-Bla (2 years ago)
I have bought numerous items from wish and never had any issues. They were quick to refund one item that I received broken.
Answered by Jen (1 year ago)
Why do you portray goods that appear to be at one price on the list, and when you press buy now the prices are hiked up, before shipping?? Surely fraud?
Asked by Donna (2 years ago)
|I ordered 1 pair of boots and I got the pair of boots but the next day I received 2 more pair WHY and I am not getting any answers and both parcels where shipped from 2 different addresses WHY How do I fix this If I take the parcel back to the address what will happen please let me know ASAP
Answered by Barbara McGruder (2 years ago)
What is going on with my case emailed yesterday and I need help
Asked by Matthew A Santillo (2 years ago)
Where can I find replies from customer support?
Asked by Gls (2 years ago)
I have been in contact with someone there that will be issuing me a refund . It is not clear though whether or not I am supposed to send my item back and then I'm not sure where to send it . Thanks.
Asked by Moira (2 years ago)
Asked by Melody Foster (2 years ago)
Ok So This Is My First Time Ordering From WISH And I Am Pissed And Confused. I Ordered Some Items Which Totaled About $58.00. Then I Get An Email That Says Some Of The Items I Ordered Were Not Able To Be Sold At The Price I Saw And Paid For. So I Go To The Website And It Says The Same Items That They UNFORTUNATELY Were Not Able To Sell At Whatever Price It Was At The Time, Those Same Items Were Being Shipped. WHAT????. Then They Say Your Money Had Been Refunded Back To Me For The Items That UNFORTUNATELY Were Not Being Sold To Me. Then I Get A Couple Emails That Are NOT Even In English. Im So Angry Right Now
Asked by Stacee (2 years ago)
Look man, I've ordered lots of stuff from wish. They've always refunded my money when asked, so no need to worry about that. You're possibly experiencing one of those 'deals' where they sell that item at that price to one customer only. I don't shop wish ot geek anymore because their products seem to be the rejects from legitimate products.
Answered by Andrew Saunders (2 years ago)
What currier is the item shipped by?
Asked by Jamie (2 years ago)
I want to unsubscribe to wish . I will not be ordering anything else from them.
Asked by Cindy Williams (2 years ago)
I ordered and paid for nail polish on Sept. 19 th and I still have not received product. Sent email to wish with no response. :(
Asked by Cindy Williams (2 years ago)
I saw a product from yanyanling (1pc 3W-25W AC85-265V Plastic Shell Constant Current 300mA LED Driver For Lamp). This one has the same connector as the ones I have. I need to get a price for 12 units 12-18W and the cost of delivery.
Asked by Tony Caven (2 years ago)
Asked by Melody Foster (2 years ago)
Asked by Melody Foster (2 years ago)
Is there something wrong with your keyboard?
Answered by Lee (2 years ago)
You. Probably . Irritated. Them. With. Your. Idiotic . Periods. After. Every. Word. I would not send you anything either and I would keep your money for that unacceptable grammar . You. See. What. I . Mean.
Answered by Dana Mclemore (2 years ago)
How do I cancel order or just delete or remove from cart
Asked by jacquelyn moore (2 years ago)
Asked by Melody Foster (2 years ago)
Asked by Melody Foster (2 years ago)
Asked by Melody Foster (2 years ago)
Melony, you do realise that this is a reviews website and is not affiliated with wish at all, I'm just a bloke sat watching lord of the rings with my girlfriend and now I have your home address and post code, I would delete this if I was you because you've just plastered your details for the world to see, these messages aren't private, honestly, delete this.
Answered by Kieran (2 years ago)
Stop. The. Periods. After. Every. Word. And qUIT. YELLING at us. Thanks ,wish customer service. We will keep your money & your package due to the excessive grammatical errors.
Answered by Dana Mclemore (2 years ago)
Does wish deliver it right to my door? I ordered something fragile and i want it delivered to my door instead of at the mailbox
Asked by Brook Dargis (2 years ago)
I be away from home and my mail box is small.
Answered by Doris Armstrong (2 years ago)
Wish should stand for wash or wipe out. How is it that there is no representative to speak with about my order or a refund. This is unacceptable. I will not order anything from wish again unless changes be made to accommodate customers such as myself.
Asked by LaDonna (2 years ago)
I really need to be able to talk to someone.
Answered by Doris Armstrong (2 years ago)
wish sucks need to talk to a live PERSON ASAP
Asked by Mike (2 years ago)
Has anyone yet actually ordered the $1 special items where you pay and wait 24 Hours to see if you were lucky to actually have got it ? They do refund you if you haven’t but I want to know if someone really gets it .
Asked by Ada (2 years ago)
Hello Wish, I truly love your products and service. I saw an item that I have a question about and thought you might help me. It is Home Garden Accessory Automatic Watering Flower Pots Self-watering Container Flower Pot (Color:Balck+White). Could you please tell me the size of the largest pot? I will need at least 15 pots. 谢谢.
Asked by Milton Zelman (2 years ago)
Tracking number RW251953148CN My order not delivered.
Asked by Suzanne Barker (2 years ago)
Good Luck. Wish told me my order was delivered Oct 14 (it wasn't) and that since they have a confirmed delivery notice from the transport company, they will not refund my money. Fed Ex tells me it's Wish's problem. Fraud reported to my bank.
Answered by MH (2 years ago)
Where are my refunds from my orders?
Asked by Cheryl (2 years ago)
Okay so I ordered a solar power water pump on August 10 2019 and its been 2 months but,your reviews said it arrived very early but I didnt get my order so can you resend it to me? I spent around 160 dollars on this item. Thank you
Asked by Thong P Oudinarath (2 years ago)
I wanted to know if I can cancel my order
Asked by Aracely Romero (2 years ago)
Do you have cash on delivery in wish
Asked by Rashu Naik (2 years ago)
Are the reviews on products legit or AI
Asked by Daumantas Dauksas (2 years ago)
How do I get a return address to return an item
Asked by Patricia Carson (2 years ago)
Where is my stuff that I brought,,I only brought on thing and couldn't get that but I would love to get my money back, I ordered in October 2018 and still didn't get it and this September 2019
Asked by Janie Jefferson (2 years ago)
I saw a pair of running shoes marked $1.00 and when I went to pick size it said the shoes are $13.00. My total came up to $16?
Asked by Marsha Jena Phipps (2 years ago)
Now if i would order from wish do i have to pay the postnord fee ?
Asked by Leila (2 years ago)
When will my orders arrive one is for tomorrow
Asked by Sheryl Matthews (2 years ago)
i have bought wireless Bluetooth earphone set but left one is not working, can you send me a product that both sides actually work.
Asked by mustafa asim oguz (2 years ago)
I need to change my card number so I can make an order
Asked by Becky Copeland (2 years ago)
Customer service phone number
Asked by Clarence Jenkins (2 years ago)
Confused about ordering... I want to purchase eyelashes for my daughter...shows 9pc set...asking me to choose from set1 - set9.... does it not come sold as a set of 9? If I choose set1 and I only receiving 1 pair of lashes and not the 9pc set?
Asked by Christina (2 years ago)
How log does it take to talk to customer service
Asked by Clarence Jenkins (2 years ago)
Want to tallk to a live person.
Answered by Doris Armstrong (2 years ago)
I have blouse s neither one fix's who do I send it to???and so some with pill or tablets came I don't know what they are for.pleàse and let me know.thank you.
Answered by Carol nye (2 years ago)
what is the email address for wish?
Asked by Beverley Joseph (2 years ago)
I have been trying to contact & email WISH ever since I found that the Samsung S10 Plus android phone i ordered was not a Samsung, even though there was a Samsung label inside the box when it arrived. The phone isnt what I paid for & it is not to the spec of a Samsung. What i cant find out, is the returns address so I can send it back & get a refund, even though i have been told i will have to pay for the return package. I am willing to pay for the return package but WISH wont give me a return address to post it to. How crazy is that. I have done everything WISH ask me to do when i go on the site but still cant get an address. Its so infuriating
Asked by Chris Rowntree (2 years ago)
If it is all free does means is it free
Asked by Precious Meadows (2 years ago)
I ordered several items on Wish and realized I did not put my promo code to get 50% off. I had to go through a lengthy lengthy process to cancel each and every one of the items. It took me forever. It is not east to cancel. then I was told that I would not get my 50% off promo again. There is no one to talk to on the phone and very difficult if not impossible to reach these people. I have get to get my one order that was ordered awhile ago. The ole saying is you get what you pay for. I'm very disappointed and feel that they should have allowed me to reenter my order using the Promo Code discount, but they didn't I would never order from them again and would recommend to my friend to beware. Very very unhappy and they make it impossible to contact someone at wish. What does that tell you??
Asked by Ruth (2 years ago)
I ordered things and it was a dollar over my budget that I have on my debit card, and I didn’t realize so I canceled one item and it said to wait an hour, I did and nothings changed. I am very confused. Should I cancel everything and re do it? I just don’t want it to double charge me. Please help.
Asked by Jayna (2 years ago)
Do I really need a credit card to do payments?
Asked by Khuthadzo (2 years ago)
Why isn't the correct return address on return shipping label. Postal service could not find the address by the bar code and Wish was listed as Vish and address was incomplete. I need full address.
Asked by Dolly Stevens (2 years ago)
I received a dress I didn’t order, please make sure I’m not charged for it. Thanks
Asked by Brenda Leeper (2 years ago)
Yes I would like to know when my shoes and etc coming ?
Asked by Angela spillers (2 years ago)
where can I pick up my delivery in cambodia ?
Asked by Ho Voucheang (2 years ago)
I received goods which I didn't want to the value of £66.47. I have received half the amount back from you that you put back into my bank account which was £34.94. Thank you for that. Can you please refund the rest of the amount of £31.53 please. I was told that I did not need to return the goods as a gesture of apology for receiving the goods in the first place.
Asked by John J Gray (2 years ago)
I need to return a couple of items. Shirts are to small. Where do I send them back?. Address please.
Asked by Michele Dankworth (2 years ago)
You took 30 dollars out of my bank of account what was that for
Answered by Brenda Ham (2 years ago)
How long do I wait for return labels
Asked by Vicky (2 years ago)
Just looking to see where my order is located. My
Asked by Jill Weldon (2 years ago)
I order my stuff last month and I haven't received nothing to 901 Walden Avenue and I spent $80 on this stuff and I haven't received nothing what's going on with it
Asked by Sheri (2 years ago)
It will come in probably in 2 months!
Answered by Anastasia (1 year ago)
Where do I register my delivery address on wish.com by
Asked by clarevaulx Faunt (2 years ago)
I was wondering why I'm not receiving my package at 901 Wilder I haven't received anything and I spent 80 something dollars Avenue and I got it last month
Answered by Sheri (2 years ago)
just ordered sleeper now but I was double charge.. who’s the right person to talk to..
Asked by jenny (2 years ago)
Why is the put a price on something when you got to pay for it’s twice the price don’t understand that
Asked by Sandra (2 years ago)
What is the go with Wish in relation to watches. States a guide price of $5700 and you can buy for $256. Where the hell do they get that first price? Disneyland or what
Asked by Tony (2 years ago)
I am still waiting for my $35 refund and no one has responded to my email attempts or requests for the reason for the delay. Even when I try to contact through the proper email channels I am getting the run around. Can someone please comment on where my refund is? The merchandise was of inferior quality and not as described.
Asked by Sherri Todaro (2 years ago)
Should I order things from here
Asked by Harleen (2 years ago)
Absolutely not. Do not order slip covers or anything described as too good to be true! This is a horrible company. And inferior quality!
Answered by Sherri T (2 years ago)
Absolutely not until they get their act together and I don't foresee that happening.
Answered by Ruthruth (2 years ago)
I wish I had looked at those reviews before I ordered stuff. I ordered 2 slip covers for a lazy boy. One was not the right color, the quality was poor. They said that I would get a complete refund within 2 weeks, after returning the order. After many emails requesting the address for the return, no response. So I am afraid that I won’t get my money back. And if I ever get the return address, and after paying for the mail, sill I get my money back. I SINCERELY DOUBT. I will surely close my account if this case is not settled.
Asked by Lyette Lacroix (2 years ago)
Same thing happened to me and is still happening. There slipcovers are horrible. And I am still waiting for a refund.
Answered by Sherri (2 years ago)
I had a refund turned into wish cash and have no idea how to apply it to purchase have not seen anything that allows you to do so?. Anyone know?
Asked by Shonette (2 years ago)
So i havent been able to see product reviews, usually when i liked something i made sure how the product actually looks and what other people commented about it? How can i see the reviews now?
Asked by Karin (2 years ago)
I ordered over 2 weeks ago!! I have received nothing on shipping date etc!!! Shipping was supposed to be free if over $75!! Now I’m wondering will it ship at all!! Very poor communication!!
Asked by Wilda Yelverton (2 years ago)
When you order something you can see the shipping date under the product when you open the delivery information (you can see also how much the shipping costs). Some items can take a month to arrive and you can always track your order.
Answered by Karin (2 years ago)
Good luck, I'm still waiting on a stupid broom. This company has just too many things going wrong with them Where is a contact phone number where you can call these people. There is NOT one. Whatdoes that tell you. People buy stuff and they either don't get it at all, and they make it impossible to return the stuff. Horrible outfit. I've never seen anything like it and they should be reported, audited and be educated as to how to run a business. They lure people in with their cheap prices. Terrible especially for people like me on a limited income!!
Answered by Ruth (2 years ago)
I live in South Africa ( Bloemfontein ) and the item I want is in usa. If the item is R31 am I going to pay more or just R31
Asked by Bongani (2 years ago)
Wish is asking me to verify my identity to be able to buy anything. They are asking a picture of my drivers licence, I don't have a drivers licence, how do I verify my identity?
Asked by Asae paroissien (2 years ago)
do not give to them this information as this is considered to be fraud,then your information is sold onto third parties(other scammers),do not even input payment information since all this is sold to third parties then they will wipe out your bank account clean(fraudulent charges on your bank account)do not order anything.
Answered by anonymous (2 years ago)
Where are my orders at how long
Asked by Bonnie Roe (2 years ago)
Where is my wigs I order 2 weeks ago
Asked by Jill weldon (2 years ago)
My name is Dorothy curb I pay extra for all the MyTeam to be delivered in 7 days and now I'm seeing on wish we're all them but some of my teams it's going to be delivered in September if I pay extra money for all of my team to be delivered in 7 days they shouldn't even none of my teams should be delivered in September I need y'all to understand I pay extra money for my teams to be delivered in 7 days you are took my money my extra money and now y'all going to deliver all my teams separate in September I will be getting it that's not right to take my money off my card you're saying a whole different thing to what I'm reading y'all said if I pay extra money it will be delivered in 7 days but now I'm seeing something different and September know that ain't how it's supposed to be what is really going on I don't understand that y'all say one thing but you do another and my spelling might be a little off because I'm very upset I am in business and I need all my products that I
Asked by Dorothy Curb (2 years ago)
My order was supposed to be delivered today now it’s saying by the 11th why is that my tracking number is UD144829862CN can u tell me why it’s not coming today
Asked by dawn nagle (2 years ago)
I order my team on the 1st of this month I paid extra for my teens to be deliver in 7 days why is some of my teams are being delivered in September but I need you to understand that I paid extra for my teams to be deliver within 7 days all of my teams I have pay extra money for my teams to be delivered in seven days seven business days not in September now y'all have took extra money off my card and that's not right I should be getting my change in September my team's supposed to be delivered in 7 days not in September I'm just wondering what happened that's not right to take my money off my card and if y'all wasn't going to deliver my teams all of my teams in 7 days you are said is 7 days if I pay extra my teams was going to be delivered in 7 days that's what you are sad
Answered by Dorothy Curb (2 years ago)
How should I or anyone on here know?? First off people this is not the actual "wish" website so stop asking question only they can answer and for God sake dont put your credit card # or account info on here for the public to see! Secondly, even if it was the company your writing to ...they wouldnt even know what the hell your referring to with no name, account info or any other information to reference to other than just some comment that says "wheres my package". Lastly people, it's your account so use your brain for Christ sake and click on the item in your order history or email and find out where its at yourself! If the tracking stops at it leaving China then they wont know either..obviously! If your package is delayed, remind yourself its International and goes through customs amoungst other things and shit happens like whether and again.. they wont know the actual reason why! Cant believe I'm going to even say this but if it's been an entire year and u havent got your package, your obviously NOT going to get it! It has tracking, delivery and all other info for each item you can check at any time and even a God damn maximum date of delivery you can clearly see if you actually look on the app! If the item was not recoeved by this deliver by date then click contact customer support and you will he credited if not delivered. Warning- if u wait more than one month past this date given you won't get shit for being a lazy dumbass who didnt read the return policy or say something sooner!
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
not even been dispatched,they have lied to you and given to you a fake tracking number which does not even exist,i suggest that you phone up your credit card company and reverse the charges back to your bank account,there is no tracking record because i checked this for you,not even picked up or even left china,what these people on wish have done is just take your hard earned cash and run away with it,please go ahead and report them,this is the least that you could do
Answered by anonymous (2 years ago)
Is it true that the use slave labor?
Asked by Theresa (2 years ago)
Yes, it's cheaper
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
I bought £89 and after that I cancelled how can get my money back?
Asked by Kami (2 years ago)
Click the item in the app under history or in the confirmation email and then contact support to try to get credit! If it's been more than 30 days.. your screwed
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
Have been trying for over 12 days to update address and payment information, but have been unsuccessful. After contacting your company...the response given is that I have been permanently blocked. I moved out of state recently...therefore I have a new address and a new bank...but your website says there’s an error and I need to contact someone in customer support. I tried explaining to the person who contacted me what the situation was and his reply was my account would be credited (as I have cash on my account) and my account closed. I don’t want my account closed...I want to update my account information and place orders as usual....but I keep getting automated service instead of a real person to address the problem. By the way, how can you credit my card if I don’t use the card anymore and I tried deleting it?
Asked by Deborah Palmer (2 years ago)
Asked by spencer (2 years ago)
Does wish have women’s clothing in petite size for shorter women?
Asked by Leanne Kolodniski (2 years ago)
I orded 2 tattoo kits meant to get one how can I cancel 1
Asked by Maddy taylor (2 years ago)
Go to the customer support part of the app and then you can tell them you want to cancel it
Answered by Candace (2 years ago)
I order a manicure set and it’s telling me to chose from multicolor A or multicolor B what’s the difference??
Asked by Amereese (2 years ago)
Order from a different shop, that shop was too lazy to make sure they labeled it clearly and properly. Happens all the time. Every item on wish is guaranteed to have several other shops selling the exact same items. By the way.. even if the picture or ad is different for a certain product you want.. this doesnt mean it's better or different, it's actually just ALL the same shit for different prices!
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
I need to cancel and order the order # 5d16eob6860b6017af8b4342 they have the wrong order
Asked by wilie courtland (2 years ago)
Why does and item show the price then when I click on a size the price goes up ?
Asked by RONDA PARKE (2 years ago)
why does wish let me place an order then not let me check out
Asked by Patricia Wright (2 years ago)
Thats a first.. they normally cant wait for you to check out and even beg you to check out with additional discounts. More info would be helpful and actual even necessary if you want an actual answer to your delima... obviously!
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
I ordered free items on wish and I need to cancel my order now because I'm not paying $150 shipping fees
Asked by Kathy Brookhart (2 years ago)
This is how they make millions off of dumb Americans who think there getn something for nothing
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
Asked by NUNYA (2 years ago)
Is it okay for wish to ask for my drivers license when the orders have already processed through?
Asked by Angel (2 years ago)
DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR LICENSE!! This is fraud! They will wipe your bank account and steal your identity! Deactivate your account as soon as you receive your orders
Answered by Nicalia Wisniewski (2 years ago)
i'm having a pending order in wish.com it's a GPS Navigator but i want to make sure i can use in Philippines maps. This will automatically work if i use it in Philippines or need some configuration.
Asked by Rafael Acuna (2 years ago)
They will not know it will bullshit you.. research it yourself
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
i want to purchase a gps navigator im from philippines but i didn't see any philippine maps included in the device. it can add and install a philippines maps on the device
Asked by Rafael Acuna (2 years ago)
Hi my son's in a medium jumper in Australia I'm trying to convert this to American sizes such as large xl etc. Also I'm in Australian 24 can U also convert this to large xl XXL or 3 xl etc I have no idea if U can help I'll be great full
Asked by LeeAnn stewart (2 years ago)
It took 5 seconds to Google this. Your size 24 is U.S. size 2X and your sizes medium 12 and 14 are U.S. size 8 and 10
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
Asked by THE EQUALIZER (2 years ago)
No! Obviously.
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
Hi do someone here speak spanish? we have a question to ask.
Asked by Jessica (2 years ago)
No but you obviously speak English so ask away
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
I have an account being ordering and recebing at my shipping address no problems. I do not know what happen when I log in to my account with the same email and same password. Considering me a new customer .I can not view my pending order and re received an email saying there is cash refunds to your account on 5 orders and I can not view my order history. Nothing had changed same email, same password. Communicated many many times with WISH CUSTOMER SUPPORT, no help. Any body has any ideas?..thanks
Asked by Mahshid Gupta (2 years ago)
If u were credited it's not a bad thing because only new customers can get the free shipping and 50 % off promo and if this was your first order then your still a new customer who hasnt ordered yet
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
Yes, hello. I have a question about some of the items that I have on my list to order. Some of them say " this item is no longer available ". But, when I go to delete it, it asks if I'm sure. Plus, at the bottom where it totals your amount, it still charges me for it. Why is that? It seems to me that, if the item is no longer available, it would automatically delete it. And, not charge you for it. How do I fix this?
Asked by Christi Mitchell (2 years ago)
It does not automatically delete these items. It shows the item with the notification more than likely to get you to put it back in your cart.. this normally happens when an item is at a deep discounted rate but only for a limited time. These items are noticeable by the count down next to the item in your cart, when the time is up the item will say it's no longer available. Just delete the item and when it asks are you sure.. click yes. (It's like Facebook Marketplace telling me an item I'm listing isn't approved so I have to delete it, which is the only option given, but when I press the delete button it then asks me if I am sure I want to delete.??) Its just a default pop up for that button Fyi..if it's still in your cart at checkout then u will be charged
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
If I order a Juul starter kit or a Suorin drop or a Smok novo anything like those on Wish do I have to sign for the package?
Asked by Keira Lee (2 years ago)
Bertel cole I want to. About my order 120asch. Loop apt 17b
Answered by Bertel cole (2 years ago)
No, not on regular shipping. You only sign for a package when its required at a higher rate or if it is insured, which is expensive and they do not want to pay for tracking mush less insurance.
Answered by Natalie (2 years ago)
If this company is so bad Google should close it down why aren't they doing anything about it ! Come on Google SORT IT OUT
Asked by Eiluned Thomas (2 years ago)
Google does not own the company nor do they have the power to shut down an actual business themselves, it is a search engine, obviously!
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
I have asked for a refund on an item and have been emailed that I will be refunded back, but it doesn't state anything about returning it. Will I have to return the item? I also haven't gotten a return label. Also, does Wish do free shipping for returning items?
Asked by Stella (2 years ago)
No, no and no! U keep the item
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
Is this sight okay to order from with my credit card!Will they steel off my card?
Asked by Melissa (2 years ago)
Clearly if your trust is in asking this question to a complete stranger (most likely someone trying to scam you) then no matter what, your screwed. No, the site wont steal your money by just taking all your money, they will rip u off in other ways like sending you crap when the picture is of something realy nice or sending you a swimming pool the size of my hand because they know us idiots dont look at the dimensions they give you. They are ripping you off in an honest, clear cut way.. just like a bank does!
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
I need to return some items but am not tech savy enough to go through there cust support how can i i talk to some one to e mail me the isps return labelskathy
Asked by Kathy wagner (2 years ago)
U do not have to return the item to get a refund. Click on the item you want to return in your history and click on contact customer support button somewhere below it. An automotive system gives you the current info on the item. Just type your question or issue and u will be given a couple of options to choose from and if it qualifies then it will credit you.
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
Hi . I speak on behalf of MR. EC Marthinus. What must he do if his order is wrong. ( He didnt recieve the stuff that he ordert. Order : 2 Pair of C6 led headlights 1 pair of H& 1 pair of H11 Recieve : 2 Bulbs ( 1 H7 & H 11 He also said that he did pay for the stuff. Kind Regards Delia
Asked by Delia (2 years ago)
Click the item in the app then click on customer support
Answered by Natalie M Renner (2 years ago)
I spend over 55.00 why am I not getting free shipping
Asked by Sherry Stump (2 years ago)
Because there is obviously NO free shipping when u spend over $55. Dont believe the advertisement you see online because they are all there for just one simple reason, to scam you out of your money!
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
I read where after u spend 55.00 the shipping is free but it’s not happening for me
Asked by Sherry Stump (2 years ago)
Why if I’m spending 55.00 and over why am I not getting free shipping
Answered by Sherry Stump (2 years ago)
They charge more for shipping then the price of what I wanna buy.Never free shipping.Thats how they make money They have such cool stuff just way ocwr on shipping.
Answered by Melissa (2 years ago)
That's because "IT WAS A LIE"
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
I have items in my cart how do I get rid of items I don't want to order can't find delete a item or anything
Asked by Tonya caudill (2 years ago)
It has a thing a little remove button after u go I to check out .
Answered by Melissa (2 years ago)
Omg... dont listen to these idiots, u can not remove it after you check out obviously! Just click on the number which is highlighted and shows the amount of that item you want (normally says 1) and basically move it to zero and the item will be removed
Answered by Natalie M Renner (2 years ago)
Si j'ai une reduction 20% qui donne un montant de 60.00 $maximum est-ce que cela inclus la livraison ou dois-je acheter au moins pour 60.00$ avant la livraison Merci
Asked by Nino (2 years ago)
What? What and Que?
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
Where is my order? I go to my order history and there is nothing there but the 107.70 had no problem coming out of my acct on Apr 13. I ordered 3 soresto tick and flea collars. I have no way of getting support as I have no order to click on in my history! I want my money refunded. Order not received and I don't even want to do business with a company that I can't talk or email to without some automatic thing coming back and telling me to just click on the order and then support when my order doesn't even show!!! Please credit my account card ending in 9510 which is where it came out of.
Asked by Mary Engstrom (2 years ago)
I haven't seen a dam thing from any of my orders. What the hell is going on. Its been 6 months. Just put all my money back in my account. It should not take this long iam not happy at all with this company
Answered by Robert Olson (2 years ago)
We’re is the shipping label like on the orders and how do I send my packages to Wish
Asked by Sheila Carroll (2 years ago)
It says my money has been refunded and it should take 5-10 business days. How long will it actually take? Its been 6 days
Asked by Lisa E Evjenth (2 years ago)
Between 5-10 business days
Answered by Luke Jones (2 years ago)
Its been dam near a year for any of my orders to show up this is bull shit this company should be suide and fined for all the greed and bull shit lies 5 to 7 days delivery. Dam near a year and still no packages or my Money back in my account. You guys took over 300 for items and nor 1 has showed up yet. What you going to do about this situation
Answered by Robert Olson (2 years ago)
5 to 10 business days
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
I ordered 3 items from different stores and I got en email saying they have been refunded I wanna know when they are going to be delivered ? I checked and it says "processing order"
Asked by Joanna (2 years ago)
If you use the fast delivery how long will it take to get and item?!?
Asked by Christopher Syck (2 years ago)
When it says it will be shipped in three days how many days will it be before I get the item?
Asked by Stephanie (2 years ago)
More than 3 days
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
If you order several items do they all delivered at the same time in same package? How long is delivery usually? If shipping is only one dollar on items does that mean it is probably being shipped within the United States?
Asked by Peggy (2 years ago)
Only if it's from the same store
Answered by Shay (2 years ago)
No, it tells u a deliver date and no the 1 dollar shipping is still more than they actually pay. We give them a free ride by letting them pay next to nothing for what's called an Epacket to the US, blame our United States postal service! If it's under 4 pounds, its practically free for them to ship but still full price if shipped anywhere within the US to the US. If not currently in the US, please disregard, I'm not a mind reader
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
The brick effect stick on will they be okay near a hob
Asked by Mandy (2 years ago)
Lol, what? Is that a language?
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
How do i contact a seller, i wanna ask him about the length on one of his product, he only write height.
Asked by hendrik (2 years ago)
I am trying to order 2 (two) small car stop bulbs which are listed fee pay only postage ($5) However when I increase the order to the postage doubles to $10. I cant see how 1 small car bulb would double the cost. I also cannot see how to contact the seller unless I actually order the bulbs. Any advice please
Asked by Shaun Nicholl (2 years ago)
They don't pay shit for shipping but that's how they rip us off.. seeming that they are making there money from the supposed shipping cost they dont pay of course each new item is going to have the same amount shipping cost. Even at that, they will charge you then ship the items together.. that's why its "free". Nothing is free my friend
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
Is the jewelry from wish lead & nickel free? And can you tell me what’s the brand name of the jewelry you sell?
Asked by Maricela (2 years ago)
Uhmmm, no. They do not care about your sensitivity to lead if it doesnt make them more money! And there is no brand name on a generic product, obviously!
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
Hi there‚ Is this the correct website for support from wish (Support@wish.com) because my wish ID got hacked i have contacted with wish through this Support email and they replied me that my hacked account is blocked and my atm details are also removed but what about the purchase the hacker did by changing the email address and then to his address somewhere in other country. The wish should automatically respond to such events if some one is changing the email and then after the address to a whole new country they should further verify such type of purchases. I don,t know if i am able to trust wish any more there should be some mobile number security as well. the email address i am giving you is the same email i was register with on wish but still i have linked this email with the wish as a google email address.
Asked by Zafar (2 years ago)
Can i turn points into wish cash
Asked by Mistie (2 years ago)
I ored one coat an got two an was. Charged for both. I also oreded another coat an it came 3xxxsize so i need to talk with a customer service thank you regina mason
Asked by Regina.l.mason56 (2 years ago)
Si acheté trois items dois- je payer frais de transport pour chaque item???????
Asked by Ginette dupuis (2 years ago)
Why is an item listed for one price and when you go to check out it is higher
Asked by Victor (2 years ago)
Cause your getn ripped off obviously
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
where is my refund ??
Asked by raymond emenike (2 years ago)
Uhmmm, I give up, where ? And who are you exactly and why would u have a refund?
Answered by Myself (2 years ago)
I had cancel my order, service asked me give me a wish cash , I had get $3, I want to know that $3 is the amount I paid or give me a reward. Because my order is $31,thank you very much
Asked by cherry li (2 years ago)
Asked by Heniart (2 years ago)
I m looking for advise in by a pair of boots mainly in the right size. They have European and American sizes and I really don't want to return them because they are not the right size. I'm looking to buy 2016 new arrive fashion boots sexy lady shoes high heels knee high boots flock beading women's snow winter long motorcycle boots that come in either Black, blue or brown. Can someone else help with this? What is the best ways to make sure that the dresses, tops, skirts, etc.. are the correct size when I'm American and the clothes might be coming from another country?
Asked by Katrina (2 years ago)
How come when you buy something the price and shipping are more
Asked by Vicki jones (2 years ago)
i would like to know this answer also
Answered by REBECCA P HAMPTON (2 years ago)
Are the rocky balboa tops printed and in the material , rather than just a transfer .
Asked by Julie (2 years ago)
My name is shime Niyonzima and i order clothes and one ring but they did not bring it why
Asked by Shime Niyonzima (2 years ago)
I order but they did not bring my things why
Asked by Esther grace (2 years ago)
I purchased a wall clock a while ago... which i love, just wondering how do i remove from the wall Clock without peeling of the paint!?? My landlord is gonna be floored!
Asked by Patoka barnett (2 years ago)
If I can't get refund send jacket back it cost me 35 dollars and 24 dollars to send it back
Asked by David gurns (2 years ago)
When it says natural ruby does that means it’s a real ruby
Asked by Terri (2 years ago)
How can I ask a question about a product before I purchase it
Asked by Shy Thomas (2 years ago)
I need a promo code I wait my order over on my side I did not receive it just credit me today which cash I trying to purchase the item again you got expensive is there anyway you can provide me as a customer service credit to me at least some point I can purchase this item 550 ml Water bottle
Asked by Getenesh Samuel (2 years ago)
I just want to know the size of a bracelet I am ordering. How do I ask.
Asked by Pamela M Aiello (2 years ago)
When browsing thru merchandise, why is the price differ when you order.
Asked by Tara Allbritton (2 years ago)
I wear a size 22 W in US sizing what size should I get in X's
Asked by Rebecca (2 years ago)
How do I remove items from my cart?
Asked by Pam Schuster (2 years ago)
Hi I bought a microphone for my cctv,it's square box with red and white wires,I now need to find a cable to set it up thank you
Asked by Janice yuill (2 years ago)
Need to email you re a return
Asked by Sharon Boudreau (2 years ago)
Is wish selling me fake jewelry that I have already ready order paid for
Asked by Alberta Powell (2 years ago)
Why is price of item cost more than original price that is stated in the first place .because when you orderitem its alot more disceiving not good. Im a regular customer znd why does item take such along time yo deliver?? Mrs mandh morgan 249 radford rd cv63ad.
Asked by Mrs mandy morgan (2 years ago)
How can i stop getting emails from this place, don't want anything to do with them but they won't take any notice of me.
Asked by Sandy Hill (2 years ago)
Why does the site say you will be contacted 2-3 days for a refund and a month later and 5 messages still nothing!!!
Asked by Kim Myles (2 years ago)
I am surprised at the deceptive review some people gives here, this company is nothing but scam and deceptive. They need to close it down.
Asked by Agnes abena (2 years ago)
how long do you take to deliver
Asked by justice (2 years ago)
Over 2 months but it’s supposedly worth it which its not
Answered by Not telling my name (2 years ago)
Do any of the musical instruments contain lead or anything harmful? This is the 3rd time I've asked and no reply
Asked by Joanna Kiersey (2 years ago)
guitars can be but most instruments dont.
Answered by shelby (2 years ago)
Do any of the musical instruments contain lead or anything harmful? This is the 3rd time I've asked and no reply
Asked by Joanna Kiersey (2 years ago)
Do any of the musical instruments contain lead or anything harmful? This is the 3rd time I've asked and no reply
Asked by Joanna Kiersey (2 years ago)
Sorry that no-one has replied yet but more than likely the material isn’t harmful but it is really cheap
Answered by Not telling my name (2 years ago)
Forgot to put in code on my order. Can I still get discount?
Asked by Carmie (2 years ago)
no u cant get a disscount
Answered by shelby (2 years ago)
How do I return an item....I filled in a request, no one got back to me and their site is NOT HELPFUL..... I've spent an hour trying to find something on "returns" and its obviously geared to "not have you return items"..I will never buy from here again....Items were cheap looking and didn't fit...What a waste of money....
Asked by Ellen Hardy (3 years ago)
HELP! Please - I have two items to return and took photos to send with return, but am having difficulty find my order history. Why does this seem so arduous?? Return times are limited turn around and I would appreciate your attention ASAP!! Thank you, Beth Clarke
Asked by Clarke (3 years ago)
Hello wish reviewers I'm wanting to buy a cell phone off wish but I'm afraid it won't work in Canada Vancouver on freedom mobile does anyone have any tips of what I should look for so I don't get a phone that doesn't work ? Thanks you
Asked by Adam (3 years ago)
DO wish actually see these reviews and do they contact the customer to try to correct the problems?
Asked by Joseph (3 years ago)
I wnat know when is my stuff caming to me
Answered by Shime Niyonzima (2 years ago)
Where is the rest of my order
Asked by Pat Allcock (3 years ago)
My items worth €100 never arrived and they told me am flagged is my money wasted. ?
Asked by Kingsley Matthew (3 years ago)
They restrict you from buying if yoi have dispited a charge to your credit card companh. They restrict you if you have disputed any charges to your credit card or ever froze it, etc. They have many companies tied into Wish & called something else. I have had fairly good fortune & have been put on restriction 2 times & am currently on restriction. Some of the companies are very unethical. I have had absolutely no problems with returns. If they have restricted you & have charged your credit card, you should see a note ref on the item. Check order history. You see that be clicking the 3 bars top left.
Answered by Arlene Murrell (2 years ago)
Answered by Arlene Murrell (2 years ago)
How do I ask a question about a product before I purchase it?
Asked by Wolfgirl (3 years ago)
You can fpgo to fb message & aventually to customer support for an answer in 3 days, never got back to me on this.
Answered by Arlene Murrel (2 years ago)
You can fpgo to fb message & aventually to customer support for an answer in 3 days, never got back to me on this.
Answered by Arlene Murrel (2 years ago)
Do any of the products contain lead or anything else harmful to children ,people or pets.
Asked by Joanna Kiersey (3 years ago)
China does not have the same quality control for lead, as USA,so you take your chances.
Answered by Arlene Murtell (2 years ago)
Do they have a phone number to contact what to return something
Asked by Carol (3 years ago)
They do everthing via computer. They habe a phome but tell you to contact customer support with robot.
Answered by Arlene. Murrell (2 years ago)
Can I pay delivery charge when reel arrives postage due
Asked by Eric Luscombe (3 years ago)
My name is Dominic mel i have a problem got my order from wish I used Stella mosera mail to order but keep asked her about bank statement please can you refund my money back to card.
Asked by Dominic (3 years ago)
Is your websit a scam
Asked by Gucci ganger (3 years ago)
No, we do not refund.
Answered by John chou (3 years ago)
Read their policy. I have had no problems with refunds. They send a postage paid label via compiter for you to download. Follow their refund policy exactly. I have had no problem with refunds & they pay postage.
Answered by Arlene Murrell (2 years ago)
Why does it take so long to get something shipped? I'm not talking about making it just getting it shipped product hasn't even left China yet
Asked by Dennis Stroba (3 years ago)
Teaches you patience.
Answered by Arlene Murrell (2 years ago)
Is Wish American dollar or Canadian dollar?
Asked by Janice (3 years ago)
I do not know of any country that accepts Canadian money except Canada.
Answered by Arlene Murrell (2 years ago)
I want to live chat with customer service but nothing happens. Can't type nothing.
Asked by Pam (3 years ago)
Why does your customer service and products suck so bad
Answered by Dennis.stroba (3 years ago)
need to get the hold on my account removed
Asked by Graham Bull (3 years ago)
I am pretty ghey mean your credit card statement, not your bank ststement. Good liuck, bery difficult to get it unblocked.
Answered by Arkene Murrell (2 years ago)
I notice the shipment was going to take forever so I canceled right away. Would I have any issues regarding my refund? Help
Asked by Toya (3 years ago)
You pay for return shipping and no refund until they receive item
Answered by T (3 years ago)
Goes directly to processing so cannot cancel. Do refund z& they have always paid postage, but dont refund until they get item bsck. I have got refunds without them receiving item back.
Answered by Arlene Murrell (2 years ago)
I checking all trench coat for men and woman. I was so trilled, very reasonable price I think! Was listed on the site. I lick the link want to order this particular piece as I click the link is listed 19 dollars then jump to 31 dollars. How is that possible the price changes so quick. All clothes are so pretty but freak me out when the price change and plus tax added. I need to know why from 19 jump to 31? Very confusing. Making you feels like is this for real? I need to know
Asked by Des (3 years ago)
Always check what you are being charged for item plud postage before you slode the pay bar & delete it from your order by changing quantity to 0 using te sign, you get a green sign to make sure you want to remove it.
Answered by Arlene Murrell (2 years ago)
how can you track your shipments
Asked by Norma Staab (3 years ago)
Why is 8t I ordered my stuff still haveht came after 2 months ask for refund but cant get refunded on all my stuff
Asked by Barbara Watkins (3 years ago)
Crooks taking honest people’s money
Answered by T (3 years ago)
Do the items come from China?
Asked by Judy Bauer (3 years ago)
Answered by Barbara Watkins (3 years ago)
Item # 2400482145084. What is it?
Asked by Katherine L. Winn (3 years ago)
A cheap site with cheap and not worth buying items
Answered by Barbara Watkins (3 years ago)
WISH ORDERING GUIDELINES FOR HAPPY SHOPPING I rarely have to ask for a refund. But when I do it is imedentley done without question. Just an I'm sorry here is your refund please keep that item. THIS IS HOW. 1. have a tape measure ready. preferably one for sewing as it has cm on it and that is how most items are mesured. 2. Shipping takes time. If you need it for Christmas then order in October 3. Never order anything like clothes or bedding or expensive electronics and you will be happy 4. great place for dollar store items that are unique.. fake rings... necklaces.. magic erasers.. dollar store items. 5. Pay close attention to the description read carefully to see what you are getting 6. If when you hit buy item and there is a drop down menu then crap on step 5 are changing. read carefully.. 7. if you cancel you order do it right after you have placed it.. like within the hour 8. if you do need a refund. take a pic of the problem item showing the damage or wrong color or whatever clearly when you first claim there is a problem. do not make them ask for it.They do not like to work to hard
Answered by tammy e robbins (3 years ago)
How do I know what the shipping/handling charge is on the jewelry items?
Asked by Judith (3 years ago)
click shipping information
Answered by tammy e robbins (3 years ago)
I ored some stuff i didn't get all of my stuff what do i do
Asked by Pamela (3 years ago)
I ordered around 10 things asked for 5 refunded and never got the rest of my stuff and wont let me get the rest of my money back
Answered by Barbara Watkins (3 years ago)
I have selected some items on wish.com, can anyone please suggest me to proceed for shopping or not. Thanks in advance.
Asked by Younus Khan (3 years ago)
Well in my experience I would never order without seeing the item advertised via a real customer"s picture or video. I stupidly ordered an item and it only had 5 reviews all good but no customer pics or vids. The item that came was entirely different, like as if I ordered something totally different. So my advice when the bargain is good and lots of reviews, pics and videos go for it. Plus I wouldnt order multiple items, the wait time can be so so long. I'm nearly at a month!
Answered by Jane (3 years ago)
No. Its a RIP off not guaranteed to get your stuff or a refund
Answered by Barbara Watkins (3 years ago)
WISH ORDERING GUIDELINES FOR HAPPY SHOPPING I rarely have to ask for a refund. But when I do it is imedentley done without question. Just an I'm sorry here is your refund please keep that item. THIS IS HOW. 1. have a tape measure ready. preferably one for sewing as it has cm on it and that is how most items are mesured. 2. Shipping takes time. If you need it for Christmas then order in October 3. Never order anything like clothes or bedding or expensive electronics and you will be happy 4. great place for dollar store items that are unique.. fake rings... necklaces.. magic erasers.. dollar store items. 5. Pay close attention to the description read carefully to see what you are getting 6. If when you hit buy item and there is a drop down menu then crap on step 5 are changing. read carefully.. 7. if you cancel you order do it right after you have placed it.. like within the hour 8. if you do need a refund. take a pic of the problem item showing the damage or wrong color or whatever clearly when you first claim there is a problem. do not make them ask for it.
Answered by tammy e robbins (3 years ago)
Rip off do not order anything
Answered by Tammy Jones (3 years ago)
My account has been disabled and the reason was wish didn't find my URl link now i want to enable my account can you help me ?
Asked by Abdul Jalil (3 years ago)
They stopped my account because I wanted them to refund my money back for everything after wUting 2 months
Answered by Barbara Watkins (3 years ago)
Asked by MIKARI (3 years ago)
I have been a customer for the last 2 years ordering off my phone got up this morning all of a sudden my phone is now incompatible with wish. How do I know track my orders? I was having some problems Getting some of my orders to me.Why would you take me off line when I have still have orders coming to me.?
Asked by Tyrone Burkes (3 years ago)
How come my date of delivery always changes been waiting almost two mths for item.This is crazy never again
Asked by Colette Boyd (3 years ago)
Yep I waited over 2 months than wanted refunds they locked my account saying I wanted to many refunds
Answered by Barbara Watkins (3 years ago)
Need to get the hold lifted of my account
Asked by samantha sheltonE (3 years ago)
What credit cards do you accept?
Asked by Judy Carter (3 years ago)
Do NOT order anything, scam artists
Answered by Tammy (3 years ago)
Rating is a 0. charged my account things I didn't order but looked at. $922 when I ordered est. $378.00!!
Asked by LisaMarie Velasquez (3 years ago)
How do you send something back? Ordered tennis shoes for women? Got mens shoes.
Asked by Teresa McGee (3 years ago)
yes i would like to know when my orders will be delivered ? mallison8080
Asked by Patsy Mallison (3 years ago)
Does the shed kits on Wish include the wood materials in it?
Asked by Kaitlyn (3 years ago)
Do not order, crooks
Answered by Tammy (3 years ago)
We're does my delivered item get shipped to my door? My mail box were?
Asked by Alvin (3 years ago)
What is american11&half compared to European size 42,43,44,,45 etc.com
Asked by Zafir A.Al-Uqdah (3 years ago)
Ask google for sizing conversions.
Answered by Arlene Murrell (2 years ago)
What does it mean when a shoe size is "one pair sock"? (I can still pick out the color but the price is lower does it mean I will literally receive just a pair of socks?)
Asked by Anonymous (4 years ago)
I would like as many baby socks as allowed in this group invarious colors thx Mts Alexander
Answered by Bobby & Billye Alexander (3 years ago)
My guess is yep, crooks, scam artists!!! Buyer beware!!!
Answered by T (3 years ago)
why can't i find any positive ratings for this company ?
Asked by Mike Iha (4 years ago)
Because they scam honest people
Answered by Tammy Jones (3 years ago)
If i buy an iphone 6plus from here will it work with my AT&T sim card??
Asked by Courtney (4 years ago)
Why do you charge such high prices for shipping and handling? One order of mine, the shipping and handling charges was more Than the the total price of the Merchadise. The prices are great! The others 'charges are. Way too High!!! I will not shop with WISH ANYMORE!
Asked by Kathleen M Osborne (4 years ago)
I order a book that I don't need my last order was a book that I don't need..... I like to have my money off of it.... Thank you me
Answered by Gary Kendrick I ordered a book that I don't need (1 year ago)