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This program has made it easy for my son to read better. I would definitely Recomed.
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Posted 1 hour ago
My daughter noticed the ad while I was scrolling through my instagram, and I stopped and she wanted it! We took advantage of the $5 for the first month offer. When the package arrived my daughter immediately opened it and took off to her room to read to Ello! She read ALL five books that day! She can’t wait to read to Ello and read for prizes!
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Posted 16 hours ago
I love this!!! My son is excited to read!! The competitive vibe is definitely what he needed! He can not wait for the new box so that he can win!! Thank you so much! I highly recommend!!
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Posted 18 hours ago
My son was very excited for his box . He could not wait too start ! He’s only had Ello for 3 days and he’s already ready all his books !! So far we love it , and it works! Ello helps him read independently without feeling frustrated and when he’s stuck on a word it helps him sound it out. He feels confident reading with Ello that’s so important for us !
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Posted 19 hours ago
Ello has truly made my son a motivated reader. He's excited to earn points and choose a prize to come in the next delivery. The little incentives really work on him, and he's eager to receive a new box of books next month. My only feedback is that occasionally he gets frustrated with the app when he is stuck on a word or phrase, but the app has moved on to the next page without catching his error. Sometimes I have to intervene and help him find the right spot to offer him the assistance with sounding out the word he is stuck on.
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Posted 20 hours ago
My daughter really dislikes reading so I tried Ello in hopes to helping her learn while also making it fun and it didn’t disappoint! The only issue I had with it and the reason for not giving it a 5 star review is that sometimes ello thinks he hears the word and turns to the the next page when my daughter either hasn’t said the word correctly or didn’t say the word altogether so then I have to interfere to teach her that word. Or sometimes Ello doesn’t hear her say the word and she has to repeat the word 3x and by then she gets kind of frustrated. But it could be issues with her iPad and not ello, not completely sure. Overall we are loving it and I’m happy that my daughter looks forward to the books and learning to read.
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Posted 23 hours ago
My daughter was very happy with Ello, she loved the books they send every month
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Posted 1 day ago
My son is very hesitant with reading.. we haven’t use Ello very long and he is getting the hang of it. I hope it will help him to be more independent and help build his confidence- my son deals w adhd and possible dyslexia.
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Posted 3 days ago