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Margery Nerland
Very easy to put together, doesn't leak, looks great! And immediately testing the water we're using showed a lovely alkaline PH! I'm so glad we discovered this product to turn our acidic bottled water into something healthy. Looking forward to feeling the health benefits soon.
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Posted 5 months ago
Camilla Greene
My husband and I are enjoying our pH Recharge 1F countertop Alkaline water filter. The Alkaline water has a clean, clear taste that is smooth and light. I find I am drinking a lot more water since I can now produce alkaline water efficiently and quickly.
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Posted 8 months ago
I have purchased 2 of the ph Recharge 1F Countertop Alkaline Water Filter systems and both filters for them, and have experienced a real difference in my health and I enjoy the great tasting water to drink. I am very happy that I found this great water system. Wisconsin girl,
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Posted 8 months ago
JIll Scheidell
Love it, and the taste of the water is so clean and fresh!
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Posted 10 months ago
William Winter
My Order was delivered within a week. Easy assembly, quick set up. My water goes in smelling of chlorine and comes out clean and delicious. I am very happy with the ph Recharge 1F Countertop, not only is it convenient, but it saves me from buying bottled water.
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Posted 10 months ago
Jay Porter
Assembly was not difficult, but leaky. Many times I have to rotate the dispenser handle slightly to prevent leaking onto my wood floors. Have adjusted and readjusted many times to try to get it just right but we have to resort to a plastic cup below. A bit tacky for me but I want the benefits of the water.
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Posted 11 months ago
Hello Jay,

We saw your message and we wanted to reach out and help.
We are sorry to hear of the spigot leaking issues!

If you could, we have found it helpful to empty out the RECHARGE, take the spigot apart, make sure all the pieces are completely clean and dry, and then reassemble.
You should see two gaskets. One goes on each side of the clear plastic body. Please make sure the nut is fully tightened down.

I am hoping you might also give this a try if you have not already.

1) Simply tightening the two pieces of the spigot might help.
2) Fully unscrew the two pieces and make sure that the gasket is seated firmly all the way around.

We can also provide you with photos as reference.
Please send us a message in and we'll be happy to forward to you the pictures to further help. If our troubleshooting suggestions did not work, let us know and we'll send you a replacement spigot

Invigorated Living
Posted 9 months ago