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Did you have a delayed flight or cancelled flight? Airline might owe you up to $700. Submit a claim for flight compensation or ticket refund for free and within 3 mins at

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I travel a lot and of course there are several complications during this time. Grateful for your effort and refund. Thank you very much!
posted 6 months ago - Mateja Sinkovec
I didn't even think about asking for a refund back .
posted 7 months ago - Jackson Antone
Just because of AirAdvisor, you can have some hope to receive the refund. So, waiting is just one thing you can do so never lose hope
posted 7 months ago - Jong Burgdorf
My flight was delayed at JFK with United, and I asked for help to get a refund. This happened in November 2019 and only in January 2021 I got the refund, it took time and I was hopeless. I think it’s better to trust AirAdvisor as they help to settle the claims much faster than it was directly and pretty unsure.
posted 7 months ago - Toya Schuck
I knew I could ask for compensation due to the delayed flight as my friend in London managed to get compensation. But you know how it goes... you can't get to everything on your own. I responded to an email from AirAdvisor and after much thought, I decided there is nothing to loose. I therefore requested my refund process to them. The service was superb...
posted 7 months ago - Slyvia Chilcott
I have to be honest; I didn't believe that this will really happen! I got my refund of $450 from United Thank you guys! You were great!
posted 7 months ago - Shoshana Andrada
It seemed that my refund should be a desperate case due to the complexity of it. Still, AirAdvisor managed to get me 200 eur from the airlines.
posted 7 months ago - Brande Denault
I am extremely happy with AirAdvisor. They have helped me to received the refund from United Airlines for my delayed flight. Thanks a lot. I will recommend them.
posted 8 months ago - Alyce Hitchman
AirAdvisor was excellent as they agreed to send us the refund via online transfer when we objected to providing our bank account information. Much recommended.
posted 8 months ago - Malissa Shockey
AirAdvisor was efficient, expeditious in accommodating us for a refund from Air France. The process to fill out forms was uncomplicated.
posted 8 months ago - Nova González