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Hi can you guys find out what’s going on with my claim ?? It’s been over a year
Asked by Noweed hussain (1 month ago)
Insatisfeita ….não quero viajar mais por esta companhia ,já me foi cancelado2voos Onde fiquei horas no aeroporto e tive de faltar ao trabalho 2 dias??e depois não se responsabilizam-se com nada, não querem saber???não aconselho esta companhia para viajar
Asked by Anabela Moura (1 year ago)
Cara Anabela, Note que não somos a companhia aérea e não somos responsáveis pelas perturbações nos voos. No entanto, podemos ajudá-la a receber a indemnização a que tem direito. Se quiser receber 250/400/600 EUR de indemnização pelo seu voo interrompido, faça uma reclamação no nosso sítio Web -
Answered by (1 year ago)
Invoice 86649, 24-03-23. You stated that you have received, 300 Euro's, compensation at the pre-trial stage, which has taken circa 6 months, to achieve. The invoice you have sent to me, is 30% of the "Pre-Trial, compensation received so far and is payable to yourselves, once I have received, the 300 Euro's into my bank account. Question, 1 :- "Is this correct". Question, 2 :- (a) When do you expect to receive full compensation, (b) what do you estimate, full compensation to be, (c) what timescale are you expecting it to take, to receive the balance of compensation. Kind Regards, John Maulson
Asked by John Maulson (1 year ago)
Dear John, In your case, 300 EUR is a full compensation because your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours but less than 4 hours and the distance between the airport of departure and arrival is more than 3500 km. For such flights, in case of delays of less than 4 hours the provision of Regulation 261/2004 applies, according to which "the operating air carrier may reduce the compensation provided for in paragraph 1 by 50%». You can read more about this in Articles 6 and 7 of EU Regulation 261/2004. We provide our services under the “No-Win-No-Fee” rule. You do not need to pay anything to AirAdvisor. When we collect compensation from the airline we transfer it to you deducting our commission. Our success fee is 30% out of the collected sum at the pre-trial stage or 50% of sums collected in court or through external lawyers. Also you can consult prices on the following link
Answered by (1 year ago)
Llevo 10 meses esperando una indemnización por un vuelo retrasado 24 horas. Me avisaron que me indemnizarán en 2-3 meses y aún estoy esperando
Asked by Mila Juaristi (1 year ago)
Estimada Mila, Por favor, envíenos su número de reclamación al correo electrónico para que podamos comprobar su caso y proporcionarle información actualizada.
Answered by (1 year ago)
Hello, I have received a payment from the flight cancelation but AirAdvisors haven’t sent the money yet to my account. Also, i have sent multiple emails to follow-up this issue and I haven’t received any response. What should I do next?
Asked by Francisco (1 year ago)
Dear Francisco, Please send an email to with your claim number so that we can identify your claim and check what is the problem with your payment. We assure you that you will definitely receive your compensation!
Answered by (1 year ago)
Buna Nu reusesc sa intru in contul meu ,cum procedez pentru a ma autentifica ? Multumesc
Asked by Getalacraru (2 years ago)
I received a refund for a delayed flight but the money did not go into my account How do I enter my bank details? Thank you
Answered by Getalacraru (2 years ago)
Am primit rambursarea ,dar banii nu au intrat in cont A trecut o luna ,cit trebuie sa mai astept ? Multumesc
Asked by Geta Lacraru (2 years ago)
Bună ziua! Nu putem efectua plata, deoarece nu dispunem de informațiile necesare. Vă rugăm să vă autentificați în contul personal și să răspundeți la întrebarea adresată de managerul dumneavoastră, astfel încât să putem efectua plata.
Answered by Alina (2 years ago)
I did. It revive the money in to my account . Claim closed on 24/12/2021
Asked by Mehmet elezi (2 years ago)
Greva 24h ce fac?
Asked by Dumbrava (3 years ago)
Bilet anulat
Answered by Vodă (2 years ago)
Hello, I had a flight cancelled due to COVID, can I get a ticket refund?
Asked by Tetiana (4 years ago)