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How is Boho Factory returns process?

Greater than 97% of reviewers feedback is Boho Factory returns process could be better.

Returns - Difficult

Industry Average
" I bought two dresses from Boho Factory, neither of them look anything like the pictures and they aren’t even functional. One is a wrap dress with no hole in the side to thread the tie through. And their returns policy is terrible with poor contact options. "
- Anonymous
" RED FLAG number 2, returns and refunds can only be made on non-sale items. "
- Anonymous
" BEWARE OF THIS WEBSITE!! FALSE ADVERTISING!! There is no full price merchandise on their site! Even thought they advertise "Free Returns" it is a scam! Sale items are non-refundable, therefore nothing is refundable!! This is a fraudulent company! Please make your complaints in the United States for Online Shopping Fraud to the Federal Trade Commission here... "
- Anonymous