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How quickly does Dressinn resolve customer queries?
(2 years ago)
Greater than 42% of reviewers feedback is Dressinn takes over a week to resolve customer queries.
(2 years ago)
Industry Average
I’ve asked for a prepaid label for a return as it’s damaged for a full refund and got told it will be at my own expense!! This isn’t acceptable as it’s damaged and it’s their fault and considering that they also advertise 100% garantire satisfied!!! This is so frustrating and false advertising to not talk about its been over a week dealing with this and their bad customer service.
- Joe
The worst customer service, I had a hat delivered in a bad and arrived damaged and they are refusing to give me a prepaid label for a return and full refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!
- Joe
This September I filed yet another claim with Route and was told to they cannot service me, citing the 30 days policy and told me to go back to dressinn for them to help me.
- Peter Masombuka