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I’ve got uninsured driver promise on my policy. If my car is damaged whilst I’m not there and they drive off without leaving contact details how does this affect my insurance. Will my premiums go up next year
Asked by Darren (2 years ago)
If i have a multi car policy with myself and my son and he wants move to another address do i need to cancel this policy
Asked by I heardwhite (3 years ago)
I am filling out the eligebility form for a loan and it keeps telling me it does not recognise my sort code!!! I have tried 2 different bank accounts and the same thing happens. Why is this happening? Before you ask yes the sort codes and bank account numbers are correct.
Asked by Jason (4 years ago)
do Admiral offers loan to people with poor credit rating
Asked by jay (5 years ago)
Hi can anyone help me please? I took out a little black policy and my predicted mileage is 5000 miles. However I have drive over 1200 miles since box was installed in August. My policy is for 2000 miles. How much will it be to buy additional miles. Any answers greatly appreciated due to the very negative reviews. I didn't realise my annual mileage was so low.
Asked by mag (5 years ago)
I am looking to insure my car a Suzuki swift with my daughter as a named driver. Please can you let me know how much it would cost. I have 9 yrs NCD, and she is 21yrs old and has 0 NCD. Please forward me a quote for a the multicar option. Thank You, Mukund Gor
Asked by Mukund Gor (5 years ago)
How to make a claim against your insured?
Asked by navin (5 years ago)
a bit more information how to apply for a loan
Asked by oana stefania dogariu (5 years ago)
What extra do you get if you have gold cover car insurance
Asked by Andrew carr (5 years ago)
Why has my 2 Car Insurance Policy increased by £90 from last years premium, when I can still go elsewhere and get it much more cheaply for similar cover.
Asked by Christopher Le Bailly (5 years ago)
Hello, what is the email address to the loan admiral so that I can send the documents to the loan?
Asked by dariusz (5 years ago)
looking for my insurance policy for my car
Asked by terence hardmantel (5 years ago)
hi, if I buy a car insurance with one-off payment (annually), can I get the refund when I cancelled my policy before the end . Like my policy is from Sep 2017 and I cancel it in June 2018, can I get the refund that between June and Sep 2018? thanks a lot
Asked by eddy (5 years ago)
Answered by ffrtfr (5 years ago)