Lancaster Insurance Reviews

1.98 Rating 188 Reviews
Happiness Grade

Lancaster Insurance have a Customer Happiness Grade of C-. Customers are happy with their prices and customer service but are unhappy with their refunds.


Price - Excellent

Industry Average
Renewal made easy and at a competitive price, via a polite and efficient phone call.
- J M Parker
The agent Tom Eldering was most helpful, he took the time to explore all options for me, he negotiated almost £100 discount, the policy found for me was half the price of other insurers I had spoken to plus gave better cover. Very impressed thank you Tom
- Kim Williams
Looks like ALL of the poor reviews are from people wanting to cancel a policy. They need to understand that insurance is an annual contract so don't be surprised if you get charged a fee to cancel. My experience with Lancaster has been great. They came up with a really good price and the service was excellent.
- Samantha

Refunds - Difficult

Industry Average
Took out car insurance for £113 had it for a month phine to cancel insurance as sold car was asked why I sold it which is none of their business then told I will not get anything refunded as it’s like a mobile phone contract. How can you compare a car insurance with a mobile phone their are robbing customers NEVER USE god for bid you have a accident they will never pay you out you will have to pay them NEVER USE /NEVER RECOMMEND
- Irfan araf
It cost me £175 for a year's insurance, but I sold the vehicle within a month of the cover starting, but NO refund so it cost me £175 for less then one MONTH of cover, worse bit is, I would have cancelled within 14 days but I couldn't get thru to them as they never answer the bloody phone!!! I must have waited for at least 6hrs over multiple attempts to contact them.
- Aaron
I Cancelled insurance 7 months into the policy as I had sold the car and was not replacing it. I took advantage of their monthly payments and had paid seven months premiums. They charged me for the remaining five months when I cancelled so I ended up paying the full years premium with no refund. AVOID this company and never pay in instalments! Appalling service!!
- M O’Connor
Industry Average
I continued the Insurance for 3 months, but then sold the car and needed to cancel, trying to get through to their customer service department was unbelievable, then surprise, surprise they wanted £150 pounds to cancel, also I had a change of number plate so another £30 pounds added on, I discussed the situation to the operator but they insisted they wanted tha extra 9 months paid in full after a wait of nearly 30 minutes on the phone they reduced the cancellation to £122 pounds which I have paid to end the drama!! Buyer Beware.
- Anonymous
They are hassle due my Deafness ,secondly they not providing their surname as I suspect this company could be scam due horrific communication system example many times for last 6 weeks never answer my questions on emails plus I spend almost six weeks trying to contact them on their several telephone numbers same story almost everyday pick up saying please hold on for several hours that cost my phone bill over hundreds pounds personal I will NEVER USE that company again it’s rotten horrible customers team services Raymond
- Raymond
Very difficult to contact customer service. Make sure you read the reviews for the insurance providers they are offering.
- Anonymous