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About Leon Cycle Australia and New Zealand:

Since 2018 Leon Cycle has been operating within Australia and New Zealand, providing quality and affordable e-bikes under our brands "ET Cycle" and "NCM".

We offer E-Trekking, E-MTB, E-Cruiser and E-Folding bikes and Conversion kits for everyone in Australia and New Zealand. We are quite diversified and offer both rear- and mid-motor engines, whether from our own design (Das-Kit) or from established brands such as Bafang.

We are proud to have one of the best customer service teams around which is confirmed by many positive customer reviews. So, if you are thinking about buying an E Bike we would be more than happy to assist in making the right choice. Come on down to the Leon Cycle showroom and see the bikes for yourself!

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Got a Question?

Hello, I have a 2 year old NCM Aspen. Ever since new I have had to push the black rubber button on the battery before the "M" button on the handle bar controler will work. If I don't the controller on the bars will just quickly light and go out the it does nothing until I push the battery button?
Asked by Brad Lake (3 weeks ago)
Hi - I'm looking at buying the F1000 folding E-bike for my husband. He is 185cm tall and weighs approx. 100kgs. Will this bike be the right size for him?
Asked by Margie Donoghue (5 months ago)
I just brought a bike. A email said il personally get a email after 24 hours of payment. Now after 24hours i got a email that payment was received and a ticket is being made. That ill get a personal email in another 24hours. What is this ticket? Why do i need to open the link to see my ticket progress?? I brought a bike not a ticket.
Asked by Jessyjean (5 months ago)
Hello, I live in Scotland, and am under 5ft, which bike would nest suit me? Are there any shops in Scotland who stock your bikes? Cheers, R
Asked by RF (10 months ago)
Hi there, Where is Leon Cycles located in New Zealand. Can I have a test ride, and is servicing done here in NZ?
Asked by Peter Neale (10 months ago)
Cambiato motore con garanzia,ma sul display non da ne velocità e km e di conseguenza si spegne, se potete risolvere il problema grazie(possiedo MTB NCM Moscov 48v.13ap.250w)
Asked by Vincenzo (1 year ago)
Does anyone from Leon Cycles actually review and answer the "Questions" asked on this site. Last 13 months questions appear unanswered. Not a great look!
Asked by Ian Campbell (1 year ago)
I purchased 2 ET Cycles F700 in January 2022. My wife and I are in our 60s and we just love them for their comfort on any road conditions and power to go into the wind and up hills etc a prerequisite in Wellington NZ. The folding bikes are great for transporting in the car (Volvo XC 60) as I can get both in the cargo area with the back seats up, though I usually start by having the back seats flat for positioning purposes. It took a few times to master this as the bikes are heavy. We take out the batteries and seats out as this lessens the weight and height. The only thing we would like to have is the ability to have a lower torque on PAS 1 as the bikes can take of quickly as soon as you hit the peddle and catch you unawares especially when new to the bike. Had some close calls in this regard. Now find it best, depending on the road conditions ahead to start of on PAS 0 being no power and once going to change to PAS 2 if power needed. The lower PAS 1 torque would also be very useful for up hill starts and dirt gravel trails so as not to spin out the rear wheel. In this regard, and it is something I noted that a Canadian F1000 UTuber (Brewster) mentioned is with Display unit on our bikes. In the F700/F1000 specs they show the unit having three Power settings being 1.Power, 2.Normal and 3. Eco. This unit also seems to allow personal adjustment to the maximum Km for PAS 1 and the Throttle. The code for the setup is 8088. Our display only has the one setting being Power. The code for the setup is 8018. Brewster commented whether the manufacturer had problems with supply and fitted an older model rather than that illustrated. Recently in reviewing more UTuber videos on how to setup the Display I can across on by EpicCycles which again showed the 3 power settings and the ability to adjust the PAS 1 and Throttle power. He mentioned again the code 8088 but that older models might have 8018. In NZ I see that in Leon Cycle parts for the F700/F1000 they have 2 Displays on for the off road private land which removes any speed limiter and the other display being for normal compliant riding. Both show that they have the 3 Power settings. My question is have I indeed been issued a Display unit that was not as specified for the F700/F1000?
Asked by Ian Campbell (1 year ago)
I am near 70 and would like to buy an e bike, NCM seems to fit my requirements however can’t determine best option between Venice plus, Milano or Moscow. Will use for bike paths and roads, no off-road, want head light and tail light and a back rack. Any recommendation would be appreciated.
Asked by Michael (1 year ago)
The NCM C5 is a pretty light bike for an electric bike for just road use. But it doesn't have the ability to put a rack on the back, as there is nothing to screw onto near the seatpost. Also, if you use 80% of the battery and you then charge it back up to 100% you will only get 80% use from the battery, not 100%. So when you discharge the battery make sure it is discharged 100% in order to get 100% power back from the battery during riding. The manual says do this initially at least 15 times, I did at least 20 times and I still have to full discharge, to get full charge, every time. The battery takes up to 6 hours to fully charge from fully discharged. The battery display shows 3 bars when full, the last bar does not mean 33%, the last bar means 25% or less usable power. Plus when you get your bike check that everything is tight including the spokes. You might need to put grease in the pedals and the crank because it is minimal, and you will get a lot of squeaking coming from them. NCM C5 is very hard to pedal when the battery is turned off, you will be peddling against the turn of the motor. (The rear wheel does not come with gears either).
Answered by Geoffrey (1 year ago)
Is there a Leon cycles near parramatta i need a new charger 4 ncm moscow
Asked by Robert Salezzari (1 year ago)
Hi there I am in Timaru south island have you got a phone number I can call to talk to some one about buying a et cycle please
Asked by Malcolm Hellier (2 years ago)
Are these models available in the UK?
Asked by Ken Rider (2 years ago)
I have purchased the Venice Plus through you guy's this side of New Year's just wondering if and when I should get you guy's to do my first service. I've done about 250 kilometres... it could probably do with a rear spoke adj as they are noisy otherwise I love the bike cheers thanku Shane Dyson Wallaroo
Asked by Shane Dyson (2 years ago)
hi there ,i intereted in the prague or the moscow iam a big guy about 152 kg so what would be the best model to suit me i am thinking maybe the moscow can you advise me if there be suitagle for me thanks wayne
Asked by wayne fezo (2 years ago)
Hi do u have instalment ..?
Asked by Mohamed (2 years ago)
I am not a regular biker but am going on a lengthy ( 1 month ) run late feb 22. Aspen Plus does not seem to be available so wondered about a T1000 bike. What do you think? Cheers Bruce
Asked by Bruce Wilson (2 years ago)
Do you have NCM paris plus battery
Asked by Ismail Ahmed (2 years ago)
Is the "NCM Milano Plus Trekking E-Bike, City-Bike, 250W, 48V 16Ah 768Wh Battery" available with a mid motor drive?
Asked by Paul Dharmaratne (2 years ago)
Sorry it is only available as a rear motor drive.
Answered by Philip (2 years ago)
How long does the battery last for
Asked by Abass (2 years ago)
I did order a Moscow bike on 24.10.21 today 1.11.21 its still shows process pack ! Why does it takes so long if it says 3-5 days delivery ! Nobody answer my email at leoncycle support ! Order num UK21INV0429 looking forward whats going on ?!
Asked by Vitalijs (2 years ago)
When are the NCM Moscow 29 rear racks coming back into stock.?Its been months, and I am still waiting
Asked by Tony Linden (2 years ago)
Please can you advise how many levels of power are on the Moscow? I have only ridden a trek e mountain bike which has 4 levels (eco, tour, emtb and turbo). Is the Moscow comparable? Thanks
Asked by Dawn Brookes (2 years ago)
Purchase a promax suspension seat post for my moscow. Website indicated it was suitable for all ncm bikes. However, the new seatpost diameter is smaller & therefore unable to secure to ncm Moscow. Please advise? Regards Dennis
Asked by Dennis Ord (2 years ago)
Apparently my shipping address isn’t found so I don’t even know if I’m getting my bike I’ve ordered 2 days ago as no new email has come up?
Asked by Ij Miah (3 years ago)
How do I get the light to stay on i press the button then it goes off?
Asked by Gillian STABLES (3 years ago)
Are the moscow ebikes very quite as I don't live noisy motors.
Asked by Gaby (3 years ago)
I wish to bring my Moscow e bike to Townsville with me on holiday from nz. I cm not allowed the battery on the plane. My question is....can I hire a battery while I am in Townsville.?..
Asked by Elaine Salter (3 years ago)
Hi Team Can you hire/buy an ebike? How can you trial before buying? What do the different size tyres offer? What would you consider to be the best bike for a 65yo male looking for exercise in hilly area on paved and gravel tracks? Rob
Asked by Rob (3 years ago)
Can a customer order the Aspen Fat Tire model with the Battery: DEHAWK I5, 48V 16AH, 768WH, instead of the 624wh DeHawk 48v 13AH that comes with the model, and if so is there a cost difference? Thank you
Asked by Corey Simmonds (3 years ago)
Good Morning, I was just wondering if I purchase an e bike and have it delivered to Canada, how would I get servicing , if needed? I'm just worried that there won't be any customer service once I purchase the bike. Thank you
Asked by Corey Simmonds (3 years ago)
Hi there! We have a dedicated website for Canada: https://leoncycle.ca/ You may order on the link above and ask them about the dealers around your area. Leon Cycle AU is currently servicing the Australian and New Zealand market. Hope this helps, Leon Cycle AU Team
Answered by (3 years ago)
Does it have a hand throttle
Asked by Peter (3 years ago)
NCM e-bikes are classified as pedelec bikes. It offers a pedal-assist option as a preset to our retail model. ( To comply with e-bike regulations in Australia ) You may request or purchase an Off-road kit add-on to experience the max speed of our bikes on private land. Check our off-road kit here: https://www.leoncycle.com.au/das-kit-off-road-private-land-use-only-display-kit~9504 Hope this helps.
Answered by (3 years ago)