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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
My life feels worth LIVING rather than just surviving, having taken Lisa’s 12-week Breakthrough Course and now her Master Class. She is a truly gifted coach who teaches from her heart and personal experience, having overcome and evolved past her own personal pain. Lisa has amazing insights to people’s personal experiences, getting right to the crux to bring about true healing, awakening and transformation. A genuine light-bringer.
Posted 1 month ago
All the best for this amazing and brave woman
Thank you, Lisa
God bless
Posted 2 months ago
Wonderful to listen to Lisa's video as always!
Posted 3 months ago
Lisa A Romano has given me the tools that assists me to breathe, think and connect to the truth which is potentially changing my life everyday. I now see the light I am made of and a beautiful destination exists for me. 🙏
Posted 5 months ago
I took both the 12 Week Breakthrough Program and the Masterclass created by Lisa Romano, and I have her to thank for the huge changes I have made in my life. Without these programs I would still be stuck in my childhood programming. I love the way she presents information and shares her life stories. The program is challenging and difficult, but worth every moment.
Posted 6 months ago
After putting Lisa A. Romano's 5 Secrets To Disarm a Narcissist YouTube video into practice and realizing how well the key phrases worked to stump the narcissist, I was sold on Lisa's 12 Warrior Breakthrough Coaching Program!
I learned how to unlock myself as to why, I am the way that I am. While I can't change how others react to me, I can change how I choose to NOT react to them! As my energy changes, the energy around me shifts. I am now more aware and accountable, ascending myself first. Not only did Lisa create the 12 WBCP, she lived it! That is what makes this coaching program so priceless.
Posted 6 months ago
I have found great benefit in this course, I feel it has helped me to uncover some deep truths about myself and the people in my life. I feel empowered by the tools provided in the course to change the destructive patterns which have affected me throughout my life until now.
Posted 6 months ago
At 58yrs old I have always felt like a round peg in a square hole. I have been through therapy and the diagnosis was emotional instability. Words but no WHYs. Just by luck I found Lisa a few weeks ago and couldn’t get her out of my head. It was like my mouth was speaking the words and then came the hallelujah moment. I would never have believed I would accept being a Co Dependant. A t that moment I realised I needed to be a Breakthrough Warrior and join you Dear Ones. I am starting to be alive again. Thank you Lisa and the support team for helping me on this journey Words can never express my gratitude to you all and I send you all my Love Hillary x x x
Posted 7 months ago
The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program has been life changing for me. I learned how my brain works and why that is so important. I started to feel my feelings and learned that everything starts with a feeling. The deep meditations were very healing for me. I am becoming the observer of my thoughts and emotions instead of being caught up in them. I have many more tools in my shed to navigate my life, my brain and my emotions. I am very grateful for this program and Lisa A Romano for creating it from her research and life experiences. I plan on repeat this class several times.
Posted 7 months ago
I began listening to Lisa Romano’s videos On U-Tube in early 2018. Shortly after that, I took her 12 week break through class in March 2018. Then, her Master Class in August of 2018.

Her sharing of experiences and researched knowledge, has truly been a life saver for me! She has a genuine gift, (and when I say gift, I am referring to her having spent the great amount of time and study, to be able to help so many!), of being able to put very complex dynamics in families and relationships where narcissism, scapegoating, and more, exist, into straight forward, relatable and understandable terms!

She has helped me enormously in these areas and in realizing that I’ve lived my entire life as a codependent! I got so much out of her 12 week break through program. In fact, I have repeated it, and I get more out of it each time I do.

I have also benefited from taking the Master class, which goes hand in hand with the 12 week break through. After searching and listening to some others on these subjects, I am so happy to have found Lisa, and to be able to reap the huge benefit that Lisa’s work and her classes have made in my life!
Posted 7 months ago
Lisa A. Romano truly saved my life. I was in the depths of despair after my narcissistic partner left me. I started listening to her videos and finally understood what codependency was and realized I'd been living this way my entire life. Her 12 week breakthrough program really helped me recognize faulty childhood programming. I am finally creating new neural pathways of healthy ways of thinking and honoring myself. Lisa and her team are truly amazing! I'm grateful for each and every one!
Posted 7 months ago
Lisa A. Romano has been an incredible and a most profound life change influence, with her excellent videos and guided meditations.

She has succesfuly managed to massively transform my personal life with her incredibly effective meditations, by healing my childhood abuse wounds and removing my highly self destructive, inherited subconscious
codependency mindset, which was unconsciously damaging my health, love life, career and finances in all ways, shapes and forms.

Like most codependent types, for decades I was particularly unconsciously attracting and was attracted to cluster B narcissists, henceforth bringing about highly destructive relationship experiences of abuse in all ways.

I found Lisa to be an outstanding coach in this enormously complex subject. To me, the most incredible thing about her, unlike many qualified medical professionals with letters to their name, she is really capable of healing traumatised adult individuals. Great number of hurt people though, are for years walking from one therapist to another, without receiving any help whatsoever as there is little care or any understanding of how subconscious mind works from the epigenetic programming in childhood.

From the first video I watched of hers I knew instinctively that she is genuine and has herself endured absolute hell of abuse for decades. From such experience, she has harnessed remarkable ability to help similar abuse survivors. She has described to the letter my both parents, my abusive childhood and my life in every sense, with frightful accuracy and profound understanding of enormous subjects of codependency, narcissistic psychopathy and sociopathy.

I cannot thank Lisa enough for healing, transforming and helping shifting my own reality. She is a remarkably generous and deeply compassionate soul, I could not recommend her more for healing anyone who has suffered abusive childhood or abusive adult relationships. She is a life coach extraordinnaire, capable of truly changing ones reality. Thank you Lisa!
Posted 7 months ago
I found Lisa's work approximately two years ago on YouTube. I found Lisa to be incredibly humble and I was impressed with her ability to understand brain science and how that affects our every day life. Lisa's spiritual energy also resonated with me as well. I have experienced professional psychotherapy as well as worked with life coaches in the past.

I have found Lisa's work to be some of the most effective in my life .To be clear, Lisa is a life coach. She does not claim in any way to offer professional psychotherapy or assistance. In fact throughout her material, free or paid, she often recommends that if one is struggling with deeper issues that perhaps professional psychotherapy help would be in order. She humbly discusses her own experience being very positive when she utilized professional help and credits it for some of her own breakthroughs.

The main purpose of Lisa's work is to help one uncover the faulty limiting beliefs systems that are often holding us back from living an authentic, and thus more rewarding life.

Some of Lisa's work such as the 12 Week Breakthrough Course, can be quite an intensive journey. For some it is possible that in the deep dive of self exploration of personality and past experiences, that one may find repressed memories and emotions arising, therefore it may be helpful to have a professional counselor guide you through

Lisa offers course levels for all income and experience. She offers courses of varying lengths and intensity. She offers the ability to take small, inexpensive courses, to "test drive" her work. She even offers quite a bit of free information through her YouTube channel, meditation site and podcast. Last but not least she has written several amazing books that are available on Amazon.

Overall the value that Lisa offers to her students is incredible! Like anything else you get out of it what you put into it. Lisa is not looking to be anyone's guru and she will say herself that she only holds up a light to help one find their own path. For me her guiding light has been invaluable.
Posted 8 months ago
I find that listening to teachers that are aware and come to you humbly because they have walked the walk with abuse and neglect are priceless! There is so much to sift through whether you are taking an online course, listening to YouTube videos or seeking a therapist or coach. I was lost and confused and seeing a counselor that couldn’t pinpoint my problem as a waste of time, money, effort, and kept me stuck. I needed to take control of my healing but my childhood programming insidiously squelched it. Finding Lisa has been a game changer for me. My healing journey through codependency and finding the courage to leave an abusive marriage to a narcissist has been empowering to say the least and an overall blessing; I’ve found compassion for the abusers in my life and through using new strategies (to use instead of the outdated ones I learned as a child) I’m able to keep predators away while I honor myself and my emotional/mental health. I recognize that I gave my power away and allowed people to talk me into putting my red flags down, which kept me stuck and confused as to who I really was. Skills such as Shutty Shutty and the 123 Method are undeniably successful skills to keep you in your own lane. My work with my current therapist is much more enlightening because Lisa suggested asking specifically for someone that can help with codependency, childhood trauma and narcissistic abuse; I bring Lisa’s lessons with me to discuss which has aided in my trauma recovery. My goal is peace; peace within me and all around me.
Posted 8 months ago
I am an adult child of alcoholic (ACOA) parents. Over the last five years I have experienced the most excruciating, heart wrenching, grief and loss that a person can endure. Being in such a dark place I have been through hospitalization for my emotional, psychological mental health to deal with all of these traumas. I have been working with a mindfulness therapist. I have learned about cognitive behavioral therapies and many other tools. I’ve been affiliated with 12 step programs. I have read several self-help books. I have been working on all of the self-care and self-love that I could think of in regards to my well-being.It wasn’t until I googled ACOA and stumbled upon Lisa A Romano’s teachings, coachings, and videos. Lisa’s approach, her methods, and overall content spoke directly to my soul. I have gone through her 12 week course, master class, and am currently working with her 1:1. As a professional myself I can’t say enough about Lisa’s work. She truly has guided me and save my life to endless possibilities as I continue to learn and grow because I do believe I AM ENOUGH. I am forever grateful to you Lisa. Thank you for all you do.
Posted 8 months ago
I cannot thank Lisa A Romano enough for what she has done for my life! My life is so much more self-directed now! I am doing things that I never thought possible! I can honestly say that I love myself now, and that that makes all the difference! I am saying no when I need to, I am loving more ‘me’ time, my health is improving, I am happier! I am still there for others, but when I ‘choose’ to be there, rather than a feeling of duty or over responsibility. I am self-actualising in so many ways and feeling joyful at times and sharing that joy, rather than getting pulled in to trying to fix other people’s problems. I can see narcissistic behaviours really clearly now and I don’t feel manipulated or drawn in by them. I am still on my learning path, but I am getting stronger each and every day and Lisa has played a big part in bringing that all together for me! Her courses are wonderful and her information ignites a fire for more learning. If you are wanting to heal from co-dependency Lisa A Romano is the one to see! I love you Lisa! ❤ ❤ ❤
Posted 8 months ago
After decades of talk therapy and self-help books, I found the secret formula. Lisa's 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program walks you through the early childhood years to help you understand how your view of yourself and the world was formed and how you can alter those dysfunctional perceptions - which is the key to your own happiness. I highly recommend.
Posted 8 months ago
Lisa’s book has changed my life. She’s helped me to understand all the ‘toxic dynamics’ of my upbringing and I now have clarity and happy happy life. Grazie Lisa for the incredible gift you bring to they world.
Posted 8 months ago
For years I was blind for the (covert) narcissistic abuse I endured during my childhood. Even while studying for my masters in psychology, the subject was only slightly mentioned. I found no answers for my knowing something was terribly wrong in my family of origin. Only when a therapist suggested the possibility of narcissistic abuse and after emdr therapy for complex trauma, my journey in the right direction started.
Finding Lisa A. Romano was the best thing that could have happen to me after that. There was still so much to heal, so much to understand and to discover, while my therapist told me the therapy was finished and I had to move on.
Lisa gave me the answers, insights and information nobody gave me so far. And even more, the so much needed tools to heal and grow further. The programs Lisa offer are no overnight wonder pills, which in my humble opinion do not exist for this kind of abuse. She offers fair, honest, wise and tremendous insights, tools and wisdom which can help you find your way out of the negative, unconscious programs that are the result of abusive childhood or relationships.
I can recommend Lisa's work to everyone on the healing path that is willing to do the work. Lisa is a very honest, sincere, wise, loving and intelligent woman, she walked the walk and was able to connect the dots in a very structured, complete way.
For me Lisa and her work served as a lighthouse that helped me navigate out of the dark and gave me back the power, strength and love that residated in me all the time!

I wish everyone on this healing journey all the best, may you find the answers, insights, relief and peace you are looking for!
Posted 8 months ago
I absolutely love you Lisa! My life has been very difficult over the years being married to one of these! And I’m now a recovering alcoholic, who has been to prison and humiliated up the wazzoo! But I’ve shared my vulnerabilities and never felt more courage! Your messages are some of the best I’ve seen!!!! Thank you Lisa! I love your posts and videos!
Posted 8 months ago
Lisa A. Romano is rated 4.92 based on 48 reviews