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have waited one month for a card?? rang and was told its on its its way...twice!!
Asked by KEN DAVIES (3 days ago)
Why wasn’t there Any Tisues in the lady’s to day need 1 or 2 bcs of being sick could this be looked into please!?.
Asked by Barbara Mansfield (1 month ago)
Why went you give a money off voucher do you make the amount to spend high example I get £8 off a £80 spend… only then only get till 29 September to spend it!!! I rarely spend that amount in a week.. please could you do smaller amounts or give us longer to use voucher
Asked by S. Bryant (2 years ago)
Why dId you put on your Web site that your store was open day when it wasn't and I travelled out with virus about for nothing all the other supper market closed on there website I herd a few people outside your store complaing I think it's a disgrace you can't even get your website right.
Asked by Steve steve (3 years ago)
How do u write a review?
Asked by CAROLINE SMITH (3 years ago)
I phoned morrisons Monday 11/11/2019 about my wifes card for a replacement spoke with a girl no sense gave my wifes name mrs Sandra Thomas addres sa148ye and she just hung up on me we will now go t shop a tescd I emailed you yesterday no replay uour loss not mine Tesco gain
Asked by mr hugh thomas (4 years ago)
A advert as just come on , saying that advent calendars are £1 , but there not they are £1.50
Asked by Amanda Bettley (4 years ago)
I am buying Grapefruit in large tins 1250grams size from my local supermarket. I eat a large bowl of grapefruit everyday and buy at least 3 tins a week. They are very heavy to bring home. Why isn’t this item shown on online list of tinned fruits ? This and other heavy goods I would like to have delivered. This from an ordinary householder and not for outside catering
Asked by Christina Harris (4 years ago)
Why is it when you write a review the text goes on but not the picture. My review went on yesterday and the missing picture is important!!
Asked by Alan Tonks (4 years ago)
what the hell do they do to their smoked mackeral, have any of their samplers ever tasted proper smoked mackeral? this stuff is pumped so full of some liquid it is a bit like a fish shaped soup...increase the price and do it properly please.
Asked by col lord (4 years ago)
What is happening to Morrisons - lack of stock on shelves and fewer and fewer staff. Surely when the store opens the fish counter for example should be ready for service and the tills should have more assistants, rather than be pushed to the self service - which in itself is a disaster. I have shopped at morrisons ,Doxford Park for years, and if this is progress "I will eat my hat". I would like to congratulate Alison on the checkout for her help and assistance always. and in particular Lyn Fisher on bread and cakes - she is to be commended. She has a lovely pleasant manner and will always go that extra mile for a customer.She is indeed a credit to morrisons. I would like to think my comments could be passed on to them. Thank you.
Asked by Anne Rundle (4 years ago)
On a few occasions while I am at a checkout packing my bags and paying by my debit card customers next in line have stood next to me nearly touching me which makes me rush damaging some items that I have to pack carefully and also make me anxious about my payment privacy as pins could be copied especially when the person stood next to you has their mobile phone in their hand ,couldn't there be some sort of marking line on the floor with a polite message saying please keep behind till the customer in front has been dealt with ,this would help so many customers ,mothers with children ,elderly ,disabled ,Thankyou
Asked by Cynthia stocks (5 years ago)
Why did I get herpes from licking the table in the toilets?
Asked by Sammy (5 years ago)
are you sure it was from the table or the fun we had last night ;)
Answered by owen ham (5 years ago)
does morrisons have their own reviews sight?
Asked by hidden duck (5 years ago)
no fella, dm me personally if you want to talk business ;) x
Answered by jamie (5 years ago)
My store in Newport does not have my favourite soup, Cross and Blackwell pea and mint. Will more stock be arriving? Also you are now selling unusual vegetables. Might I suggest you give some guidance such as how to cook for example cassava and plantain. I bought cassava and my wife did not know how to cook it. also it is said to include cyanide, probably not an alarming factor if you have full information.
Asked by Gerald Lee (5 years ago)
I am Chinese and I love the fact that you are now selling a lot of Asian food. But please please could you try to get shweppes cream soda in for the Asians as we grew up with it like the lemon tea you sell. Much appreciated if you even try.
Asked by Bonny Chung (5 years ago)
I am trying out home shopping with you. Could you tell me if anything is out of stock. You will send me a substitute? Thanks
Asked by Tina (6 years ago)
Why do Morrison put prices up 3 weeks before Christmas is it to pay for so called points they give you
Asked by keith wall (6 years ago)
Why are a lot of items in rothwell store always out of stock.
Asked by Pearl Gulliver (6 years ago)
We have been buying maribones from Morrisons Rhyl for some years now but have noticed a large rise in costs. We used to get two bones in a plastic box . Then this year they have started to put One in a box for the same price or dearer. We asked the butcher who told us it was not them but how they were sent and they are now based on weight. This has almost doubled the price. We cannot believe this could happen as the only thing the dogs eat is the marrow inside the bone,NOT the BONE. This is putting the price up on what really is the packaging!!! Would you put the price of a bottle of pop up if it was in a bottle because it weighed heavier. Come on and be realistic. There is many times just a much maribone in a small piece of bone as there is in a big piece of bone depending on what the animal was like. Please be fare to the public.
Asked by Graham Copeland (6 years ago)
I'll bone you now. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Answered by Choke Me Harder Daddy (5 years ago)