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How quickly does Morrisons resolve customer queries?
(2 years ago)
Greater than 44% of reviewers feedback is Morrisons takes over a week to resolve customer queries.
(2 years ago)
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I went to teaside park store and i asked for a refund for a baby coat that I bought a while ago in the sale and I returned it as faulty as bits of fluff were coming off it so the assistant at first said I couldn’t have a refund because it didn’t look faulty as I didn’t have a receipt or tag but of course I’ve had it on the baby because I didn’t release I was going to bring the item back faulty but for me it was a safety issue with the fluffy bits coming off it I didn’t want my baby to swallow the bits but when I explained to the assistant that it was faulty she wasn’t going to refund it as it didn’t look faulty but she wasn’t listening to what I was trying to explain to her, I did get the refund eventually but her attitude stinks how she even got the job on the customer service desk beats me, it’s just frustrating for me because i also work in a customer facing role and I know what it’s like being shouted at by a customer and it’s not nice but if I had that attitude at my work I would be straight up too the office getting told off but it looks like she clearly got away with it but her attitude was absolutely appalling and can’t speak to customers the way she spoke to me with out getting spoken too by higher college or managers, she definitely needs customer service training and also every time I walk into that store it always smells like someone has been sick and it’s a horrible smell, it’s disgusting
- Anonymous
Contacted Customer Service, they agreed a refund on the 4 items and confirmed the amount, which was wrong.
- gibson100
Shocked to say this but really poor customer service there, found human hair in their own brand frozen food so took photos and sent it to them and they never even replied to it Must be that common to find human hair in their food that they just can't keep up with the emails Also when I wrote to them on Twitter yesterday to see if there was an update on either the website contact form reference number or the email reference numbers they just said they do not accept reference numbers on Twitter ? Just really surprised how poor their food preparation must be to have long black hair inside and the lack of any customer service since raising it as always thought Morrison's was a big company, the food had to be put in the bin with it being contaminated but they cannot even be bothered to reply to an email or their web forms Will just stay out of their stores in future
- Andy