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Refund - Difficult

Industry Average
Still awaiting product ordered in January. No response to emails and phone messages. Email finally responded to after the supplier(Donotage) kindly intervened at my request....however still awaiting product or refund...bizarre
posted 4 months ago - Elizabeth G
After contacting Royal Mail to see if they were able to retrieve it I was told that I should contact Oceans Alive to request either a refund or a replacement.
posted 5 months ago - Laura L
After contacting they confirmed it being lost, offers a refund or replacement order.
posted 10 months ago - Anonymous
They never send me the product and never refund the money back. 98 euros!! Not relaible company
posted 11 months ago - Cristina
In the end after almost a month, i haven't received the product, and the refund was issued.
posted 1 year ago - Aneta J
Bought 5x100ml argan oil, received 5x50ml. Offered a partial refund which I excepted, but still worked out more than a full priced 100ml else where. Please get your act together and stop wasting peoples time.
posted 1 year ago - G S
I did not accept the package because the delivery man (UPS) requested me to pay 36€ for it . I did not excpect it as i paid in the web site for world delivery. I am waiting for a full refund from them, still no reply.
posted 1 year ago - Delphine E
I ordered something for next day delivery as I was going to India for 2 months and they didn’t actually deliver until 3 days later, with no apology. So the item is useless as i didn’t receive it in time and had to leave without . I wrote a complaint and asked for refund and they never replied.
posted 1 year ago - Clea M
Why was I charged Tax on vitamins? Your previous answer was not sufficient. Please explain. I require a TAX refund.
posted 2 years ago - Dean E
Unfortunately even though this was their error they would only refund me 50% because I had cracked the seal.
posted 2 years ago - Anonymous