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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Snow really works. My teeth are much better and not sensitive with Snow. I like wired one better because wireless one was not working too soon.good to have warranty.
Posted 9 hours ago
I tried everything, whitening toothpaste, strips, trays and nothing. I tried snow and I noticed a change first day... stuck with it and wholly moly what a difference. The best compliment is when someone says I love your smile. You know it’s because your teeth are white. Since snow I get compliments all the time. I used it for three weeks and now just once a month to maintain. Absolutely the best product. After about six months I had an issue with the light and they immediately replaced it no questions asked. Running perfect ever since. Love this product, would absolutely buy again, but not necessary five year warranty.... who does that. You must really believe in your product. Don’t wait..... this is absolutely the best product I have tried.
Posted 4 days ago
Best teething whiting system I have ever used. Also great customer service.
Posted 6 days ago
Great product! I have the whitening kit and the toothpaste. If you’re consistent with the whitening, it works!! The toothpaste is better than any other whitening toothpaste I’ve tried. Doesn’t leave you with horrible breath like most! And it helps maintain your progress between treatments. And you simply can’t beat their customer service! They’re always kind and considerate.
Posted 1 week ago
These people are great! The product is great!! It’s a win win for me and hopefully for you too 😊 So happy with my whiter teeth!!! Thanks Snow
Posted 1 week ago
Finally, a way to have your teeth look professionally whitened without having a dentist do it and without costing hundreds of dollars! LOVE SNOW!!
Posted 1 week ago
I have received such excellent customer service from SNOW and not only that, I will be ordering the wireless whitening kit! I wasn’t sure in the beginning if this was for me, but I asked specific questions and received my answers promptly. Also, the sincere gratitude of wanting to help a customer was greatly appreciated. This made me feel very comfortable and I’m looking forward to using this product! Thank you!
Posted 1 week ago
Great product! I have tried other whiteners without success but have seen noticeable difference within 10 days with SNOW.
Posted 1 week ago
I have had a great experience with their teeth whitening products. I had tried other products that hurt my teeth. The SNOW serum is powerful but doesn't hurt my teeth. So my teeth are now considerably whiter without any pain. When I had a problem with the LED light no longer working on my mouthpiece, they immediately sent me out a new one. No hassles. Their customer service is great. Their products are pricier than other LED teeth whitening systems but it is worth it given the quality of their products and the great customer service.
Posted 1 week ago
Best dental whitening system I’ve ever used- both for whiteness and non-sensitivity!

In addition- the first mouthpiece stopped working after 2 months so when I contacted Snow they replaced it within a week free of charge/shipping without me even having to send back the defective one as proof!!

Posted 1 week ago
I have the SNOW wireless system and it is amazing. My teeth were already white but SNOW gives it that polish that gleam that you see when you smile and the sun hits your pearly whites. This will be my gift to some of my family members for Christmas this year. It’s amazing and it really helps those teeth shine.
Posted 1 week ago
The most amazing whitening product on the market, with the most amazing customer service.!!!! Purchase right away, you won't be sorry!
Posted 1 week ago
I’ve been using the product for almost 3 months now and see a little improvement on my teeth. Yes, it lightens but not as I expected on the other reviews. Customer service is great. Nallely is very accommodating to my needs and replies very soon to my emails. Thank you Nallely for all the help. After having a lot of issues with my unit, they replaced it with a new one.
Posted 1 week ago
Customer service is excellent. I had a problem and she fixed it right away. She was very friendly and kind. She took care of my problem without question.
This is a great product. My teeth are whiter than they’ve ever been.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Ordered SNOW for my 50th birthday in hopes of seeing a difference in my smile. Have utilized various teeth whitening products over the years and even had my teeth professionally whitened and while the change was okay, it was never to the caliber I was hoping for. Within 4 uses, my teeth were 2 shades whiter!!!! I was amazed and excited at how quickly the difference was. I also have sensitive teeth and was not bothered by this product at all. Fantastic! My husband now has SNOW and we tell everyone about it! Incredible!
Posted 3 weeks ago
I ordered the Dual-light, WIRELESS, Self-Sanitizing Snow® Smart Teeth Whitening At-Home System. I received a defective item. It would not charge properly. I didn't get a chance to see what the system could do because I only was able to use it 4 days inconsistent. I recently returned the product and am awaiting a refund. I would rate it zero, but it is not an option.
Posted 3 weeks ago
OMG..THE TRANSFORMATION WAS HUGE!! I was ashamed to show my teeth when i smiled. I have no need to cover my mouth when I smile now..which is often!! I actually feel pretty and have found me again!!
Posted 3 weeks ago
I'm def noticing a difference in my teeth shade after just a few weeks of use. I'm not as constant as I could be.. imagine where I'd be if I were!!!
Posted 4 weeks ago
After a month or so, I can see a difference . Not cheap but it works way better than white strips, and they are not inexpensive either. I use the gold serum for 30 minutes each day. My mouthpiece stopped working, only a third of the lights worked, I called SNOW and they sent out a replacement immediately. So I'm satisfied, it does what it says.
Posted 4 weeks ago
This team is Awesome!! I
absolutely love my wireless kit!
The 21 day challenge results really gave me a reason to smile!
Even in these difficult times where everything is uncertain this is a company and staff I can count on!
Thanks for continually going above and beyond for your customers! You've got a lifetime one in me!
Posted 1 month ago
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