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Wickes continues to be one of the major brands in the DIY and Home Improvement sector. We have a range of over 10,000 products (98% own brand), and are able to offer our customers everyday low prices by sourcing the best quality products at the lowest possible cost. Most of our products are available for next-day delivery, including big & bulky stuff. At Wickes you can discover a whole host of inspirational ideas for your Home and Garden, with some of our key products being doors, flooring, tiles, kitchens and gardens. Launched in 2006, the Wickes transactional website features product details covering the complete Wickes range. Our website is constantly being enhanced to help improve customer satisfaction, so why not be a part of that journey by helping customers find us.


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Wickes Building Supplies, Rhosilli Road

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Has anyone else purchased a Tiverton Bone colour kitchen in the last 9 months, only to find that once paid for and delivered, and the fitting is underway,its not anything like the same quality of that is on display in the showroom. Well we did,and 4moths later we are still trying to get the replacements for at least 60% of the rubbish we received. Wicjes customer services are rude unprofessional an inefficient.
Asked by Mrs wendy coughlin (1 year ago)
Would you recommend getting kitchen installed from Wolverhampton branch? Looking at the reviews it is off-putting but not specific to Wolverhampton branch.
Asked by Anuja Jalota (2 years ago)
Thinking of getting a kitchen and having wicked do everything ,from derby wickes, anybody got any advise
Asked by Cazzie (2 years ago)
2 issues, 1. I found their customer service call centre, no good, fully automated and still it hung up one me twice, useless 2. On line ordering, a message order over £75.00 and you get free delivery! (no you don't) increased my order which incurred a fee of £30.00 due to bulk. which company is a good substitute wickes? please advise
Asked by P Haberfield (3 years ago)
Is wickes building sand any good
Asked by alan parsons (3 years ago)
Do the door people wear masks? I see lots of people saying serve is very bad at the Exeter store.
Asked by Dato (3 years ago)
Ordered 2 tins of fencing paint on 15th june in shielding so ordered and paid extra for delivery. Money taken out straight away, no delivery, no conformation received. No email or telephone to contact. Seems to be a common problem with wickes. Is there anyone we can contact to make an official complaint. Terrible company.
Asked by Lorraine Smith (3 years ago)
Has anybody else had a door hinge on a kitchen cupboard pull away from its fixing damaging the side unit
Asked by Garry (4 years ago)
We have had a disgusting service from wickes Stafford with our kitchen to the point that after we found a dangerous fire hazard in the way the hob was fitted and clarified by AEG to be dangerous, The fitter spending more time on the phone at our house after arriving late in the day and the leaving early afternoon leaking pipes on to new plaster holes the wall not filled the list goes on and on the area manager come out under duress with a could not care less attitude treating us as if we were stupid. I wont go into head office reaction only that eventualy a lady sent a very good fitter to fit the fire proofing to the hob and fill the holes through to the outside that had been left the rest like fitting the extractor fan to the outside,the pipe left loose in the loft I have paid for myself just to complete the job This started 17th June and was finally signed off on the first of August I have not looked or asked for compensation until I realised how much it had cost and how much it had affected the renovation of the bungalow time scale I have COPD and the idea of moving this bungalow would make things easier for me in the future and by the way I have just received an email offering me £200 compensation for my trouble I now feel totally insulted
Asked by John Fletcher (4 years ago)
Why does one always have to have a mobile phone when placing an order online, not everyone wishes to own a mobile. I have tried a couple of time, as I do not have a mobile I can not place an order, so how do I get over this Not even a Land line is excepted still wants a mobile.
Asked by A Verrall (4 years ago)
They dont except landline as mainform because they send text message alerts about your orders as well as email you order information. The only way to get around it is to either go into store and they will try to sort it for you or to use an obvioulsy fake looking mobile number, with your real landline.
Answered by josh (4 years ago)
What is the point of you having the Telephone number when you don't answer a call?
Asked by Giovanni Mormone (4 years ago)
Began order online, got to check out and says all items out of stock. Checked online each item and found all to be on stock at various stores. Spoke to wickes online chat, guy said don’t deliver outside 30 mile radius...I’m 37 miles. Nothing on website or terms and conditions or delivery information regarding 30 mile radius. ???????? Any others had similar
Asked by John (5 years ago)
Yes, right now exactly the same thing. I can click and collect but it'd be a 5hr round trip to Inverness. No idea why they can't just make that 30 mile thing obvious rather than lie about items not being in stock.
Answered by Graham (4 years ago)
stores dont do delivery like that, they wont cross deliver items from store to store. they may show stock levels but it wont come from that store. most online orders come from main warehouse
Answered by Josh (4 years ago)
Why is there not one positive review for Wickes ????
Asked by XXXXXX (5 years ago)
Because people are having a really shocking time with this company, it's an horrendous experience and they are ruining people's projects. I personally will never use them again. Please read the reviews and take them seriously, don't spend your money and be disappointed, use another firm, not a Mickey mouse one like wickes.
Answered by Mandy (4 years ago)
Because wickes are crap. Poor design service. Poor customer service. Just poor everything in general.
Answered by Simon mizzi (4 years ago)
Anyone had a kitchen fitted by Wickesnin Ashford Kent? Have seen some very good reviews on other sites but really worried after reading these reviews.
Asked by Mary GAMBRELL (5 years ago)
Are your bathroom installers sub contractors or are they employed by Wicks ?
Asked by alan bridle (5 years ago)
No, they’re not. They are subcontractors. I have had awful work done by one of their subcontractors for a bathroom, and Wickes are claiming that it’s nothing to do with them, regardless of the fact that they were part of Wickes “Design to Install” package.
Answered by Philip Hammond (5 years ago)