Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Concentrated Butter Oil | 120 Capsules Reviews

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Posted 1 month ago
Good product, where I get Quality fish oil and vitamin K2 all in one
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Posted 2 months ago
Very good product
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Posted 3 months ago
I bought this product to help us with our dental health, and for now it works very good.
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Posted 6 months ago
I bought the capsules as I read the book "curing cavities" and feel like they have a made a difference, I no longer have a sensitive tooth, and that took about a week to take effect. I stopped for one day and the sensitivity came back, so they do work. They are easy to swallow and I would like to order more. Im hoping to heal my teeth, nothing major wrong with them, but I mentioned sensitivity to my dentist and he wants to do a filling on a tooth that showed up on x ray as having a mark, the same mark that had been there for about three years, how unnecessary in my opinion. Ive always thought to myself, how come skin and bones can heal themselves, what about teeth? Now I know the truth, with the correct diet, they can, it is just the 'modern' diet that depletes minerals so that they have to be pulled from the teeth and bones instead.
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Posted 7 months ago
Love this product. Take 2 every morning with breakfast and my dentist even commented on the improved health of my teeth!
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Posted 9 months ago
These always work well for healing your teeth, Excellent in fact!
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Posted 11 months ago
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Posted 1 year ago