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How quickly does Jdwilliams resolve customer queries?
(7 months ago)
Greater than 62% of reviewers feedback is Jdwilliams takes over a week to resolve customer queries.
(7 months ago)
Industry Average
Although I have been disappointed with sizing of some items, overall, I am more than pleased with the service I get from J D Williams, as I am a regular customer.
- Dianne Malek
it arrived with missing part ( manufacture error ) I realised after I build the drawers, Spoke with customer service team, had to explain I discarded all the boxes all I got left was the receipt & luckily they've ordered Hermes pick up! & took the drawer's back & my new one arrived in literally 2 days after my concern that it wont arrive before Christmas.
- Suzanne
give good service and all goods have quality and delivery is excellent
- Michael Haslam