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Hi I am getting a new boiler I am worried about it no one has explained was going to happen I just need someone to explain what's going to happen on the day in my house do
Asked by Michelle Mathieson (5 months ago)
Since my mother in law passed away her flat.which is directly next door to mine has remained appliances are lights used yet they just hit me with a £4385.bill.they never read the meter in years.I don't owe it and won't pay it.everytime I phone I get a not very good English speaker who really don't have a clue
Asked by Noel (5 months ago)
Has anyone else finding an increase in their gas & electric last few days , since I’ve had message on app saying my new price cap is on display but not to worry as am still being charged current usage charges but I look at my smart meter and it’s not what it’s been in the past and everything is fine looking at tariffs but am over the odds what it’s been previously . Curious to know if anyone else been thinking this way too .
Asked by LM (6 months ago)
The British Gas app is a total waste of time - my real time gas and electric usage have never been visible. I did ask if the problem was my smart meters or due to a software issue - I have made a customer complaint regarding this, but not sure if there is anyone in the British Gas office to deal with it as no response to date……. Was a customer of Peoples Energy who gave excellent customer service until they went down the pan and British Gas took us on. Very Dissapointed……
Asked by Brian Parkin (9 months ago)
Where is my refund gone from Bristol energy i have been waiting weeks and weeks for my credit of £84 to come across to my account, you are an absolute shower of a company, and i am reporting you to the regulator.
Asked by Derek (11 months ago)
Why have you not sent me a cheque for the credit that was on my pre- payment gas-meter that you changed for a Smart meter in September 2021. Despite the four promises from your operatives of “ A cheque will be in the post, within the next fourteen days.” ?
Asked by Andrew Brown (1 year ago)
Why are you wasting my time? I was supposed to have another appointment from someone from your company as I DO NOT want any a new boiler install to the other side of kitchen.I need to have 2 new shafts I don’t know the measurement of the space between the shafts so can’t get it done yet. If you’ve organised an appointment with someone in your company not an engineer then why are you lying to me? Had no heating or hot water since January.SO NOt read from a ridiculous script employ builders, plasters and joiners and don’t sell boilers until you have done so.It’s the only way for you to respect customers which after seeing your reviews you just want the profits and don’t care at all.
Asked by Elizabeth Wang (1 year ago)
I have homecare cover does replacement band A boiler still have a £200.00 reduction. £35 over 5 years is £2,100.00 Which is more than a boiler would cost. The. Average cost of a combi boiler is £6-800.00 why are yours so expensive? Would the sill be no apr for 3 years on a replacement boiler with homecare? Why don’t you show the boilers on your website with prices all other companies do? Why are unceasing number of customers leavin British Gas? How does the Hive work? Does a replacement cost more to have it moved asap. Are there any other reductions you could eg I live alone. And use a wheelchair?As well a drug resistant epilepsy. Could you send hard copies of details from advisor.Emails on iPhones are to easy to accidently delete.
Asked by Elizabeth Wang (1 year ago)
My new boiler comes with a 5 year warranty, but they do the first service on the day it’s fitted, that can’t be right. It’s like buying a new car and being told they have carried out the first years service on the day you pick it up. British Gas don’t even respond when you make a complaint.
Asked by M North (1 year ago)
Why is Your Customer service Atrocious you get rating of 1 out of 10 in your Reviews?
Asked by Lee Young (1 year ago)
New boiler today inside great but they could not fit gas pipe inside because of dishwasher ok pipe to go outside not ok looks like a tapestry half way up gable of house the around the window at back why not below the side of house and why was I not told this b3fore we booked
Asked by Furlong (1 year ago)
Is this acceptable
Asked by D (1 year ago)
You will note I sent 2 messages 3 days ago, and no reply to date. If I do not get a response within the next few days I will simply change my supplier. A pity because I’m sure my issue could be easily resolved. Today’s date and time 4/6/21 3p.m. Is anyone there?
Asked by Alasdair (1 year ago)
You have a spelling error in your response box!
Asked by Alasdair (1 year ago)
I have just received a renewal quote for a 2-year contract. I know I about to be short changed so if I don’t get a sensible response I will be seeking a new supplier. My night time rate has gone up from 9.075 to 14.532. The Go Comparison site are offering a night rate of 12.143. My electricity is 80% night rate which makes a significant difference. Explain please.
Asked by Alasdair Dowling (1 year ago)
Hi can you tell me when I will get the warm home discount I was approved a few months ago??
Asked by Francis Healy (2 years ago)
Is anyone else having problems accessing their online BG bill ? After some time unable to access this , I contacted them last week and was told that they could access it but I cannot but still was not told why and what the problem was ! (SUSPICIOUS ) I was put through to a tech department who still did not explain it , but said they were looking into it. I then requested a paper bill , which has not yet arrived . --- still cannot access the account online ! WHAT IS GOING ON !
Asked by irate (3 years ago)
If the gas meter is capped off is it safe
Asked by Kelly (3 years ago)
I am in dispute regarding an electricity bill. I only moved to this property at the end of January. I have seen a statement on their site (unfortunately I cannot bring it up again) that suggests that missed meter readings are adjusted when a future reading is received. As this property was only partially occupied prior to my occupancy I have a strong suspicion that I am paying for the previous owners electricity. Has anybody else had this experience?
Asked by Linda Adams (3 years ago)
Why would a low rate electric meter (ie night) record a reading when I just had electric heaters and not storage heaters?
Asked by Linda M Adams (3 years ago)
is it worth having the IQ fitted, they are offering to fit it for free. whats the catch to the customer
Asked by chris harries (4 years ago)
Am I liable by the law (of British Gas) to have to pay them a leaving fee if I leave them and change suppliers because they've messed me around for so took nearly six months and countless phone calls for them to transfer my BG account from my old address to my new address then when they finally fitted my pay as you go smart meters September 2018 they didn't work properly, so 19th February 2019 after another gazillion phone calls an engineer came and replaced the smart meters with the old style pay as you go meters, he said the smart meters didn't work because of a fault with the signal he also was promised me a new payment Gas Card would be with me by Saturday at the latest, when it didn't arrive i rang BG again and was told to go to the shop and ask for a Gas RTI Card which I did, also giving him the code number BG had given me, but that card didn't work. Now some little jobsworth at BG has just told me "They don't send out Gas Cards if you change your meters over and the man in the shop did the RTI Gas Card wrong and that I had to go back and tell him to do it right!! The saying "The straw that broke the camels back" comes to mind, so are they within their rights to make me pay for their incompetence if (when) I leave
Asked by Wendy (4 years ago)
How much is o me care four /energy extra 400
Asked by James corker (4 years ago)
hi switched recent and totally love it ,use my link and i will help you get another £ 40 on top of your £ 50 just pm after you complete switch and enjoy ,im more then happy to give you my share ,and keep £ 10 for me
Asked by mike (4 years ago)
We have homecare cover with British gas we have updated our boiler to a wocester combi if we contact them will they reduce the monthly payments
Asked by Palmer (4 years ago)
Nope, they will charge you more money every year, regardless of your new boiler. I got a new top of the range combi boiler last year and British gas charged me an EXTRA £95 a year in my annual payments. When I queried this I was told that the charge would've happened anyway and there was nothing they could do. Given that they were charging me almost £400 a year BEFORE the increase , and they were willing to offer new customers a much better price regardless of boiler age or condition, I cancelled the contract with British Gas Homecare. Since then they have been hounding me via phone (4-5 times daily).
Answered by l walker (4 years ago)
which company is the best energy supplier for business? any one can help
Asked by ako (5 years ago)
Contact me I will give u the best company
Answered by Ali harris (4 years ago)
I've noticed that since begining of march my water for shower is colder even if I have booked on max to cold for shower or bath used to turn the heat down told my water was to cold coming into house neighbors got same water Thiers is very hot what's happening gas man said it's because the water is to cold coming in
Asked by Mairwen Silvanus (5 years ago)
If I miss an annual service can I get a small refund? I am paying £40 per month for BG HOMECARE 4.
Asked by Patrick (5 years ago)
are u still shit ? or have u got worse ?
Asked by malcom (5 years ago)
Still shit. Trust me.
Answered by Marc (4 years ago)
Are they really so bad I have never seen any big company get slated this much surely there are some positive reviews
Asked by Steven (5 years ago)
stop using big 6 check that I recently switched to Bulb from Scottish Power after my fixed rate tariff expired and I'm really pleased with the service - it's worked out significantly cheaper than my previous online only tariff and it's 100% renewable electricity.will pay up to £120 towards your current provider's exit fee copy paste my link in web /refer/michal6442 If you use my referral link below to sign up for Bulb Energy we both receive £50 credit! You also get another £50 and additional £25 from me just pm after complete switch for every person you switch, it soon adds up! refer/michal6442
Answered by michal (5 years ago)
I did not know that Home care goes up in price every year and can I cancel and rejoin?
Asked by Adrian Ooi (5 years ago)