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This product is great for your teeth that is why I have bought it as I have two forming cavities but my dentist is not worried about. She said they can stay that way all my life but it is still two brown dots on my molars (exterior) so I wanted to remineralize them before they get any worse. What I really dislike about this product is the texture. The taste is not fishy but I still can't get used to it, the cinnamon and the texture just makes me gag. I am forcing myself. I can't see how kids can consume/use that product to be honest.
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Posted 4 years ago
Hey - thanks for the honest review. It seems like a bit of a marmite thing - some people love it others hate the flavour! But most are united in the view that it really does do favours for your teeth and overall wellbeing...wouldnt it be great if whats good for us didn't taste like....medicine! Ian PS - My personal opinion is that the Chocolate Blend gel is probably the nicest for most people (including myself!)
Posted 3 years ago