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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Hi, Thanks love the product, I’ll preface the below with the fact that I work in app development. Most of the time the product won’t get added into the shopping cart, unless you are in the main product window. There are also two different systems and I can’t set my own password which you email in clear text (which is highly insecure). All the best!
Posted 1 month ago
A bit cumbersome to use.
Posted 2 months ago
I would recommend this to a friend. I thought the course was a bit expensive for what we received. But all in all I believe it has improved my players and that’s what it was meant to do. I wish there were more drills included.
Posted 6 months ago
I bought Skill Mastery. the videos are great for demonstration to kids. Only caveat is that it is not possible to share content with them. So they need to be in front of the screen to see the demo.
Posted 7 months ago
I tried to place an order for a few days, but never managed to Finalize it. In the end, I managed to get « moves » and « Ball mastery » from the Coerver app. Then I finally got to place an order on the website (play like the stars) but after a quick look, it doesn’t seem to provide much more than what I already got from the app... I wish I was told that before I bought it.
Posted 10 months ago
Material is good. However, id like to see it as App that easier to use.
Posted 1 year ago
Esta muy bien diseñada
Posted 1 year ago
Flow of website not completely user friendly or clear on what you are buying.
Posted 1 year ago
Slightly confusing with app
Posted 1 year ago
Unfortunately the videos do not open in the application, please solve this problem
Posted 1 year ago
I purchased the Youth Diploma 2 course, in order to hopefully get some insight into the philosophy of the Box/Trap more than anything else. My review will be split into Theory and Practical as is the course. Theory - at times the concepts were explained well by the lead coach. Here are my Even Better Ifs: 1. They should you a video step-by-step of passive defending. They mentioned it briefly but this could have been done a lot better. This could then lead to the trap philosophy. 2. Shown you the final outcome of a Coerver philosophy team using the Trap successfully. As we say in teaching, modelling and big picture are vital. If you cannot see the big picture in action, then you can get lost on your journey. 3. Stop re-using the same videos for each module when it came to a quick practical clip. No analysis done on the video to show how it relates. 4. The quick attack module had some useful information and statistics. No mention of the assist zones. Focus was on 1-1, wall passes, overlaps mixing in some Coerver advice. Would be useful to support this with video clips of it being done as drills (practical), and as a big picture (it in action during games). Practical: 1. It would be great to see the practical videos match up to the philosophy. The drills were, I appreciate, showing you the individual steps, but not putting it all together in a game situation. There were many times the players on the video were not following the principles and this could have been highlighted as a development point. 2. Again show the big picture. Overall I felt the course rushed for the amount of money which was spent on it. I felt the concepts had merit, but there was little to support the development from a game environment. It was very hard to see how everything pieced together due to the lack of analysis and overall game situation videos. Whilst this will not prevent me from using Coerver as some principles, I will look to other sources that will help my team and my own development further.
Posted 2 years ago
Coerver Store is rated 4.62 based on 319 reviews